People who deserve respect based on… popularity

Who is better? Alodia Gosiengfiao or Felice Fawn?|From left: Credits goes to ~blackmage9 (Alodia) and ~slumberdoll (Tricia Gosingtian); Credits goes to ~felicefawn (Felice Fawn’s dArt)

Sometimes, the more discreet person isn’t the hypocrite: Alodia Gosiengfiao vs. Felice Fawn

Alodia has more haters, but she doesn’t deserve it. Felice has more admirers, but does she really deserve it? Too questionable. Oh, so yeah… I’ll give you the evidence…

My article about Felice Fawn has this screenshot thing and the original photo is found RIGHT HERE.

I don’t get it why Alodia has more haters than Felice. It seems that people hate her due to the fact that she’s from a well-to-do family. Here’s one article that really expressed something that wants her down, down, down, which I find it so… displeasing. I really do not agree with the fact that she’s really, really… snob. She once said she was aloof, but had the confidence when she became an icon of Philippine cosplay. If other people think she’s the typical “buy-me-this-and-buy-me-that” type of person, she also makes her own costumes. She seems respectable because she is discreet and well-behaved not only in the Internet, but also in real life. Namamansin pa nga sa deviantArt, eh.|Amanda Pemberton (Apnea)

On the contrary, I don’t get why Felice is more admired and “respected” my netizens if in fact, she isn’t a good example nor a role model to the youth. Look, there are better models than her and they are more professional. For example, Apnea (Amanda Pemberton in real life). She may be an alt-porn model with lots of tattoos all over her body, but she doesn’t get objectified. She may pose nude (the tits, ass and cunt are exposed), but she shows her tough side when she poses daring. Another thing is, whenever she’s off-cam, she is always dressed modestly. Not saying that Felice isn’t being modest, but with regards to Apnea, at least she is well-behaved off-cam. Now that’s what I call it sexy.

You really won’t hear any hate thing against Apnea not because she has the face value, but also, she responds to your messages, and it sounds more sincere compared to Felice’s. And I have to be honest that Apnea’s way prettier and sexier-looking than Felice.

To Alodia haters and to the fans of Felice who are blinded that she’s “perfect,” “beautiful” and “intelligent,” you’re the same. You are contributing to the saying that “morality is getting loose,” which sucked ass since being discreet is way much more acceptable than being openly vulgar/hyper-feisty to the public. I LOL’ed out at Megan Fox being a c*nt, cussing a lot to make her “sexier,” which makes her skankier. If she really deserves respect, she should not try so hard to flaunt it. Why, is Kim Kardashian acting so slutty? Do you also see that in Scarlett Johansson? Class is always the best thing that a woman should do. If being jologs or boogey-fashioned is “classless” or “non-sophisticated” to everyone who is “classy,” let’s face it. Angelina Jolie still has class despite being jologs in her outfits. Kate Hudson might used to look cheap in most of her outfits, but she’s blooming and becomes more matured in carrying herself.

Back to topic.

Alodia has more class compared to Felice. Felice may seem or sound classy, but that’s not enough. Also, Alodia is more talented than Felice and more artistic. Not to mention Alodia’s more creative and imaginative than Felice who only focuses on gothic things and doesn’t really show off her shots (anymore). Alodia has more originality than Felice, and it’s really obvious that Alodia doesn’t only stick to one style.

Regarding rumors, lies and gossip, Alodia is old enough to handle herself. Every rumor she gets, she really did open up and speak out her mind and poured her heart out. She doesn’t lie, after all. For sure, she has more and more fans and supporters compared to Felice Fawn.

Morality is getting loose nowadays… so does being a connoisseur

Like how I ranted that AA Klenk is not the epitome of frank and feisty OR Miley Cyrus deserved more respect that Rihanna, Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan, Lady GaGa and Taylor Momsen, this time, I’m really gonna show you how judgmental I could be in terms of attitude.

Rihanna isn’t really good of a singer. Wait… should black people have a golden, soulful voice? Well, most people of African descent have a natural golden and soulful voice, but Rihanna? LAWL, she’s auto-tuned. Her voice doesn’t sound soulful at all and she sounded like a robot, or the narrator in a Mac computer or Microsoft Sam, which is like listening to Techno music rather than R&B. Trendy songs with drastically auto-tuned voice sounds decent (but artificial), but having a raw voice is better. I hate to admit this, but my voice is really ugly when it is recorded. Rather hear my voice in person and you’ll appreciate it. Swear, technology today cannot really interpret what my voice really is, which I find it too insulting.

However, Rihanna lived a life of intrigues and issues. She was beaten by Chris Brown after finding out that he cheated on her. Her personal style may seem edgy, but it doesn’t really suit her. She had two failed relationships, and I really do not know if she deserves someone who will accept her for who she is.

I still don’t get why people love her songs. Trendy? Catchy? Well, alright. That’s only your description, but there are better songs that are more meaningful than Rihanna’s.

I’m not really against Rihanna, but I used to dislike her because of her relationship with Chris Brown which failed because of the incident. However, I LOL’ed at Taylor Momsen criticizing Rihanna for wearing a leather jacket? At first, I said, “Bad guys, really. They make the best issue ever,” but truth is, Taylor’s just jealous. So, yeah. Rihanna was really mad and after that, Little J apologized.

Now let’s move on to someone/something else.

Trendy songs nowadays are really, really nothing good to say. Actually, most people only like these songs is because they’re really meant for the disco and dance moves. LAWL, my biases go to Pink, who has catchy but meaningful songs.

I really couldn’t think of something else, but all I know is that, I poured my heart out. xD


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  1. Rennie Pritzkow

    You know Rihanna’s not actually African, or, as you colourfully put it – “black”, right?

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