Before I say goodnight in PST (aka +8.00 GMT/UHT)

Do you think I am a pestilence in life?

Whatever I touch, or something related to me, or whatsoever I’m involved in, something bad happens.

Look, the DLSU Green Archers LOSE. The Bar Exam bombing blast happened. All the bullcrap’s happening in my new second home… happens because of me. 😦

Do you think, I’m a pestilence in life again?

Before you say either YES or NO, I have an important announcement to make

I AM, for no reason, officially… an agnostic (to my religious traditions, not to God).

I do not blame God for all the bad things that are happening to me. I just want to shun everything religion. However, I won’t really, as in, become an atheist. It’s either I’ll remain faithful or not, but y’know, there are things that happen for no reason.

If you are a die-hard Catholic or Christian, please, respect my decision. I am an agnostic, but will never ever be an atheist. AND YES, that makes me a skeptic, too.

Why I won’t ever turn my back against God

Why will I never become an atheist, nor an anti-theist? It’s because, I was raised to be a Christian, and I do believe in miracles. I also have these people who are still encouraging me to believe in God. Despite those things, I still remain a skeptic, though.

Of course, I really didn’t want not to believe in God, but there’s something in me which I am doubting? Am I designed to be pestilent?

People who encouraged me to bring back my faith

Loving and nice people only do that. They’re the real Christians. They’re the most generous people you’ll ever meet.

I started, not to be religious. I only learned to be a Catholic because I studied in a Catholic school. Despite this factor, I still didn’t want to follow Catholic tradition. My mom warned me about the situation of studying in a Catholic school. She’s afraid… I might be brainwashed.

I really don’t want to talk about religion here, but I just want everyone to know what my faith really is.

Once more, I am an agnostic in my religion (the traditions!), but in terms of God, I know, He’s still present.


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I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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