Should I take up law, or not?

I’m not saying that you guys should not take up law, or to take it. I just want everyone to answer this question.


First of all, you are respectable. Being a lawyer is a very traditional job. You practice it, even you are at the age of retirement. If people know that you’re a lawyer, they think you’re respectable, and you feel empowered. Also, you defend the rights of your clients and of course, you are doing everything to fight for what you believe in. Last but definitely NOT least… money, money, MAWWWNEEH!


Death threats, and of course, you are not available on weekends. You have a day off. Lawl.

However, if I were to take up law, I want to specialize in the following fields:

Immigration law (of course, that’s why I took up ISE, not only because it’s interesting)
Corporate law
International law
Civil law

Of course, being a lawyer…

Of course, if you’re an interpreter by profession, you could interpret law to your advantage (IMHO).
I would cater everything to the poor people. What would you do to the rich people if they’re the ones doing the crime? (“What if” situations)
Being a lawyer is UGH! I really do not know how to explain this, but please help me!


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I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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