What are the top five websites you’d hate to live without?

Here are the top 5 websites that I really can’t live without:

1.) WordPress
2.) deviantArt
3.) Facebook
4.) Tumblr
5.) LiveJournal

WordPress – I don’t want to leave this one. I love it here. I love WordPress. It caters the writer’s needs. It also caters what the writer wants, like customizing things and it allows categories, for organization. I re-learned how to blog and to write something decently without any help at all. It helped me develop my stream of consciousness as well.

deviantArt – To be honest with you, I love art. I was an art person. I embrace different kinds of art, for as long as it doesn’t hurt someone’s feelings. Here, I learned how to post things related to photography, meet some cool people, etc.

Facebook – It has been a part of my life and my school life. No Facebook? Boredom.

Tumblr – Although I do not reblog things anymore, I still manage to read posts of other people and simply like them.

LiveJournal – That’s where my personal blog dwells. It is also where I answer questions that are relevant in my life. That’s it.


About Molybdenum Studios

I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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