Revealing my former second home, that is

My former second home is in Quezon City, somewhere just near the headquarters of Channel 2. Here are the clues: It is in Mother Ignacia Avenue and in Panay Avenue at the same time. (Do I make myself clear?)

Video from my former second home’s best batch.

If you noticed that most of my posts criticize this school, well, watch the video first how this batch influenced the whole community to do what is good and what is right. They’re the role models way back before the next batch succeeded them.

Every upperclassman is a role model… unfortunately

Where are they now? Most of them are finishing their studies or graduates of UST, a.k.a. the oldest, the most beautiful but the most flood-prone university in Metro Manila. Some of them are Lasallians, others are Ateneans, while the rest of those who were in the honors’ section are in the University of the Philippines (I don’t care if it’s Diliman, Manila, LB).

However, there are some questions that come out from my mind… the batch that succeeded them (where my crush for four years used to be there) didn’t really show good example. They were rather, those pseudo-authoritarian brats who just satisfy themselves by power-tripping, but that was only at the first place. However, some of these students really didn’t know how to discipline their students, OR maybe because they feel so superior. Wait, so this is about the ones who are responsible for holding “flagsems” and are also the ones who organize the students before any activity.

Gosh. It’s like a frugal world with frugal things. Anyways, it doesn’t matter at all since it’s all there. The “Magnanimity-next-Brat” syndrome was the mentality of most students. (Okay, so Magnanimity-next-Brat is like, Kim Il-sung as the better leader than Kim Jong-il who is unfortunately, a narcissist.)

Ranting against third-world life: Escape to my overseas relatives

Third-world life in the Philippines was like, the principle of my former alma mater. Okay, if they always make “bawal” rules, they usually do it for themselves. Themselves.

I never wanted to think about those things; I just wanted to be there (US) is because, I feel a lot more comfy than in the frugal setting where there are many “bawal” rules and shit, and I don’t want that. I just wanted to escape those bullcrap because I hate those critics. I feel like I’m home with my relatives there. AT LEAST mas masarap tirhan ang bahay ng kamag-anak mong hindi nagkukunwaring conservative kesa naman sa know-it-all na pakunwaring conservative, pero pintasero/a naman na ewan. Loving know-it-alls is bullshit! I learned that myself. They lead you to NOTHING, but these people really support the “bawal” rules and the frugality which is again, bullcrap.

Lawl, if you think I’m arrogant, that means you are close-minded. I’m just telling the truth. I hate know-it-alls, and I’ll never ever going to raise my children in an environment full of know-it-all and feeling conservative groups of people.

High School was never been kind

High school: This should be the best years of every adolescent’s life. However, in my case my batch is so far the worst (but the most spoiled). Do you really have to condemn good guys and expell them for their mistake and welcome the bad guys for their harshness? Bullshit! At least kung ‘yun pa ang bastos sa teacher (sorry ha), ‘yun pa ang gentleman kahit manloloko siya, pero ‘yung mga nagpapa-impress sa teacher? Anak naman ng pating oo, sila pa ang bastos, ang selfish na mukhang pera (Kilala mo kung sino kang buraot!) na parang paasa lang sa iba. Este, hello?

That is why I didn’t seek ANY help from my former alma mater. Jusme, bahala na sila sa buhay nila.

However, things changed after I vented

If my former second home used to have a very, very good reputation (most celebrities attended there), it is right now the butt of jokes and criticisms. My senior high school teacher once said that those who were in my former second home are branded as “flirts.” Yes, it may seem hurtful, but let’s just admit it. My former second home ended up producing a lot of academically-incompetent popular kinds who just had shallow standards. They only competed for what? Culminating activities alone.

I was only telling the truth about my life in high school when my friend’s jealous beau ranted that “I am ashamed” of my former second home. I was only being honest, that my former second home was once a school with good reputation, but where are they now? NOT as competent as other schools that provide the best needs they would ever give. Although these schools are known to be “sosyal” and “elitist,” at least they’re doing their best NOT to waste the tuition fee.

I hope the admin learns from this. Sana lang, ha. Because I said this before, that I really do not give a damn at all if they could excommunicate me.


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