The true meaning of sainthood

The Mass Media and “Sainthood”

If Angelina Jolie was always hailed as a “saint” for her humanitarian works, she would always tell everyone that she doesn’t want to be compared to Mother Teresa.

It happens that Angelina is formerly a “bad girl,” but Mother Teresa? She experienced a simple life even before serving the poor in her hometown in Skopje.

Of course, Angelina Jolie is an inspiration, but not a saint. If she were a “saint,” she should be open to the Catholic faith or, Christian faith, that is.

However, I read roxyisferox’s post about Cory Aquino’s questionable faith in God. How could someone who is always hailed as a “saint” hire people who are “half-Christian” and “half-pagan” at the same time?

It’s better to be an honest sinner than to be a false saint. — St. Francis of Assisi

Being a saint is following the life and teachings of Christ, in a more modest and humble manner. Of course, what makes God really disappointed is that, you persecute people who are against your faith, OR doing something which contradicts your faith as a Christian. God accepts everyone regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, etc. Those who are non-Catholics are more faithful than Catholics. Look, the Protestants think that every place near their church is considered a sacred area, while the Born Again Christians strictly follow cleanliness on their bodies.

However, sainthood nowadays is depicted in a wrong manner. Do you consider a prayerful/faithful person already a saint? Of course, not! Do you think someone who lives a plain simple life (and that’s it, no konjugation shizzz) is already a saint? Remember, hindi nga masaway-saway ni Cory si Kris, it’s only that Kris has changed her ways.

People born with a silver spoon on their mouths give up their riches|St. Francis receiving the stigmata.

Look at St. Augustine and St. Francis. They were rich men, but chose to live a modest life of solitude. They wanted to live like how a poor man lived. Because of that, St. Augustine served the Church, while St. Francis prevented himself from temptation, making him the first person to receive the miraculous stigmata.

They were good examples of saints who sacrificed their wealth to live a modest life. They never found happiness in their wealth, but rather, they found it when they became faithful to God.

Saints who are actually willing to sacrifice their wealth in order for them to serve the Lord is really a good example of sinners turned saints. Of course, their aim is to embrace all types of social status, whether rich or poor. Most of these saints served for the poor while others receive praise from the rich people, even those who are kings who are also faithful.

The best example of a saint who really served the poor first-hand is no other than St. John Baptist De La Salle. When he was orphaned on his 20’s, he started to act as a parent to his younger siblings, and of course, he educated the poor people, using French as the medium of instruction over Latin, which was at that time the language of the rich people. He was ordained a priest, but decided to form the FSC to educate the poor with divine inspiration. It is really not mistaken that “De La Salle” in French means, “of the classroom.” La Salle is really meant to be an educator.

Now everyone should learn something from this

Serving the poor, knowing ALL the walks of life and living modestly is a true example of being a saint. No wonder why I didn’t consider Angelina Jolie to be a saint, since she still lives extravagantly, owning a real estate property, not to mention, in France. Of course, living extravagantly and NOT knowing all the walks of life will not make you qualified as a saint. Although Angelina serves the poor, remember she’s only a goodwill ambassador, and she only specializes in helping refugees.

Being a Lasallian, community service should be after all, not be taken because it’s a requirement. It is because it talks about Christian morality, and being morally good is to do good to your fellowmen.


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