EDSA to be renamed as Corazon Aquino St./Ave.? The biggest and the sickest joke, again!

elmerlovesoreo@blogspot.com|This is NOT a YouTube video! It’s the angry Rizal!

Oh, no you don’t!

According to roxyisferox, these oligarchs are just shopping for history. Alright, let me tell you this: It’s a big joke, alright. I don’t believe in it. Besides, there are better politicians who could be more serious than these oligarchs. Right, everyone?

Oligarchy should be abolished from the governmental system: Remember, RP is a democratic country

Democratic country? Democratic, like, what? Define democracy.

1.) Democracy is power of the people, not aristocrats.
2.) Democracy means “the right to vote for the next leader.”
3.) Democracy means, it’s all up to the people, their choices.
4.) Majority comes from the people and NOT from the oligarchs!

Whoever made that bill deserves a middle finger salute

epifaniodelossantos.com|Highway 54 was named after him, now stop being ignorant!

Alright, say it again that the late former president is the mother of democracy. However, according to my history professor, she should be not hailed as one. If I used to admire her for her faithfulness, now I have to doubt about this: Why can’t the government be contented that she’s on the 500 peso bill, huh?

I have nothing against Cory Aquino, but thing is, why can’t the people simply ignore this one rather? Like what I said, there are many other problems in the country which were never resolved. Look, Mideo Cruz also said this although his obra is slammed for being “blasphemous.” I also said this during the height of my dilemma when someone copy-pasted my FB article without further permission. Sorry if I get out of place, but there are other things much more sensible than this one.

EDSA? The meaning is Epifanio de los Santos Avenue! The late scholar Epifanio de los Santos deserves better, so let his name stay on what we call it as EDSA.


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