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Way back in high school, these are the hottest topics in Hollywood (Anything at Random again!):

Why does Kate Hudson continue to get roles when her movies ALWAYS suck?

I really can’t stand her during the time she was featured as the most beautiful in People magazine. The only reason why she’s famous is because of Goldie Hawn. Imagine, Goldie Hawn isn’t pretty anymore when she became old (Gina Pareno is still beautiful despite being old, same with Helen Gamboa and Coney Reyes) and yet, she still continues to make movies (The Banger Sisters which sucked ass). I think Goldie Hawn was pretty during her time, so yeah.

Also, I hate American romantic comedy as a genre. It puts both romance and comedy as if they focus on sex more than love and dating.

Is Angelina Jolie overrated?

Of course, it’s no doubt that she is overrated. Like, why not give others a chance (e.g., Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz) to be number one? Kate Winslet’s lucky to be in the most glamorous people in town. However, compare Angelina Jolie to Julia Roberts, Julia’s more overrated and more sick and tiring to watch. Also, both Julia Roberts and Jessica Simpson combined are like a pain in the ass to watch.

Who is (was) more overrated, Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox?

Megan Fox, I think. She’s all fake-looking and her boobs are like basketballs and her lips are oh-so inflated like she always wear too much lipgloss. I don’t get why she’s the hottest woman (e.g., the next Angelina Jolie) if in fact, she looks too skanky to be the next Marilyn Monroe.

Let’s move to Catherine Zeta-Jones, the most underrated beauty in Hollywood.

Is Catherine Zeta Jones overrated in looks?

Nope, she’s underrated, unfortunately. She’s pretty, but she looks too average to be hailed as goddess. I think Scarlett Johansson, or Charlize Theron would prove that wrong.

But Angelina vs. Catherine, no doubt, Catherine’s a stunner.

Why is Catherine Zeta Jones not allowed to use her natural accent in movies?

Are you joking? Welsh actors do not have the same accent as the British, so does having an Aussie accent. Remember, Wales is Celtic and not Germanic.

Do you think Catherine Zeta Jones May be faking her Bipolar to Cover Up that she is overly Drinking?

She’s not faking it up. Although not being showing off in the spotlight, she is finding a way to treat her mental illness. Michael Douglas is OLD already. So, you have to understand that being old and having cancer at the same time is a very difficult time for a spouse to handle.

Out of Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Charlize Theron, which do you think is the most attractive?

Angelina was pretty during her Tomb Raider years, no doubt. But after having a relationship with Brad and having a live-in shiz, she’s not anymore.

Catherine Zeta-Jones may be beautiful, but like what I said, she’s not above average.

Charlize Theron? Yeah, she has the face value, the height and everything, but without make-up, she looks ordinary.

But these three women are natural-looking.

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