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Candy Magazine: Should I say good-bye for not buying one anymore? (Forums)|Nicole Uysiuseng as the covergirl for Jan-Feb 2009

I haven’t bought a single CandyMag issue, it’s all thanks for its unending targeting to the popular kids in high school. However, there are only interesting facts in CandyMag that I liked the best: Advice, Hard Candy and Oops moments.

Reminiscing hard candy: History repeats itself

I read about the hard candy section (Candy Mag) and I really felt so, so sorry for this girl who always do effort to please her mother who is always thinking about money. Money? Well, for your information, that mother thinks that her own daughter will look ugly if she doesn’t wear a very thick layer of make-up. She doesn’t care about grades. What she wants is her own daughter (Dee, not her real name) is to marry a rich guy (the reason why she always wear skimpy outfits), which sounds really stupid and ridiculous. Y’know studies should always be the first thing that a parent should always remember. But this parent– may have PMS, leading her to “frustrations.”

This reminds me of Karen Carpenter’s own mother, who controlled her diet, which caused the singer to die. Like, come on. A parent being not contented of his/her son/daughter is? My parents accepted me for who I am, despite the fact that I really didn’t consider myself that attractive. It is because I do my priorities right, though they really do not know my “secret.”

If your parents are manipulating and hard-to-please, take note of this: Being a feeling conservative know-it-all IS really frustrating, especially if you’re a parent. Being overprotective is much more understandable, but sometimes being over-protectionist has a certain limit. Invasion of privacy is one issue. Respecting one’s privacy (even your kids) is very important. Imagine being locked up because you’re being shielded. I understand that is because that’s how parents show LOVE, and not feeding their fantasies. Take note: Feeding fantasies. Being a parent doesn’t really mix with feeding fantasies. Being single and childless but feeding fantasies? Only up to your mind/imagination, but not in reality. Feeding your fantasy as a parent doesn’t help at all. This is really based from emotions and frustrations blended at the same time, in different places. You know what will happen if your children will suffer the same fate as you. I may not be a parent (but I’m the eldest child), but I just want you to know that being a self-absorbed human being doesn’t make a good parent. Just let those kids learn their own mistakes, and when they realize that what they did wasn’t really for them, they’ll soon regret it.

Grudges: Should you forget the past?

I may seem to be a forgiving person, but what hinders me from being forgiving is that, my OC nature is interfering with my decision to forgive someone. I never ever thought of being forgiving, but forgiving someone is really hard to do so.

The most painful thing that I did is to let myself go from my ex-best buddy who was really, really possessive. I thought he would be “overprotective,” but truth is, his emotions were really absorbed by his conscience. He was really obsessed that he wanted me away from other guys. I was really, really a whore. But I do not blame the homewrecker for this decision, because if I still continue my friendship with that guy, I think something not right will happen.

I moved on from him, not only because someone is more deserving to have me, but because I do not want to have distractions. Remember: Distractions. I really see in him that he was so desperate that I might be with another guy. FYI, I never ever had an interest on that guy whom he used to get jealous at. He was always sticking to his own beliefs, and he doesn’t want others to get on his way. He wasn’t like that, before.

Do you think I have forgiven him? It’s really hard for me to do so, but I have moved on from him, but when I browsed his account, he still can’t move on. He once said, “Luckily, I have moved on.” Wait a second… I don’t think he had moved on. He is always keeping grudges against me, thinking that I left him for good. Yes, I simply left him not because I got fed up with his antics, but I also wanted an independent mind. His thoughts about our former second home is that, he thinks that what the admin does is always right. Lawl, think about Kim Jong-il and his arrogance and narcissistic attitude. But when I started to grow again, normally, I was thinking that the admin’s way of governing our former second home wasn’t really applicable to the real world.

Do you think I have forgiven the admin of my former second home? NO. They insulted me and they always wanted the “pestilent classmate” of mine (she’s my classmate for 5x and I think it’s a goddamn insult) to be my classmate. Can’t they do anything else rather than being self-absorbed assholes? That’s why I wrote the real “Extremes and Randoms” (Extremes & Randoms is the title) so that I would publish it one day, and let them realize that they’re catering the needs of the popular kids and the honor students alone. Although I was thinking of visiting my former second home again, I really do not want anything that will make my mood damaged.

Do you think I have forgiven my first serious crush at school? Yes. I moved on from him because I feel that he’s no longer the cutesy-type of guy. Oh, and he’s already part of the popular kids.

Forgiveness is really hard, but let’s face it: Keeping grudges won’t really help you.

Why I quit the training-for-officer program in high school

I wasn’t really meant to be an officer after all. My officer friend had these very high expectations, which is, a fact.

However, the “culture” that used to annoy most students is finally making everything lenient. Lenient? Yes.

If I were an officer, I might be the most lenient and the most tolerant. However, having the duties of an officer should be taken seriously and not for granted. If this officer training used to be taken seriously, now everyone’s doing favoritism. They choose the lamest and the most incompetent of officers, and most of all, privates.

I may not have received the “best private” award, but being a dutiful private proved me right. After all, being aware of being a good example to your fellow students is really… an honor.


You might not want to believe this, but yeah. I was dreaming about being in my former second home if in fact, I’m safe in college.

I really don’t like the fact that I’m in college, but yet I’m still third year high school. How’s that? It’s really a nightmare for me since I really never thought of coming back in that place. I thought it was the worst of nightmares.

College ka na, tapos ‘yun pala, high school ka parin? You know the feeling of being in college but still attending high school, which sounds ridiculous. It’s ridiculous, indeed, that you are being prevented from finishing your degree in college because you are still in high school. Remember, I thought of this as the worst of all nightmares not because I really abhor the system of my former second home, but because I have to undergo the most arrogant of all teachers, and worse, being stuck in a very annoying part of the investigatory project. How’s that?

I do not want to dream about that ever again. I just… don’t want that.

If I were not Filipino…

No doubt. I’m Japanese, or European. But more Japanese, that is.

Everyone goes to Japan, but the first impression would be, “I wanna go back home!” However, once you go back home, you’ll appreciate it. Japan’s really a very nice place to visit and all the boring shit will be the most interesting.

I always wanted to visit Tokyo, but because it was struck by an earthquake, I think Osaka’s the best place to visit. Yep, that’s right. The home of everything food, comedy and breathtaking view, everything’s Japanese. Not to mention Kansai is more Japanese than Tokyo, that is.

Tokyo, Japan — the land of gadgets, anime, etc.

I might become a singer, then an actress, singing and become popular.

Also, I might have many benefits in visiting other countries, without a need for a visa. I think it would be the best experience.


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