The video against the Cojuanco-Aquino clan was actually a propaganda

Watch the whole video above.

These people were against the Aquino-Cojuanco clan and proclaims the family as “oligarchs.”

The video went viral after reading Yahoo! News and of course, looking at the ancestry to one of the professors whom I knew from LEAP class.

POV#1: The butthurt family

The video showed that Ninoy was a “hero,” Cory as a “saint,” Kris as the “queen” and PNoy as the “rockstar.” But that’s not the point of Roxy here. She is actually stressing out the evidence that the media is hiding all the flaws the oligarchs did. Authoritarian people are condemned while these oligarchs are being defended for their “good deeds.” Think about it: It is just like the people who pretend to be demure but truth is that, they are assholes, while those who are really the strict type of people are actually protective. Think about it. Why do people have to believe in what the media is dictating? It’s like saying that AA Klenk is “frank and feisty” which I really do not believe in. Let’s admit it, I may get out of place, but you’ll get my point why. I am only pointing out similarities to this topic.

Filipinos: Believing in the mass media: CRAP.

Popularity isn’t important at all. If you’re only known to have  face value, then you’re not really talented at all. Really talented people are those who work hard and those who provide rooms for improvement. If there is NO room for error, there is always room for improvement.

I was really against PNoy as president because I do not want “popular kids” to snatch everything regular people deserve. Based from my personal experience, I really hated the fact that the admin (of my former second home) is providing the needs of the honor students, but did they ever provide anything for those who are not honor students? I may sound biased, but I chose Villar because I believe that a businessman like him will do a lot of responsibility to the people, but people are really confused about him. I really sided to him not because of personal preference, but I just wanted to stress it out: Mas matagal pa nga siyang naging pulitiko kumpara kay PNoy (come to think of it, PNoy was only known to be in the Aquino clan, period) and to those people who think that Villar’s a liar and a show-off, at least he did his best to convince people and “he made programs for the poor,” like what roxyisferox said.

POV#2: A history professor’s comment

Ninoy willingly sacrificed his life for the bayan, whether he had political ambition or not.

That was Sir Xiao’s comment about the video.

He argued that the video is “purely propaganda” and not really based on facts or history books, etc. He also stressed out that the bayan forced the late Cory Aquino to be president of the Philippines. Totoo naman, eh. It’s like history repeating itself, like pinilit din ng bayan si PNoy na tumakbo bilang pangulo. To those people who were fooled (or maybe mesmerized) in this video, this is only a creative presentation done by creative minds. It’s like they want an industrialized Philippines by convincing the masa to be open-minded.

If you’re judgmental about the Aquino Administration about his absence in the Hostage Crisis, the Hacienda Luisita issue (which is still now up to question), etc., everyone’s in doubt about “their” president. Kayo naman ang bumoto sa kanya, pero bakit naman kasing sisisihini niyo pa ‘yung desisyon niyong piliin si PNoy bilang pangulo?

Remember, it’s the people making history. They make history to shape it. They shape it to create their own identity. Their own identity defines them as people. If there’s no identity, sa’n sila pupulutin, ‘di ba?

People + Culture = History

Lessons learned

Videos that show “facts” are actually propaganda. They usually do it because they want to convince people to make the right choice.

Warning: There is NO room for violent reactions or any rude comments.


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  1. It’s truly an eye opener for me. The problem in Hacienda Luisita has been going on for the last 50 years or even more. If the conjuancos are really for the people, then why are there still many people getting killed? I’m confused because I grew up with strong belief on the Aquinos integrity and I thought that there’s hope for our countrymen while the likes of the Aquinos continue to reign; but i don’t know now. I deeply feel for the farmers who lost their families and friends from fighting for what is theirs.

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