Confessions of a Blogger II

My Past Blogs

ahmsokewl@freewebs|This is what a person in a third-world life does. Screen-shooting.

At least I am really open to my previous life, but I do not post my personal life without any reason. Sometimes, my whole blog sucks, but it’s alright for me.

I just rediscovered my old blog which I rarely used.

I just saw most of my Tekken screenshots there. I used to be a Tekkenite before I went to college. I was really addicted at that game for no reason, or probably because I only started appreciating the graphics, etc., which you can’t find in most old game consoles.

I have to admit, I started blogging when I was only 11 years old. However, I was writing in jejemon text which is now a “taboo” for bloggers. What’s the use of your blog if you write in “jejetext,” eh? Also, I never thought of writing a senseful blog in my legal years.

That would only mean that I am writing in a decent manner.

My first blog, unfortunately is gone. Tsk tsk, sayang naman ‘yun.

I was addicted in creating blogs, and I was never aware that people would secretly call the former Dawn a “blog mill.” Yes, this is similar to “diploma mill,” which means, “schools that produce useless students.”

Internet connection sucks way back then

To be honest, I used to have a very hard time uploading photos. It’s all thanks to Broadband, I can now upload photos decently. Also, I could also watch YouTube decently as well. Uploading everything which has a very high capacity is much easier, compared to technology way back then which requires your patience. I’m not joking on this, but swear, I really did everything the hard way.

I was a neatness freak online

I want my blogs to be very clean and organized, in a stiff way. However, this will only make my life more structured. Creating such rules coming from those people who “hate plastics and y’know,” is just nonsense.

When I was still using Multiply, I really had a hard time looking for decent themes which suit my look and feel. It’s really hard to find since they mostly cater to the common people. What about the creative people, eh?

I wanted to do HTML, but I didn’t have Photoshop. The very stiff OC me was very strict about this rule: Get yourself a Photoshop before you do things. However, it didn’t work. No matter attempts I activate my Photoshop, still nothing happened. I couldn’t find a decent keygen that would suit my need, not until I discovered that it’s better to search for serial keygens online. (Please do not ban me here, please!)

I was really not the type of person who wants other photo-editing software aside from Photoshop. Look, Photoshop’s like iPhone, Blackberry and iPod or any apple product which has more accessories compared to other phone brands. This would only mean that Photoshop has more online tutorials compared to other photo-editing software (yes, I am starting to work on tutorials on GIMP).

Yes, and my tip to everyone is: Don’t rely on cracks. It will only make Photoshop “invalid,” so what you need to do now is to search for serial numbers online, but be specific about the Photoshop version that you use.

My topics of interest were the most sensitive ones

If I could be against discrimination, of course, I would be anti-sexist. I’m a feminist. I believe in the rights of women.

Now what stopped me from talking about these sensitive topics? You have to click the category “Life Before College” so that you’ll know who did it.

Of course, at that time, I was studying in a super-strict Catholic school, where freedom of speech is not evident.

Here’s the blog entry that I made (which is actually done by someone who had a very stiff mind!).

I used to write fanfiction before giving it up and continued blogging more

To be honest, I only keep FanFics to myself. No other people could know it, except of course, my friends.

My original childhood dream before, was to become a manga-ka. I really don’t know why, but I was a really big dan of anime, but I just grew up, not knowing it or intentionally watching it anymore. I’ve outgrown all things anime not because I am more of the live-action things, but because I just wanted to become more indie– in such a way that I use my creativity and imagination more than drafting and the common things people do.

I would agree with ~kazaki03 about being inactive in my old deviantArt account.

I do not like it anymore. Sometimes, people still remain to be an anime freak. Sometimes, people online are much more rude than real-life people. Sometimes, you feel safer in a smaller community with better people. Yes, it’s like comparing a no-namer peer who are more reliable than named groups. I just feel to be in a no-namer thing, because being in a group composed of popular kids isn’t really my thing. I just want to live a simple life, a life outside the limelight and of course, a life with anonymous writing better things than popular kids ranting complaints which sound nonsense.

I started to write fanfictions, but not necessarily write. I used to do it in PowerPoint (which may sound weird to you), but it’s because it’s the only medium available for me to express fanfiction in PowerPoint. Now what’s wrong with using PowerPoint in creating fanfics?

Unfortunately, I have outgrown those things. Changing trends in technology has never been the better, or the worse. I stopped writing fanfictions ever since I entered college. I used to write real fiction stories, then suddenly blogging again came to mind. In fact, blogging for me is more enjoyable than writing drafts. I do write drafts, but this would only serve as my guide in writing blog posts. Also, I really do not care if my grammar is wrong, so that’s why I didn’t allow everyone to make this as a reference material in their research papers. It’s alright if this could be a reference for every interesting opinion, but for research? Professional research? Scholarly research? No way. I won’t allow myself to be a writer for the professionals. I just want to write something for netizens, and not only those people, but also for teenagers, tweens and young adults.

I never allowed myself to write for the popular kids (e.g., fashion, trendy shit, etc.).

My thoughts are not catered for the popular kids (unlike Candy Magazine, which is designed for popular kids), nor for the know-it-alls. If I were to blog like how CandyMag staff write/s their articles, it would only mean that people would hate me for being so, so… y’know, hard-to-please, giving a piece of advice for nothing. I simply outgrown Candy Magazine as well. All I read is simply, books that are more interesting than trendy shit. I have nothing against Nicholas Sparks or Stephenie Mayer, but my type of author would be the Filipino ones. I am more Filipino when I read books. I read books authored by Filipino authors (F. Sionil Jose is one), and if the book’s written by a Filipino author, I could relate with it. Everything becomes simplified, unlike international/Western authors who write in a scholarly way.

Being a blogger myself, I love blogging more than writing fanfiction, after all. I do not draft, I write it from my mind. The mind, together with the heart holds the pencil. Also, these two body parts command me to type it here.

Writing in high-falutin text won’t relate the audience

It’s just like an indie film. Usually, indie films only cater the elite and the art circle, but for general viewing, it’s like reading a poem on the big screen. Being able to relate with other people needs a lot of patience.

Should I write to the corporate people? Like what I said, I do not write here for research reference. I write here because I am opinionated. I comment things with sense, and sometimes this would really help me improve my skills in relating with the topic itself. It also taught me to hold my tongue when I want to get out of topic.

Sorry, popular kids. I am not designed to write for you

Aside from blogging, I usually go to school four days a week. However, I just wanted to advocate for college education as optional, if only the Philippines was an industrial country. No wonder why tertiary education becomes a requirement.

For the popular kids, I do not write things about trendy stuff like the latest albums, concerts, and so on and so forth. I do not like the idea of “fitting in” to the stereotype of the popular kids who just care for their own shit. I don’t get it. I really don’t know why people have to be so conscious about their idols. I may have been a fan of a lot of celebrities, but I just download their pictures from the Internet, rather than to waste my money on souvenirs related to them. I do not only look on a celebrity based on their looks, but I usually look on them based on their talent.

To the popular kids — Even though you’re talented, beautiful/handsome or smart, it’s really frustrating if you have a very dirty record. Super frustrating, that is. You might end up in jail if you killed someone, with or without intention. People will only take you for granted if you become a class officer. Swear, this happened before. No one listened to the popular kids if they’re the ones who are/were class officers. They are taken for granted simply because they are not showing a good example. If you really don’t want to be taken for granted, do something in order for your members/followers to at least, respect you. If you are taken for granted, it’s either they respect you or not. I was like that, before. I usually take people for granted, but not to the extent that I simply do that because they’re capable of doing things. No. Sometimes, I take them seriously because I believe in them. Believing in someone’s capability is way much more helpful than anything else.

This would be my first time posting things about my most favored platform/pol. party: TAPAT

I believe in their platform. No retractions.

I believe in their platform not because they’re against the dress code, but because they are fighting for student rights. I, as a student, believes in TAPAT although I have souvenirs from their exact opposite, but that doesn’t really matter at all (I have nothing against the other platform). What will happen to you if you just keep on lambasting the rival, right?

To those who support the other platform, please don’t lambast me. I respect your platform but their (TAPAT) platform gefaellt mir.

Read this FB note and you’ll know why I support the platform of TAPAT.

Just to be fair, I love both platforms, but I just have to stick on my beliefs.


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