Questions based from… someone’s Formspring account

No namedropping of someone here! I find this person interesting and it seems that her answers are humorous and answered like a Ms. Universe.

Do you ever sleep with no clothes/nude when you are alone?

This is really a very personal question. It’s like asking a woman’s age.

Would you rather get a Blackberry, Playbook tablet or an iPad 2? Why?

Alright, so among the three things, I’d rather have myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is not in the choices, unfortunately.

Kaya mo ba makipag-sex sa hindi mo mahal?

Hindi ko gagawin ‘yun dahil ito ay labag sa mga utos ng Diyos. Lawl.

Do you have any regrets in your life?

I had many regrets in life. First and foremost, I regret studying high school in my former second home. Although I wanted to transfer to another school, that wasn’t really part of my plan just yet. So, yeah. But the rest of the regrets… never mind.

Do you believe in celebrating monthsaries?

These are only celebrated by popular kids and jocks alike.

Bakit masarap ang bawal?

Tanungin mo ang serpyente.

Who’s the most overrated musician?

Rihanna and Justin Bieber. I don’t get why people like them. Also, why can’t people appreciate Amy Winehouse before she succumbed to intoxication, huh?

name. age. height. shoe size. phone number. favorite animal. favorite color. favorite day. favorite month. favorite sport. favorite animal print. nails painted/unpainted. eye color. hair color. what color are your socks.

アンジェラ. 18. 5 feet and _____ inches. 6.5 US female. 09123456789. Fish. Fuchsia. Saturday. September. None. Tiger. Whatever. Brown. Brownish-black. White?

**How’s the jealous warfreak?

Do I really have to care? Lawljoke.


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