Confessions of a Blogger

If you guys really want to know who I really am, you better read this. FULL OF DRAMA? Get used to it. I am pouring all my heart out. To my dear supporters, remember to be vigilant when a hater arrives. I’ll notify you if he/she’s coming.

The Worst Blog in the Universe

Y’all wonder why its tagline is “The Worst Blog in the Universe.” It is because, this is a sign of humility and of course, even though I receive a lot of pageviews all over the world, at least I remain grounded as a netizen. I never ever resorted to fights online, except those in the forums.

Of course, knowing who I was during the times of 2006~2010, you really do not know who I really am. I was in the middle of identity crisis and I couldn’t almost express my thoughts. I really feel that many people are eyeing me when I write something against a certain topic. I couldn’t help but to make things senseless.

My life was structured

I never liked the idea of being controlled by any obstacle.

Read my former blog posts, and compare it to my previous blog (if you’re an ardent reader of this blog, y’know what the link is, right?). Differentiate my life then and my life right now. My life right now resembles in this blog and my life way back then resembles who I really am when I was still in high school. I really hate mentioning the term “high school” since it was the worst of my times. However, I really have to be specific this time, whether I like it or else.

I used to be an introvert. I almost couldn’t express my thoughts. Most of my blog entries have no point at all. You could really notice how introverted I really am. Pointless posts. Wasted blogs. Full. Of. Bullcrap.

Living a flexible life has never been better. It made me become more outspoken, which made me interact with more people.

My Previous Blogs were such a waste

True. While this blog is my only decent blog (so far, so good!), the others, make no sense at all. They’re just designed to look eye-candy, with useless posts. Remember, I was trying to fit in other people, based on their websites. It turned out that their websites reflect their personality: Fake people.

Like, you’re really dictating people, not to be “plastics, backfighters and feeling close?”

I used to have a very stiff mind, and at the same time, a very stiff way of thinking.

Being plastic (or being a hypocrite) means “lying,” but truth is, it is really a strategy when you start a conversation with a know-it-all. Do not always believe in what the know-it-all says. Remember, being plastic is the only strategy for you to fool that person.

Being a backfighter is not that bad, actually. Why, do you think when someone did wrong to you, you won’t backfight? Backfighting is normal, it really happens. If you really hate that person, it’s alright to backfight. No problem! Maybe they’ll just realize that you’re talking behind their back.

Lastly, being feeling close IS NOT BAD AT ALL, unless that person is a backfighter. Being feeling close is only an exaggerated term for “being too familiar.” If you really do not want feeling close people, then don’t be sociable at all. Sometimes, even the know-it-alls who are feeling close have better people skills, though their attitude is intolerable.

Now, back to the “stiffness.” What do I mean by “stiff mind, stiff thinking?”

That means, I really cannot shit out my feelings! Tagalugin ko na talaga, ha (sorry non-Filipinos or Filipinos who cannot understand Tagalog at all, but bear with it!), dati, nagpapadala ako sa mga emosyon ko, which is wrong. I might have been a more “disrespectable” type of blogger rather than to be a respectable blogger if I base everything from emotion alone. Like what I said before, “Always bring your mind with you.”

Dictating me? Fuck you!

I only learned how to cuss even before I entered high school. Now what’s wrong with it, anyway?

Sorry for the little kids if you’re reading my blog, but this blog isn’t for you just yet.

Dictating me for who I am (or who I am not) is simply… bullcrap. Alright, some people feel offended if they’re dictated, while they’re the ones dictating other people. If some people think I type everything just because I’m desperate, of course not! I type everything how I feel here, but at least I do not include my personal life here like, “Dear Diary” thing. Never contradict the person if he/she says something which contradicts their personality right in front of their faces.

If people think I’m “trying-hard,” could you type like a pro when you blog? Could you really experiment so hard that you want to achieve something? Are you too hard to please? Well, you’re just desperate. You have many frustrations in life, you have many regrets. Dictating someone is completely WRONG, that everyone will start to talk behind your back.

I feel sorry for the marginalized people

How I wish I were someone else, although everyone’s lucky to know me as the nice girl. But they do not know my true colors, just yet.

Marginalized people are people who are constantly bullied or constantly being picked on at. These are people condemned for their unusual behavior at school. If they’re retards, doesn’t it make the bullies more of a retard when they bully someone?

These bullies are mostly popular kids who are “feeling elite.” They feel like they’re elite is because, they do the bad things. Of course, being an avid hater of those popular kids who bully people, I wanted them really down, all because of their unacceptable behavior and incompetency in academics.

As a forumer: Watch out for trolls

Seriously, I hate e-games forums. This forum is full of retards who do nothing at all but troll. I’m just fitting in, but y’know they’re using their jologs antics in the wrong way. However, that’s because I was still thinking in a stiff way. I really did not know how to respond to rude messages. If now, I could just simply reply to a rude comment like, “Fuck you!”, but I won’t do that, actually.

Here’s a little warning, just in case you want to lambast me, guys:

Now it’s time for me to name-drop someone, whether you like it or you like it. Hate me by being rude in this blog, I don’t care at all. You may lambast me in any manner, but you couldn’t really pull me down anymore, because I have a number of supporters guiding me, and I guess, they’ll be vigilant against you.

So, let me start with the worst criminals in the forums, particularly e-games.

1.) The Impresario – The name says it all. To “impress.” To impress… wait. In a wrong way, that is.

Yes, he’s criticized for being a “feeler” as he is one of the forum moderators. I really hated him so much that I almost wanted him to be… down down down. Like, what? Alright, you’re a forum moderator, but it’s really wrong to be a power-tripper, lalo na sa forums. Ban someone or close the thread, but being a feeler isn’t right. Sometimes, you have a lot of critics, because you’re becoming arrogant. Even your “impersonator” Unpreh is also like you: Arrogant, trashtalker, etc.

2.) Unpreh – Perhaps the most abhorred trashtalker is just like the guy whom he idolizes. Well, one message to this guy: Fuck you.

He doesn’t deserve respect AT ALL. Being arrogant doesn’t earn you good respect and at a same time, a very good reputation and a clean record. No wonder why he’s really the asshole who starts shitting out. I was even at that time not using FB or Tumblr, when some online buddy told me, “Sabunutan natin.”

I was so happy after he said that. Alright, fuck Unpreh and his stupid antics.

3.) Those forumers who are actually feeling conservative know-it-alls – Feelers! I do not respect you at all.

Now let’s move on to… PEX.

(I know, this is really a very difficult task to make, but bear with it!)

1.) clawed_out – One of the most annoying twats in PEX, I would say that the sarcasm is really right there in the words itself. Remember the thing about the “frosh” in UST thing.

2.) abernathy – clawed_out’s partner-in-crime, this person was very rude when I just asked a decent question. Like, yeah.

READ THIS THREAD and you’ll know how these two twats trashtalked the whole thread. May masama ba kung USTe = Frosh? Frosh term is not only Lasallian, it just started from the Lasallian jargons.

TO the tekkenzaibatsu forums…

1.) yiggs – this guy was really, a racist. I was just asking if there’s a Lili Rochefort version of Nina Williams’ Death by Degrees. Nagtatanong lang naman, tapos ang sumagot, rude? Racist. Yep, racist, indeed! I don’t want my heritage to be lambasted, even at international forums. Good thing I am not using that TZ forums anymore, because I don’t want to see any shit posted against me and my heritage.

Now that was over

If anyone again, will be rude, please, I will mark you as spam and eventually, you will be banned from commenting on this site, unless you apologize. I will only give you a second chance, if you are truly deserving.


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I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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  1. pilosopongkomikado

    Whoa! Nag-namedrop ka pala! Yeah! Those douchebags do not deserve respect at all! I bet, GirlTalkers and FP-tards will simply lambast them! LOL

    • Molybdenum Studios

      Ahahaha takshit ‘yang si Unpreh eh. Almost everyone on e-games are jejetards. Sabunutan ni Molas, pwede pa. Lol.

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