Anything at Random XII

It’s official: He’s no longer the guy whom I admire

Do what you love.

Because of my love for blogging, I started to forget about this guy for good. I do not exactly need him at all, and I don’t care if he’s my classmate or not… but anyway, he’s out of my life. This is official.

Thank you for the thousand views in WordPress, thank you for letting me forget about that guy whom I admired for many years. Although I still like him, I do not consider him my major crush anymore. I am happy, even though he’s not present. I do not need him anymore, because I am happy, and because you did it for me.

It’s official: He’s out of my life. I don’t need him anymore.

Indian Child Prodigies

I was really interested in how India produces the most number of child prodigies. Aside from being another economic giant (despite its ironic poverty), India produces these child prodigies who serve as the country’s key to success.

Here are a few examples of child prodigies… from India.

Akrit Jaswal

Akrit Jaswal (born 1993) is the youngest surgeon in the world. Having read a lot of books related to surgery at a young age of 7, he is destined to become a surgeon. He fixed the burned hand of an 8-year old girl which made him have the best record ever in history. His dream is to find out a cure for cancer. Aside from being a surgeon, he teaches Math and English.

Fun fact: His father, Kulwant Singh Jaswal, has a Ph.D. in Economics.

Sreelakshmi Suresh

Perhaps if we have Akrit Pran Jaswal as a surgeon, we also have the youngest CEO and web designer in the world, who is no other than Sreelakshmi Suresh (born 1998), a student of Presentation Higher Secondary School in Kozhikode, Kerala, India. She designed her school’s website, by herself. Take note: She did it all by herself, and you’ll see how she designed it, just like how a professional does.

Yes, she’s a registered member of the American Association of Webmasters, although the youngest, under the age of 18.

Future plans for Sree: Her dream is to create an OS which is easier to use than Mac OS and MS Windows. Weird, eh? But yeah, you’ll get why.

Avatar Tulsi

Tathagat Avatar Tulsi may not look Indian (seriously, he looks Malaysian!), but that’s not the point here. He’s the youngest physician, if not the youngest, he’s the most famous. He finished high school when he was only nine years old. Yes, that’s right. He finished his BS at ten and finished his Master of Science degree before he turned 12. Amazing, eh? Like Akrit, Avatar shows to everyone that even at a very young age, children learn a lot more than anyone else in this world.

The Coolest People You’ll Meet in deviantArt

Aziz Natour|Ah, hello there, buddy!

He’s not only my buddy in deviantArt, but he’s really awesome. He’s the Israeli counterpart of Sreelakshmi Suresh, but he’s more experienced. Born in 1992 in Nazareth, he started to become a hobbyist (yes, a designer) at 11 years old (wow, that’s really, really sweet!), and now, he’s a freelancer. Read more about the interview HERE.

Indeed, he’s the male counterpart of Sree, having started their career at a very young age.

BTW, he looks like Alvie.


~meetmeinwonderland|She’s already featured in Anything at Random II.

Oh, no… not again. I really don’t want to have another article with the same person. But yeah, she’s really awesome, too! Although having only a few artworks in deviantArt, she has many watchers (which makes me really envy her more, but of course, in a good way) and of course, many points! I really don’t get how she earned that type of treatment from netizens? Maybe because she is already there for three years already, but yeah.

Oh, alright. I have to admit. She takes better pictures than I do and she could actually impress the audience better than I do. Well, I would say that her photography style is simple, but has a lot of meaning, while my photography style is… you judge. I do not take pictures about the common thing that people really love, but yeah, you know that I’m still practicing and experimenting at the same time, so yeah.

Please comment if you want to be featured in the 100 Most Awesome People in deviantArt, according to ~molybdenumstudios.



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