Who was… Felice Fawn? The Saga continues…

Now everyone’s starting to hate her. Do you think THIS is the reason?

Honestly, I only know her through the Internet by NAME and face, and that’s it. But because of the websites that are proving that she’s a fraud doesn’t mean she’s like, a bad person.

Alright. Call her fake nice, fake smart, but I really don’t get why people praise her for being an “inspiration.” Only those people who think she’s an inspiration are turning atheists, liberalists, like whoa. It’s not bad to be an atheist nor does being a monotheist.

Rather than to be fooled by Felice Fawn, here are the only Tumblr users who are against her.


If people idolize Alodia Gosiengfiao, then that’s alright, since she is more discreet and much more approachable, but she is more hated by haters because she is from a well-to-do family (from jealousy of haters), unlike Felice Fawn, who insists that this is her real name which in fact, is not true after all. Like all the evidences I exposed to you, everyone’s blinded by the fact that Felice is really good in giving advice and is intelligent. Define intelligent. Someone who is actually lying only to hide her past?

The cult of Felice Fawn. Now why do people have to be atheists? Blinded by her beliefs? Now I know why most people are really blinded that she is “perfect” and an inspiration. Being pretty and skinny doesn’t mean you’re the epitome of “sexy.” Lawl, like c’mon.

Religion issue

I hate religion.

Lawl, that really makes me laugh and get mad at the same time. I have to admit that I pretentiously get mad when someone utters the name of the Lord in vain, coming from a Catholic school myself, I really don’t want to hear shit like, “Oh, Jesus is naked!” So what if He’s naked, a’ryt (He isn’t vain, and although He is Man and God at the same time, He was NEVER vain. He was the greatest liberal). Of course, whether Felice likes it OR likes it, she’ll either go to heaven if she isn’t in this world anymore OR in purgatory, I really can’t judge.

I have to admit that I believe in intercessions, but I usually intercede my prayers to those departed loved ones who were my relatives, or someone who really cared for me and to everyone close to me. So, yeah.

Disrespecting religions is like being racist. Looking at the negatives of Christianity like, “If… shall be put to death,” it’s only a hyperbole! Remember, the Bible has many authors with divine inspiration. If a person is an atheist, it doesn’t mean that he/she should abhor monotheistic religions.

What I only dislike about my faith is that, homosexuals are not allowed. To be honest, homosexuality happens when people are exposed to the same gender OR their genes are a result of incest. Remember, self-acceptance of your sexual orientation is important. Jesus even tried to blend in those marginalized people because He wants them to follow His lead, and His teachings. He accepts you for who you are, even though you do a lot of mistakes.

Of course, I was becoming an agnostic. Agnostic, at least. I would really have to distinguish if people are using the name of the Lord only to proclaim that their way of sharing their philosophies isn’t really pleasing at all. Alright, I’m really sorry if I have to discuss a very sensitive topic here in my blog, but being an atheist who is really against religion is not acceptable. I really hate debating/arguing things around here, but the cult of Felice has to stop. (It’s becoming more of a cult than fans gathering)

You thought everything’s a joke, but they mean it

I hate thinspo.

Oh, come on. Don’t be fooled by the “fact” that she really has a naturally skinny body. If you consider Paris Hilton or Eva Longoria’s body as naturally thin, then that’s more accepted than Felice? Being skinny doesn’t mean, you’re hot. As much as I hate ranting things about a Tumblr-famous person, I also don’t like people who contradict themselves.

There are many more people who serve as an inspiration than her. Like, come on. Inspired to be atheists, if in fact, will also make you hate religion?

Here are some things that you should read first-hand…

dog-water’s statement
whiskeyandwords’s statement
cutefacebytheway’s statement
el-o-el’s statement — agreed with cutefacebytheway

To these guys, don’t worry, the Tumblog version of this blog always has/have your back.

Just a warning to everyone: No rude comments, please!


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