Anything at Random IX

The most number of rants goes to…


Felice Fawn – the Tumblr-famous person is actually… fake. The most reliable source goes to… efagz. Someone messaged the Tumblr version of this site… it comes out to be…

Felice Fawn is a complete fraud inside and out. Her modeling is shit, her work isn’t original, and she scammed a ton of people. What has she done for this world other than be an “inspiration” to anorexic people? Nothing. She has her own pro-ana and thinspo blogs. Such a hypocrite.

I really have to agree with this. She isn’t featured in Vogue, in Cosmo, etc. Real models are like Freja Beha Erichsen, Gemma Ward, Agyness Deyn, Apnea (Amanda Pemberton), etc. She only became famous because of the Terry Richardson issue.

Super Super Magazine? Never heard of that thing. Why, it’s NOT even Vogue or Cosmo.

Artworks not original? I can see what you mean. She heavily copied those things (and traced them) but I did the same, too. However, I never said that “I am a traditional artist” myself. Here are proofs that my artworks are amateur-ish:

Mike with glasses by ~psoelludyj

That was my crappiest but so far, I still find it “art.”

Oh, here’s the evidence 🙂

encyclopediadramatica|Whoa… it seems that everything is “copied.”

If you really want to distinguish who the REAL artist is, don’t be fooled by the .gif that turns from an “artwork” to a real photo.

AA Klenk/Cristine Reyes – Or search “AA Klenk” in this blog. Y’know, the walking pornography is always the subject of all the “kabastusan” in showbiz.

Yep, here’s YOUR award… I mean… awardzzzzzzzzsx.

Lawl, the worst award’s like… THIS. TROLL FACE.

Ross – Y’know the dancer who became arrogant because of being famous? Sorry, you’re still in the starlet status.

The homewrecker, the former second home and its admin… gah. I really can’t even…

The “real” Extremes and Randoms

It is actually entitled, “Extremes & Randoms.” It is about a college student who rants about the wrongs of her own former second home governed by the admin that is hungry for money and attention when in the bigger picture, it’s actually the government who has its own lame police and the corrupt people who are just sitting in their position for their own satisfaction.

Here are the book covers that I made 🙂

My first attempt to create a book cover digitally|~molybdenumstudios

Some improvement… but still… not good lawl|~molybdenumstudios

This is so far… the best I could do|~molybdenumstudios

So, what do you think about these covers?

Lomography and Vintage: I haven’t shared this with you… YET

This was my style of editing photos… ever since I has my Photoshop installed on my lappie. My laptop is full of photos that are like, either crap or good ones, but most people appreciate my work because… okay fine, I’ll explain.

Relying heavily on Photoshop isn’t bad, but remember, there are times that one-shot moments mean more than just editing photos. Leave it to the pros. They know angles, and aside from that, they also know how to correct things.

I learned a LOT from Photography books and it worked. If you ask for “more” OR if you aren’t still contented, it’s NOt my problem anymore.

Well, here are some photos I’d like to show you (:

Misplaced Splash by ~molybdenumstudios

Back to Reality by ~molybdenumstudios

See more in LOMOgram.

Imagining the Orient by ~molybdenumstudios

This is the only photo NOT in LOMOgram, but this is so far my most valuable. (:

Of course, there are tons more in my deviantArt account.

Actor Profile: Alessandra “Alex” de Rossi|With or without makeover, she’s still Alex.

This is the first time I’ll write about an inspiration to actors and multi-talented people alike.

Alessandra Tiotangco Schiavone in real life was born in the United Kingdom in 1984. Half-Italian and half-Filipina, she stated that she is more Filipina than Italian. She is the second of four. Her older sister is no other than Assunta de Rossi, aka Sam. Her younger sisters are Margherita and Isabella. Assunta and Margherita was born in Italy, while the youngest, Isabella is a natural-born Filipina.

Alessandra de Rossi is known to have a big mouth, but behind the mataray face and the big mouth, she’s frank, which makes her feisty at the same time. Everyone was so judgmental that she is a “whore” for being “flirt.” Despite her European upbringing, she is well-behaved after she transferred to ABS-CBN.

Her acting ability, however, is only reserved for indie films. However, she showed her prowess as Greta, the kontrabida (antagonist) in Tayong Dalawa.

Aside from being an award-winning actress, she is also a recording artist. Her voice is actually breathtaking and not only that, she conceptualized the music video herself. This made her accept the offer of FHM, but there’s one condition: Play the song in their website. Nyaar.

Because she’s half-Italian, she proved everyone wrong that although you are half-white doesn’t mean white skin. She said,

I’d rather be tanned because I do not like the idea of being white but ugly.

Lawl, she doesn’t look like her if she’s white! If she’s white, then, she’s not pretty at all. Kidding. Well, she still is, actually. So, yeah. She still looks good even though she’s white, but it’s better if she’s tan. To be honest with you, I should envy the likes of Alex because her skin complements her. I always thought that there is NO problem being tan but now… I was being fooled by the “white-loving” media. All thanks to my “chink” ex-crush who wants to have a “chink” partner. Ewwwwwww.

She also argued that,

Being beautiful doesn’t mean flawless. Confidence is the key.

Might as well check out her creative side.

What’s so special about Alex? She’s the true epitome of frank and feisty.

Random Rant: “Nothing spectacular” your face

US and China are not the only “spectacular” countries.

Okay, to my biases, Japan, Canada and Thailand are more pleasing. Vietnam is, too. The only reason why US and China are the “best” is because they have something in common.

– They’re both superpowers.
– It’s affordable.
– Pop’s friends are there, which I find it “not an excuse”

Alright. It really annoys me when someone appreciates both superpowers than any other. Now what does US and China do? They only do hard power and businesses. US? It’s a developed version of the Philippines? China? Everything Chinese? No doubt, it’s a historical place, but please don’t get me started on that. I really didn’t like going to China again after hearing the “fake” things, like counterfeit stuff and shit, and I really am allergic to fake things, especially fake gadgets. Nothing spectacular… in the most developed countries?

The only reason why the pop only likes those countries is because, he has friends (I smell cronyism), and it is affordable there. Look, those are very biased reasons why he has to call these as “spectacular.” Define spectacular: Friends and the price value? Not in my watch. I have higher standards.


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