Reminiscing Moments: I really don’t get it

Another free elective post.

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Remember when I used to defend Miley over these five people? Indeed, despite being trying so hard to be a whore, at least Miley has personality. I really don’t get it. Why do people admire Rihanna despite her drastically auto-tuned voice, Megan Fox for being so skanky, Lindsay Lohan for being a delinquent, same with Taylor Momsen and Lady GaGa with her cool songs despite her weird outfit. This the analogy between “trendy” and frank and feisty (compare PHL and USA):

Miley Cyrus = Alessandra de Rossi, Katrina Halili, Annabelle Rama
Rihanna, Taylor Momsen, Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox and Lady GaGa combined = AA Klenk

I also don’t get why Kate Hudson was once hailed as the most beautiful in People magazine. Alright. I’m going to be frank this time.

Bea Alonzo is better-looking than Maja Salvador and Desiree Del Valle combined.
Yeng Constantino is way better-looking and more decent-looking than Kate Hudson. I don’t get it. What’s in Yeng that makes her ugly? What makes Kate Hudson really beautiful? Eww, I’d say Shiloh is better-looking than Suri Curise. Having chinky eyes and flat nose for a Caucasian woman is WEIRD (and becomes ugly when becomes overrated, aka fake Asian). Remember, if you’re a Eurasian (Asian + European), it’s more acceptable. Real Asian beauty is genuine, not fake.

Now who’s better-looking between the two: Charlize Theron or Catherine Zeta-Jones?

Answer: Charlize. Simple woman with class, but at the same time, adventurous.

I also don’t get why CZJ is really beautiful? Yes, she may be one, but she looks too average. She only looks sophisticated and classy, that’s why. Even Julia Roberts, she’s also overrated (and much more overrated than Angelina Jolie). To be honest with you, Nicole Kidman is the epitome of classic classy beauty. She can play villain and protagonist, which makes her classy.

Charlize Theron is the epitome of class, but she’s also adventurous. She has a side which most classy women can’t really agree with: Gay marriage, things that are really for the liberal. Although despite being underrated, she still deserves to be recognized as an award-winning actress, at least. She has done good in AEon Flux and The Battle in Seattle. She’s really a good actress, no doubt, much better than Julia Roberts. Charlize is also versatile, but I wasn’t impressed in her movie Hancock with Will Smith. She can’t do comedy after all. In fact, she’s a serious-type of actress with a smile.

Shit happens

Watching Kate Hudson’s movies were like, “boring.” In fact, Bride Wars didn’t impress me. Anne Hathaway? She really did a good job, but y’know, it’s a chick flick (and I dislike chick flicks, but not hate, like romcoms). Same with the Fool’s Gold thing. It was the worst comedy ever. No joke, Kate can’t even have a real comedy movie (no romance or chick flicks related). So, yeah.

Man, I really wonder if her career is over.

Is AA Klenk really the most beautiful and the sexiest?

As much as I hate ranting about AA Klenk, these are my f*cking observations, which really forced me to write this sub-article.

I don’t get why people admire her for being “feisty”? GAH, there are more hot people around there, why her? I really don’t get why people admire her despite her attitude problem and her past life as someone who used to be fat, average-looking, etc. like, “AA Klenk is a goddess.” Well, shut the fuck up! Even though I forgave her for the incident, it’s still hard for me to complete it. Completing forgiveness is like, the hardest thing to do. It’s like you’re saying, “Let’s see about that!” or “I’ll make sure that this should be for real this time.”

Alright, she has the face, body, talent, etc., but that’s it. You really don’t know if she has other things aside from that. I also don’t get why people think she could carry herself? Can she really do that in real life, or it’s just me who really can’t understand why people with a bad attitude are really DAMN good in acting? Fudge, Dennis Trillo and Jay Manalo combined… these people are bad guys but they’re really damn good in acting. People who were at first delinquents are better in acting than demure people because they have more experience in life, but the consequence is, they’re still underrated. What makes them overrated is the unending worship by hardcore obsessed fans. I don’t really know if both chinito people have those fans. I guess, it’s impossible.

People only worship AA Klenk is because she’s “perfect.” Perfect, huh?

Alright. Someone messaged me one time regarding the tweet that I captured via screenshot (you can see more of that at my post about AA Klenk). That person said, “You are the one who seems to be a hypocrite.”

He said, “She proved me wrong.”

SO, that’s why she’s “admired.” Read more about my AA Klenk posts and you’ll see… if you still have to admire her or not. Definitely, you WON’T DO IT EVER AGAIN.

There are many beautiful and sexy people there, NOT only AA Klenk. It’s only that she looks so demure that she’s almost like those people who tempted Buddha for their pretty faces, resembled by their ugliness through the mirror.

I like it if you are siding with me.

Yeah, like how Roxy said, what now if AA was in Korea? Of course, she might be hanged in the ceiling right away. Remember, Korea (South) is known for its notoriety over actors (or actresses, most specifically) with attitude problem. I know that Choi Jin-shil didn’t have any issues of attitude problem, not until she became a single mom. It’s really hard for her, which ended her to suicide.

If AA was in Korea right now, she’d rather be careful. If she were in the US, she might be lambasted by Perez Hilton, calling her mean names like “whore,” “slut,” or maybe “hooker.” If she were in Japan, that I don’t know.

I really don’t care about rude comments anymore

But still, they’ll be deleted.


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  1. Hello, just wanted to say, I loved this post. It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

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