Before I start with my articles…

Please don’t lambast me for being too selfish. What do you think I am, someone who is a complete liar? (This is to my critics who are attempting another failing shot once more haha.)

Bad NEWS: The homewrecker’s finally emoting

Isn’t it selfish to be happy to see two people apart from each other, heartbroken? It seems that I took pleasure when your heart breaks.

Not to play safe, but I just… err transliterated everything.

I know this seems to be senseless news, but I personally think she realized that what she did before was wrong. She read my blog? @_@

Ah, alright. I get it. She was reflecting on what she did to my “supposed” growing friendship with that guy whom I admired for four years. I don’t want to get mad, alright. I don’t want to ruin everyone’s day/night, but yeah.

I never knew that she would possibly read my blog

Like how she wrote it, the words are too clue-ish, but let me tell you that it was written in a manner where a person is still in the identity crisis mode, being hindered by “expectations.”

I wish to deviate from it, but it’s like losing connections.

There’s another clue. She even said that “this would be our status from now on.”

So, literary. So poetic, it’s like I’m reading a Shakespearean play. Shizzzz, I hate scholarly, flowery words, a’ryt.

Another interpretation of that story

I guess it’s to a girl and to her boy.

I dream of that guy, which seems to be another indicator

Another drama confession: I simply wanted to shun him from my life once more, because I am starting to develop another type of depression called, “depression attack syndrome.”

Y’know, if I never knew the homewrecker, that guy and I would’ve continued a better, growing friendship with one another. I didn’t know that another fate would happen, just like the sudden attack thing… which is so hard to explain.

I know, it’s really hard to be part of love life. However, there are challenges that you should always face– and get ready for it. You don’t pull the time so fact, as if you’re forcing someone to forgive you. I regret about the things that I did to him (e.g., lambasting him due to bitterness, which is again, coming from emotion itself) and he regretted what he also did to me, but I don’t find his sincerity at him. I find hidden bitterness and grudges, which he really cannot let it out. While some slap someone’s face in a non-literal manner, what he does is to tease me with some insults, but now, he got tired of it.

He’s not the type of guy that I expected — he’s a frank but somehow boorish dude who thinks that it is right to insult someone, with or without intention to hurt their feelings. He also thinks that I’m a complete failure, but, so what if he’s trying to put me down? He is not a person to look up to. I know, I sometimes feel bipolar when I see him in person, but I just want him almost completely out of my life.

I forgot all those things, thinking that today is (not), and never will be yesterday

He’s mad, as if he wanted the world to end, whenever I speak up on the Internet.

I know, it really hurts when I talk about this. I am still crushing him, but compared to who I was way back then, I do not feel anything anymore at him. I don’t think he’s the right guy for me. He’s completely out of my life.

Find out when I write another, “Confessions of a Blogger” post.


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