Are there any other languages you wish you could speak?

These are the languages:

1.) Japanese
2.) Spanish
3.) Bisaya

Japanese – The reason why I want to learn Japanese is because, it is very pure and simple, and you have no problems observing politeness and courtesy to your seniors. Learning Japanese is like, learning to be polite not only to seniors, but to everyone else. If “Dre” is a term for “buddy,” it is similar to the suffixes, “-chan,” or “-kun.” Even the younger people are respected because of the honorary terminologies.

Did you know that the “po” and “opo” in Japanese is longer? Yes, and the term is “gozaimasu/gozaimashita.”

Spanish – It’s no doubt that I wanted to learn Spanish is because the Filipino language has a lot of Spanish words. S’yempre naman, “hijo” or “hija” is called to us, and even money matters is always in Spanish. For instance, “Kwarenta po.” That means, you’re asking for forty pesos. Oh, and most jargons are most likely from Spanish.

Bisaya – Like Japanese, it is also pure and simple, and addressing your seniors that are only a few years older than you isn’t the concern at all. In that case, only the eldest sibling is called either “Kuya” or “Ate.” There are some words in Bisaya that you could never ever find in Tagalog such as “pamati” (feeling).


Originally, I wanted to learn German and Russian, too.

German is like, learning English, but in the Germanic way. Since the western central part of Europe was never been conquered by the Romans, it so happened that Germany has been a big influence to the ideas of liberalism (e.g., Karl Marx).

Of course, when German is hard at first, it becomes easier once you learn it. I learned using periods rather than colons. AND I FIND IT COOL!

Russian, however, is the language that I wanted to learn. I noticed that Russian is actually a smooth language.


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