There is more to life than a single “popular” blog post

Okay, because I deleted my blog post due to a number of pageviews and super-late rude comments at the same time, this is the only time I have to open up about myself.

First of all, I wrote several blog posts that may seem meaningless to most of you, but you’ll get the message. I wrote things about the Philippines like “Immature Society,” “Anything at Random” blog posts and most of all, several blog posts regarding the status of the Philippines and other things in life. I also posted blog posts about internet celebrities and other celebrities alike who deserve more respect.

However, rather than reading those meaningful posts that I wrote, most netizens are focusing on only one thing: The Facebook warning which is a hoax (this is the only blog post that I deleted due to rude comments).

Before you post something rude, read the blog post and the comments. Whether you like or you like it, I will revive back that blog post, and READ ALL THE OTHER COMMENTS THAT I APPROVED. Isn’t it enough for you Filipinos (or non-Filipinos) to be contented of what these people posted? I understood them because they were respectful to the blog author. However, there are some commentors who were so disrespectful that they want me down. No, I’m not being arrogant, but being so rude and mean to the blog author is a must-avoid. ONLY BECAUSE OF ONE TRENDY BLOG POST doesn’t mean I am popular.

I don’t want to repeat myself, but I was only posting that “statement” is because I felt intimidated. I never thought that this would end up like, “Wow, the author did a strategy to increase visitor traffic.” I thought that I would warn everyone, but hey, there are some netizens who corrected me, and I thought it was enough. I told them that I only found that thing on a Facebook post, but there are these rude people who are STILL NOT CONTENTED of reading my replies to those people who were curious. Crab mentality? Well, I posted something about crab mentality as a mortal sin, which some of the rude people should read and review all over and over again. I appreciate those people who were concerned about my blog post, but I didn’t know this situation would end up to hate comments like, “You are shaming the country!”

Guys, before you send all these hate messages, please read the rules of this blog, the meaningful posts that I read before lambasting my blog post regarding the spam thing. Yes, I may have been lenient, but only for this time. If anyone will post something rude again, I won’t tolerate it and it WILL be MARKED AS SPAM. I mean it. I’m not joking whatsoever.

Trendy blogs are eye-candy

There are many other blogs such as roxyisferox (I recommend her to everyone of those nice and ethical people out there), who is feisty and is firm about her side regarding an issue. Look, if you want to know more about the realities of the Philippines, please avoid watching TV Patrol (Why can’t they leave CGMA alone? Yes, she already got her karma but I forgave her already) because they are being connected to politics these days. Dati naman, hindi naman ganyan ang TV Patrol. Remember, ha, mukha nang pera ngayon ang ABS-CBN. Kung dati, sila pa ang magaling sa kahit anu-anong bagay na makakapag-kumbinsi sa mga manonood. Pero ngayon, nasa’n na ba sila? Tingnan niyo ang ginawa nila kay Willie (kahit mayabang siya at manyakis). Mukha silang pera, eh. They’re self-absorbed. They already are.

Sorry if I got out of topic, but yeah.

Back to Roxy.

Alright. She inspired me to write things about how I feel, how I think, etc., but here in this blog, like what I said, I do not post anything very personal. I do not make this an online diary at all. In fact, you really won’t hear things about me being a loner at school and being talked about. I do not want that.

I was really convinced on going back to WordPress again only because of her (Roxy, I am Evrina, BTW, the one with the blonde girl with red shirt haha who commented at your article before) and her article about AA Klenk (someone whom I used to hate, but now I am giving her another chance, but let’s see about that). Rather than focusing on eye-candy blogs and popular blogs, I chose to read her blog since it has more emphasis on the topic itself. I also chose to comment on her blog, thinking that I have the same interests with her.

Doon ko pa nalaman na hindi pala ganun kakilala ang SNSD due to the fact that Filipinos are really choosy in terms of entertainment. SNSD, however, despite the “Mr. Taxi” song, they’re not going to be like 2NE1 and Wondergirls. Talagang hindi sila sisikat dahil nga, plastic-looking na nga sila, tapos ang mga performance nila, eh palpak naman. Learning these things from someone who appreciates things better is way more pleasing than just focusing on trendy shit which will just fade anytime soon. Wait, do radio stations still play “Otso-otso” on they playlists? Of course not!

Being able to appreciate blogs that are not trendy and eye-candy at the same time is really a must-do. In fact, you’ll learn a lot more from these blogs compared to those trendy shizzz which you can’t find in most print journals.

A Blogger’s Confession

This time lang akong naging open sa mga topics ngayon, particularly the situations in Philippine society. Sure, we are known to be xenocentric, but Filipinos like me do have a nationalistic side. I tend to watch more Filipino teleserye compared to American dramas. I do not find American dramas appealing at all (e.g., One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, The OC) since it bores me. Even American romcoms for me sucked ass, and sometimes, I do not find American comedy appealing (especially the white comedians, sorry for the racist term) at all. Maybe it’s because Filipinos have a better sense of humor and they do not just appreciate the comedy of other nationalities.

PS: I love Bubble Gang hahahaha! I saw Solenn Heussaff there.

If I were the type of blogger who used to be a complete introvert (you could notice that in most of my previous blogs), right now, it’s different. I was the type of blogger who tried to impress every netizen of the world about my blog posts, but most of them are really nonsense and has no point at all. I did everything to let away of these bullcrap on my head, but like what I said before, I was having an identity crisis. Mahirap talagang mag-impress ng netizen kapag may identity crisis ka. You really need to fit in those people, like starting in the word, “I.”

Kung dati, nagpapadala ako sa emosyon. Pero ngayon, wala na ‘yun.

Did you also know that I also had a lot of enemies in Formspring? That’s because I was still having an identity crisis. Mahirap talagang magdepensa sa sarili mo. Hindi mo na alam, marami ka na palang kaaway. I don’t like that, actually.

I really wanted to convince everyone about Philippine society. The rude commentors who didn’t had enough of what the first commentors said were observing crab mentality. They really like putting people down like, “You’re fake!” Like what I said, they’re just jealous that I’m already in the level of posting things like y’know, things like reality, fantasy, etc.

To end the whole sentence paragraph whatsoever, I have said enough. My other blog posts defined it enough. Reading the whole blog is like, knowing who the author is. I don’t want to spoon-feed you guys anymore. Read the whole blog yourself, and reflect why the author wrote things about this or that.


This blog post that I actually wrote is this time, copy-pasted by someone.

Please delete this blog post. I will report your website for not respecting the will of the author that this will never happen again. Once again, this is a hoax. I am sorry to those who were offended, but this has to go.

Oh, please who can help me in stopping this blog to post something which is supposed to go away? 😦


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  1. Although I don’t agree with your methods, you were right in pointing at the biggest chain spamming country at the moment. I have an account(for fb games only) with roughly equal friends from each of the 6 inhabited countries, and most of the chain spam(eg. You will die if you don’t post this to 10 comments & Please help this poor child, the ghost of etc. and so much more ) I get on my wall comes from Asia, and in particular, the philippines. I know it hurt to read all those comments, but you did a fine job of waking up the country, albeit offending us though lol. Did you know that those complaining about the post and you being crab mentality and all that have mostly, in one way or another, passed along a piece of spam? Heck! They wouldn’t have found that page if otherwise! I know I’m going to get flamed for this, but I support your efforts in waking up this mainstream oriented country. Call us Crabby? We’re the ones trying to rise above the rest of the Philippines, because we see the things they don’t and refuse to see. Keep making wake-up calls man, and I’ll keep reading them. No matter how much they try to pull you down and delete your posts, the internet is written in ink. I also noticed that most of the hate comments directed at you were in Tagalog, and poorly written at that. I suppose they were the more mainstream of the Pinoys. We need to mature in the global age. And in case you were wondering, 70% of spam is from the ages of 19years old. I suspect the numbers may be more shocking. It is sad, that because of this, and other misdemeanors on the web, such as flaming, cursing, spamming and the like, the world can’t take us too seriously if they see even the slightest flaw. I’ve been reading also walls of boxers(you know who) and we can see even greater shame there. You are not the biggest racist web entry in the Philippines. Every few minutes or so, Filipinos are being racist and hateful, and just plain rude. They even degrade themselves further in their efforts to fight for their cause by misspelling their curses which makes them even more embarrassing. Mexicans will be Mexicans, but Filipinos can choose not to take the wrong step and post hate on the web. They say you are racist? They are worse.

    But there’s hope yet, because the spammers are not the whole of the country. Nor are the trolls. They’re just the loudest, and the voice of reason is yet to sound out among the aware citizens of this great country. They just don’t know to use it yet.

    -An Aware Philippine Citizen(Yes, I am indeed a full-blooded Filipino, 19 years of age)

  2. You’re a strong young lady, I have to give you that 🙂

  3. Wait…damn something was missing! I put a less than symbol in front of 19, meaning 70% of the spam came from the youth. Sorry….

  4. Generally I don’t learn article on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to take a look at and do it! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thank you, very great article.

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