Another apology to the online poet/writer whom I…

…so yeah, I searched his name and he was only an online buddy. *Sigh* I should’ve not believed my cousin for being a big fat liar and at the same time doing everything to please me.

I was reminiscing the past memories and guess what? What hatched out from my mind is that guy who looked like my ex-crush and yes… he’s talented. (Yes, he can do good music and write things.)

To this guy,

I am really sorry for dissing you on the Internet, thinking that you were my BF. I know, I might’ve not included you in this entry that I posted (read the apology part!), but of course, I just wanted to apologize for being so “familiar” with you if in fact, I never met you in person.

Alright, to those Multiply users out there… including those guys who knew this guy named Migs, here we go.

Dear Migs

I do not hate you. We’re not close. I have nothing against you. That’s it.

I may have moved on from the incident but… yeah.

I only knew you through a cousin. Yes, I know this seems weird (writing a damn apology letter online but this is to patch things up, despite being “too late” about it, at least, you won’t keep any grudges anymore), but when my cousin wrote a confession regarding how she tried to impress me through lying, I was only doing fake drama. I didn’t believe her at first since I trusted her (akala ko naman pala, kalokohan lang). However, what she said is true. She was lying to me is because, she just wanted to make me happy.

Oo, kung naging stalker ako for no reason, then that’s because you were a look-alike of my ex-crush (who was my first serious crush at school). Yes, my cousin introduced you to me… only limited online. I thought she was right, but I was wrong. Even your fake account that time was only made by her. I know, I have moved on and forget all the incidents, but yeah. For the last time, I don’t want this to happen anymore.

…and to his friends/family/etc., I am not a hypocrite when it comes to these things. Forgive me or not, at least you understood everything I said.

I would appreciate it if you forget about the past things. :3

To those who read this: NO rude comments against my cousin! I was only writing an apology letter to someone whom I stalked (intentionally or not) before. I never meant to be a stalker to him since we never met each other personally. I hope you guys will understand that even though it’s too late, at least things are patched up and no one should ever do this again.

I do not mind if someone comments, “That’s ___ years ago!”


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