I was expecting Pacman not to win…

However, the result is… he still won!

Whenever Filipinos knew that their kababayan has finally brought home the bacon, they were posting things like, “Pacman prayed.” I feel sorry for Marquez, since he had a lot of bruises on his face. Why can’t the judges give him a chance to win, right?

Boring shit. I hate the fight between Pacman and Marquez. If Pacman won against Morales two times, it is understandable since it’s his first time to win back the title. Because of that, Erik Morales retired as a boxer.

If Pacman really wins again…

He might face the cheating dude Mayweather (who deserves to be called the n*gga because he’s really an arrogant cheater!) who “refused” to challenge versus him is because… Mayweather’s “afraid” to be K.O.’ed by Pacman. Believe it or not, Mayweather seems to be arrogant, but he’s a coward. C’mon, you’re a boxer, right? Get ready if Pacman punches you in the face, because you might be caught by Detective James Carter for cheating *Chris Tucker fangirl mode*.


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