Revisited: AA Klenk: The Story Behind the Sweet Face

WARNING: All rude and mean comments containing grudges against me (or the event or the subject) will be marked as SPAM. This is a “revisitation” of a past event, person, etc.

So, yeah. I found the genuine source. :3

Going back to the days when AA Klenk was the walking porn before the Twitter incident, she was so far the most ordinary-looking in StarStruck. Jusme, si Katrina Halili pa nga nung time na ‘yon, kahit tanned siya, at least may appeal. Eh, si AA? Hmmm…

From left: AA’s original cheap-looking face, then… I thought it was MARIAN. 😦

Lawl, parang si Marian ang nakikita ko, pero sa totoo lang, si Marian, original-looking naman talaga siya. No retouches, just the half-Castillian looks that made the boys drool. Whoa, that’s too much.

At least si Marian, kahit sabihin nating suplada siya, maldita tapos… wala pang breeding, hindi ibig sabihin eh, bitch na talaga siya. Kung baga, kahit ganyan ang paningin niyo sa kanya, at least marunong siyang umarte (at magdala). ‘Yun nga ang pang-Korean beauty, eh. If I were to be asked, Marian looks like Lee Young-Ae.

If she were to be matched with AA, ay jusko. Wala. Ang layo.

AA, frank and feisty: I don’t consider it

Frank and feisty means that you don’t have any pa-kipot moments. Look at Alex de Rossi, do you think she’s really frank and feisty for NO reason? Kung marami na siyang nakaaway, it is because nagsasabi lang siya ng totoo (alam mo naman, usually sinisiraan ang mga ‘yun nga, bungangera, prangka). Though despite being multi-talented, she still stays underrated (but not starlet, ha). Alex de Rossi’s acting level is only reserved for the elite (e.g., Indie Films).

As for AA, like what I mentioned before, would you call someone frank and feisty if she always start a very cheap girlfight and is loud and proud (but arrogant) to describe herself the opposite of who she is? And the answer is… NEIN. Ein großes NEIN.

People, if you call someone like this as frank and feisty, the true meaning of frank and feisty is someone who doesn’t act like a cheapo, at least. Being frank and feisty means that you should accept and to learn from your mistakes, like nothing happened in the past. At least AA’s now lay-low… all thanks to Rayver Cruz. Although despite being branded as “user,” he has the initiative to tame her.

As promised, here are some fucking juicy-vicious goodies

If I am losing interest to my crush of four years, this is because AA and he have something in common: They’re hypocrites.

AA’s hypocrisies are: She once said that she isn’t the jealous type; she isn’t used to bullcrap like being naked, like the “pamboboso thingy;” she didn’t text to Heart Evangelista about her jealousy… such a denial queen. Dagdag ko pa, she claims to be faithful… but do these two tattoos really represent her? Questionable.

My crush’s hypocrisies are (if you’re reading my blog right now, I don’t care): He abhorred smoking or drinking; he once said that he’s NOT going to care though he lambasted me all over; last but not the least: He always proclaims that he’s a nice guy but truth is that, some encountered him and he’s really some quiet, inanimate dude.

Like, what? Stop lying because you’re actually assholes!

AA’s words do not match her actions. Just like what alexcris12 said…

my opinion, pilyangsweet’s brief “twitter bio” that she evidently lives by, is an evidence of “desperation” of an attention-seeking person. she will do everything to be noticed. it may be true that well behaved women seldom make history, because they know they ought not making history if it’s not for the better good.

may i also highlight that she was the first very contestant to be kicked out of the GMA reality star search because… after her major face reconstruction she resurfaced at ABS…

i would contradict your statement that “she remains to be a sweet little girl who wishes nothing but good for others” – because if you have been viewing her twitter timeline, every now and then, you will that she is mentally derailed – wishing someone dead or magpakamtay na… indeed, very bitter and immature… 

beauty should come from within… sorry, she may be pretty on the outside, but she is still the cristine before the major face reconstruction who is completely insecure… 

Oh, yes. Now ALLOW me to highlight these important points. Have you ever read this tweet that, “I hope you would drink your words so that you’ll know how bitter they taste.” Tapos may trender na, “Magpakamatay ka na lang para manahimik ka.”

Eww. It seems like she’s still the bitch from the starlet list. Walking cunt? Or maybe some pornstar whose aim is to be a whore? Like, anong masama sa sinabi ni SG? Hindi lang si Rayver ang magaling sumayaw, at MAS marami pang sexy diyan! She’s not the only sexy woman we know. Eh, kung ganoon lang, ‘di sana naging katawan na lang siya. Kuha niyo?

I was still wondering why her tattoos…

The rosary tattoo is cool, but I’d say it’s sort of not her. Well, yeah.

Oh, yeah. That’s all for now!

Do you think AA has learned from her mistakes?

To be honest, I really can’t tell whether if that would really happen. If she’s willing to focus on her career, she should at least, “be a looker, NOT a hooker.” — Perez Hilton.

Don’t worry guys, like what I said before, I WILL REPEAT FOR THE LAST TIME: This is only a revisitation of the past. If you guys still feel that I have unending grudges against AA, GTFO because you won’t understand the importance of understanding who was this person… well just so you know.


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