Anything at Random XI

1.) Writer’s Profile: F. Sionil Jose
2.) I have forgiven CGMA
3.) Valuable Lesson: Take everything as a challenge
4.) Angelo dela Cruz: One of the heroes of modern Philippines

Writer’s Profile: Francisco Sionil Jose

He is one of the most prolific writers in Philippine Literature. He’s the true example of a National Artist who pioneers for Filipino society to change. Although he writes in English, his books were translated into different languages.|F. Sionil Jose is an Ilocano author who writes in English.

He is one of my inspirations why I learned to love my country despite its flaws. Of course, if there are lots of problems in the Philippines, let’s look at the positive side. I once really wanted to GTFO of the country for good. However, if ever it would be a calling that my country needs me, of course, I won’t waste that opportunity. It’s for everyone’s benefit.

Although there are a lot of problems in the Philippines, the poor ones are still the happy ones, but the rich ones still remain discontented. We learn something more meaningful from the poor compared to the rich people. The poorer group of people are more traditional than the rich ones. People who come from the province are more traditional. Metropolitan people are modern, but look… there are some people who preserve traditional culture. The Marcoses, although despite being depicted as “abusively authoritarian,” are actually into putting back traditional culture by setting up lots of institutions. Could oligarch political dynasties do that? Not as progressive as authoritarian political dynasties.

F. Sionil Jose also taught everyone that being nationalistic is the key to success, the key to development and most of all, the key to peace and well-being.

You learn to become Filipino through Sionil. You learn how to be proud and not to erase your identity as Filipino.

Of course, even though I switch (or become dual) citizenship, I am still Filipino.

I have forgiven CGMA

Former President GMA has been a threat to everything (remember the Hultman murder incident and the expensive dining in NY), but despite all that, at least she managed to stabilize the economy and the government of the Philippines. She is always present in every conference, in every summit, and she always had the initiative to solve everything. Remember the Angelo dela Cruz hostage in Iraq, where the then PGMA agreed to had the Philippine military troops out of Iraq (or else, dela Cruz might’ve been dead). Could PNoy do that? Look what happened during the Hostage Crisis of 2010. Look at the SONA event (if then SONA is considered no classes). If you guys are pro-PNoy and still anti-CGMA, then how come our country is becoming more oppressive? Although some people were jobless even during the time of PGMA, at least they managed to do something that will keep them alive. Blaming the government? PGMA might have a lot of broken promises, because it’s all thanks to her subordinates who were abusive. Maybe she was too lenient to them, so she didn’t mind.

She might’ve cheated in the 2004/2005 elections (which made me angrier, why can’t she give FPJ a chance? Forget about it), but it was only for good is because, there are a lot of things that made FPJ become a bad example to everyone. If FPJ then became the president, he might’ve suffered the same fate as Pope John Paul I (real name: Albino Luciani) who reigned as pope for only a short period of time because he died of a sickness. FPJ deserved to win, not because he’s very popular to the masa, he seemed nice and determined to at least, take the most challenging task for an actor, just like what Erap did (he was an actor).

I realized that Ping Lacson cannot be the president of the Philippines because he had many issues (worse than Villar’s, to my biases) and yet, he wasn’t a good father-in-law to Jodi Sta. Maria. The Bobby Dacer case really made him hide, but what happened?

CGMA might’ve been doing a lot of bad things, but the current administration is now lambasting her for her past wrongdoings. Can’t they just forgive her? Remember, like what the Bible said, “Forgive your enemies.” Being forgiving may seem hard, but it’s for everyone’s benefit. You can’t keep grudges against another after all. In fact, some people like Charice Pempengco is an example of being a forgiving person. Charice forgave her father, even before he was killed by someone who “lied.” Charice was really mad at her aunt because of what she said.

“Aren’t you happy of what happened?” her aunt said.

Excuse me, but there’s sarcasm! Sarcasm, like you’re being so mean to them is because, again, you’re jealous.

The Aquinos can’t be as forgiving as other celebrities. Like, holding grudges against Marcos and GMA? If they were taught to become faithful, then how come they still keep grudges? Forget about the past, because past is practice.

Valuable Lesson: Take everything as a challenge

The next term, I might suffer from depression attack, or maybe suicide.

However, I must learn how to be participative because yeah, I’m in college, remember?

I am not here to please some hard-to-please y’know, but I just want to do my best and to do what should be done at the first place. Taking something as a challenge is like, being confident of who you are. It’s all in the way you carry yourself, and it is also standing up right in front of the crowd.

Being confident means that you are ready for all the challenges that you have to face. But sometimes, you need the help of other people (e.g., tutorials) and if you have an organization related with your degree program, try to consult them. They’ll help you out.

Angelo dela Cruz: One of the heroes of modern Philippines

Do you notice that Philippine passports have this stamp, “Not valid for travel in Iraq”? That’s because Angelo dela Cruz was captured by Iraqi rebels.

He said, “It’s time to lift the Iraq ban.”

This is for the good of the Filipino people. Iraq is the most dangerous countries in the whole world during that time. Many people are suffering from hunger, poverty, etc., but let’s take this as a challenge: Read this article and you’ll know why.

So, yeah.


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