Another set of questions I just got… based on research

Here are my answers… and yes. I have to say that this came from Formspring.

What do I need to do to make my shots beautiful?

Do you mean photography? First of all, always practice. Practice as in, every day, until your DSLR will look exhausted. Swear. Knowing the adjustments of your DSLR is the most basic. Once you become discontented about the settings, try another one. Oh, and another advice that you should always keep in mind: Don’t trust people who insist that they’re always right. They’re actually the ones that have the crappiest photos, as if they didn’t adjust to a digital SLR. :p Also, do not believe that Manual Mode is only for the professional.

Do I really need to have Photoshop if I had a DSLR?

It’s optional (In fact, pros actually need this). Learning to take photos without the help of photo-editing software will really enhance your skills in creating a good composition.

Not interested for your non sense questions. Ok? Tamaan sana yun tanung ng tanung.

Formspring dilemma. Maybe you pushed the “send” button. I may seem annoyed in chain messages, but I just delete them. Get used to it.

Don’t you feel that a 5DII is too much too soon for you? You had a lower-end camera for barely a year only, and you didn’t get a lot of good photos. Did the 5D improve your shots?

Oh, this is one interesting question I copy-pasted. To be honest, I never touched or tried the 5D Mark II.

A higher-end camera for someone who used an entry-level DSLR for a year or less isn’t really too soon. Sometimes, having a higher-end camera may improve your shots, but the only thing is, the price. If your first ever DSLR is a high-end one, it may seem hard for you to adjust the settings since it doesn’t cater to beginners. It usually caters experienced enthusiasts and professionals.

For those who wanted the 5D Mk II after using an entry-level DSLR for a year or less, why not try the 60D? 🙂

What can you say about the 3 Filipinos who were executed in China?

If they were really drug mules, why weren’t they brave enough to be honest? You know that China is known to exert very hard power to the Chinese and non-Chinese alike. If PGMA was still in position, it’s really possible that she’ll do anything to either lengthen the duration of pardon before execution, OR not doing the execution at all. But since it’s China (and remember, it’s way different from Hong Kong), and y’know, well, being not executed seems impossible.

Which one do you prefer in photography: Experience or Equipment?

The first choice is always the best option. Being not able to use a digital camera (even the basics, besides click the shutter button and zooming) will not make you know how to operate a DSLR. Being not able to set-up a tripod will not make you have steady shots at low-light. Same with using a film SLR. If you can’t adjust to a DSLR, that would only mean that you didn’t have the initiative to adjust.

WAIT. recently, Anne Curtis was all sobbing and blabbing about meeting her biological father. She was adopted and her mom has died already in Singapore. HOW COME SHE HAS A SISTER? I mean, did her mom hook up with her real dad again and bore you?

Aren’t you talking about Angelica Panganiban? Her mom was an OFW in Singapore and she (Angelica) only met her dad in late 2010. So, yeah. I feel so happy for her, anyway.

Many people are saying that you’re trying to be like Tricia Gosingtian, which I doubt since she takes waaay better photos than you. And why not do photoshoots with her anymore?

Note: This was asked to Ashley Gosiengfiao. However, if I were to be asked like that…

Tricia Gosingtian is far more experienced than any other enthusiast photographer, not even Felice Fawn would surpass that kind of level. Tricia may seem to focus on fashion, but at least, she started from small things. No doubt, she’s better than I do since she’s what we call, a professional. Got it? Her photos are usually featured on magazines, which Felice Fawn hasn’t accomplished just yet (As much as I hate ranting about Felice, but this is for those who think she’s really a pro, but yeah).

As far as creativity, experience and professionalism are concerned, no one beats Tricia Gosingtian in terms of fashion photography (IMHO).

Also, I never aimed to be a fashion photographer, and never will be.


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  1. I do love the way you have framed this specific problem and it does indeed offer me personally some fodder for consideration. Nonetheless, through everything that I have observed, I simply hope as other comments stack on that individuals stay on issue and in no way embark upon a tirade associated with some other news of the day. Yet, thank you for this exceptional piece and whilst I do not necessarily go along with it in totality, I respect your point of view.

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