Meine Hobbys sind…

Do you do the following?

1.) Photography
2.) Cosplay
3.) Songwriting and composing your own songs
4.) Modelling
5.) Gaming
6.) Sketching, drawing
7.) Photoshop
8.) Playing a specific musical instrument

… or anything Alodia does?

My answers are:

1.) Yes, I really do photography. Capturing any moment of one’s life is really the most breathtaking thing. It is a form of self-expression, sometimes, it captures the beauty of nature. So, yeah. I really can’t live without photography.

2.) Nope, never did cosplay nor attending any cosplay event.

3.) I used to compose my own songs, however, I lost passion for it. If you read most of my lyrics, it’s all lame and you won’t appreciate all of those things!

4.) Nope. I never did that.

5.) I used to be a hardcore gamer and I played several games such as GTA III sequels, Tekken series and most of all, The Sims. I also play online games such as O2Jam, Ragnarok Online, etc. but my most favorite game is no other than Tekken!

6.) I draw a lot, actually. Wanna know a little secret? I use M&G Festival glitter pens and Dong-A MyMetal pens as my painting medium, and I use bond paper. 🙂 Anyways, I also use a calligraphy paintbrush.

7.) YES, I do Photoshop, however, for limited use only. I usually take advantage of Lightroom if I want to improve the color of my photos, but if I want it HDR, I use iPhoto.

8.) Yep, I play piano and guitar, but I do not play by ear.

… or anything Alodia does?

I love Alodia Gosiengfiao, really. Aside from being a cosplayer, she is also a hobbyist and at the same time, a REAL artist.


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I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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