AA Klenk has finally cleaned up her act

TVseriescraze@blogspot.com|AA Klenk’s reputation is now as clear as crystal.

I don’t care if you comment back, “Old news.”

Like what I said before, AA Klenk isn’t the epitome of frank and feisty. If she was branded to have an attitude problem way back then, she is now the changed person.

I do not mean I have to “like” her for this. But she should show off something that would at least, earn her respect.

I think what she did is right. She should really improve herself for the better. Being bothered by “issues” is not the key to earn respect. Being a snob to issues solves everything. This is how Alex de Rossi learned from her past experiences in GMA. If she was the “annoyingly loud” person in seven, she’s now the more professional version in ABS-CBN. She would joke around as a style of being frank. Although accused of being “mataray,” she still proved everyone wrong.

This is how AA learned from her mistakes. If she was the childish type of person, it isn’t a valid excuse to be rude. If she’s really the completely-changed person, she shouldn’t do this for her own image, but for her self-worth.

The most annoying part back then

I really find it annoying when people admire someone for being fake frank and feisty at the same time, because it doesn’t mean that you have issues means that you’re really worth respectable. Being frank and feisty is completely different from having an attitude problem. I don’t want to spoonfeed or to repeat the terms here, but if you are really a firm reader of this blog, you’ll understand why I used to condemn her, but now, it’s all but nothing.

To those who are still questioning her “improvement,” I believe that there are second chances. Second chances are the most precious, and it is similar to a person’s virginity. Wasting it is similar to losing your virginity. I am a firm believer of retaining my virginity, whether if I am in a relationship with a Filipino or a foreigner.

Dapat lang dedmahin ni AA ang mga tsismis na ibinabato sa kanya ay dahil, sino nga ba ang mapapala dito, ‘di ba? (She should turn a blind eye to those issues lambasted towards her because in the end, who will benefit from these, right?) I’m not being defensive of AA, but being snob in those issues lambasted to a person is more than giving respect to someone. Look, if Jacklyn Jose painfully confirmed that her daughter Andi Eigenmann is pregnant, everyone was backfighting or even gossiping about her, as if it’s a big deal to be pregnant out of wedlock. Rather than being bothered by the issue, Andi insists that having a baby is a blessing. Totoo naman, eh. Whether you are married or not, I believe that having sexual intercourse is sacred. It should be done in private, and it should be done with love and compassion.

You don’t live to please everyone, however…

Don’t believe in those people who are “feelers” and who have very high expectations which are not a good idea after all. However, there are times that you have to do this for yourself. If you think these people are really hard to please, remember, they’re just insecure about your talent and improvement. Kung sila pa ang “mataas” ang expecations, sila pa ‘yung kolelat sa ibang mga bagay. No one should dictate you, not even your parents. I would take the example of Shaira Luna, who was criticized by her own mother for “wasting her life away.” But don’t they (Shaira’s parents) realize that what they did created a conflict between her own self-worth and her intelligence? Being intelligent doesn’t mean you have to be famous. Being intelligent doesn’t mean you have a high EQ. I really believe that. I do not consider myself intelligent, nor does having a high EQ. Being intelligent is only based on stock knowledge. However, this isn’t applicable in the real (or let’s say, corporate) world. It is only applicable to those who are learned and who work so hard to achieve their dreams. I know that there are some people who are more intelligent than the typical valedictorian (or salutatorian), it’s only that they earn the “cum laude” status is because, they work hard for it. Even though they use their stock knowledge, at least they have the instincts to be competent.

What AA learned from her past experience

She learned self-control and genuine faith. Having faith means to do what is good and what is right, but that’s not really the point here. Doing what is acceptable by common majority defines faith itself. At least, she doesn’t whore out.


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