When the most underrated topic becomes interesting

If you haven’t read my entry about the DPRK, click here.

You may say that again that I’m a weirdo. However, most underrated stuff captivates my interest. For instance, the most underrated would be those that seem more interesting than the most overrated (which are the most commercialized).

So, here are the most underrated topics…

swedenabroad.com|From left: Finland (White/Blue cross), Denmark (Red/White cross), Sweden (Blue/Yellow cross), Norway (Red/White and Blue cross) and Iceland (Blue/White and Red cross).


lacingup@blogspot.com|Danish supermodel Freja Beha Erichsen doesn’t turn her back to her Scandinavian roots. In fact, she still considers Denmark her true home. (Now that’s what I call it, swag!)

The northern part of Europe is the least talked about. But wait… where do you think ABBA, Ace of Base, Roxette, Whigfield, Aqua, M2M or even this… Michael Learns to Rock come from? These famous bands during the 90’s are not American nor British nor… Aussie. These are actually Scandinavian. ABBA, Ace of Base and Roxette are Swedish, M2M are Norwegian, while Aqua, Whigfield and Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR) are Danish.

If you’re talking about the whole of Norden, it should include Iceland and Finland. Remember race car driver Kimi Raikkonen, who is a Finn and Icelandic singer Bjork, they’re from the Nordic countries. They have a single identity of a flag with a cross on it. Rotate the Latin cross to the left, now you get my point.

Scandinavia’s currency is the krone/krona, which means “crown.” Of course, it’s obvious that the Scandinavian peninsula is composed of three kingdoms, while the rest of Norden do not observe monarchy.

Fast facts:

Amongst the Nordic countries, only Finland uses the Euro currency.

Norway is the only non-EU member since it is the home of the Nobel Prize until the massacre ruined its reputation.

Capital/s: Norway (Oslo), Sweden (Stockholm), Denmark (Copenhagen), Finland (Helsinki) and Iceland (Reykjavik).

Their names in their native languages (and how they call their language/s based on their native tongue): Norge (Norsk, Bokmal), Sverige (Svenska), Danmark (Dansk), Suomi (Suomi), Island (Islenska).

Demonyms: Norwegian/s, Swede/s, Dane/s, Finn/s, Icelander/s.

Languages: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic.

This region of Europe is so far the most peaceful and the most tolerant.

This region of Europe is so far the most expensive and it is the home of the most flagship medium-format DSLR’s. Phase One is Danish while Hasselblad is Swedish.

They share a common background at least. For instance, all these countries prefer English than French as second language and think about this: Finland also speaks Swedish while Iceland also makes Danish as a second language in education.

Slavic Europe (or Eastern Europe)

maria-sharapova.org|Masha’s the hottest athlete in the world. Take note!

Remember t.A.T.u., the Russian Europop duo that graced the small screen are Russians. Unlike other Russians who are tall, these babes are too short for a Russian, but yeah. But they’re still freaking hot!

This part of Europe, however, is more underrated than Scandinavia. It is the least talked-about region of Europe, where in fact, there are many pretty girls and handsome boys in this area. Greek people may consider themselves Western Europeans, but their looks are more Eastern European.

Eastern Europeans are known for their natural beauty. It is not only because it is not as rich as its Western counterpart, but they do not really need make-up or whatsoever abubot they need. They’re simple, actually. If Maria Sharapova is tanned and freckled because of being exposed to the sun, she still has the beauty of a Russian, that is.

I fell in love with the Slavic accent, because it really sounds so Russian that I could almost embrace the culture of Eastern Europe.

Examples of Slavic people: Regina Spektor, Origa, whoever’s the hottest… but I think President Medvedev is hot!

Japanese Dorama and their really cutest guys

tanakakei.livejournal.com|Kei Tanaka’s the hottest dude in Japan.

Japanese drama is never been heard in ABS-CBN (or TFC), but y’know what, what makes them classic IS this… the exaggerations done by actors seem to captivate the hearts of the audience, and when they wanna watch it again, it doesn’t really bore them at all. However, their most handsome guys (yes, and I mean naturally and genuinely handsome) are the most underrated. Look at Mocomichi Hayami and Kei Tanaka. Mocomichi is famous, but not as overexposed as Jun Matsumoto or anyone who are constantly appearing in several dramas and forums. Shun Oguri may have the looks, but he’s the only cutie exposed in Japanese dramas (like the English-language film Sukiyaki Western Django), for me. Kei Tanaka, however, has really pleased my standards and captivated everything in me… he’s cute, hot and a good actor, but he is the most underrated dude in Japanese showbiz. His start as an actor started when his mom bribed money etc. for him to become an actor and that’s it!

I loved watching Misaki Number One!! not only because of him, but y’know, I think Karina Nose and he make a good match. 🙂

Yes, I also have to admit that I download Japanese dramas because I love both Moco and Kei at the same time. I think Japanese dramas should be promoted in the Philippines to at least, show the strong bond between Japanese and Filipino relations. Oh, and I also think that Filipinos should appreciate Japanese things, etc.

I guess that would be all for now. 🙂


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  1. ABS-CBN once bought some Japanese dramas but never rated well. GMA, on the other hand, buys Japanese dramas as well as Korean dramas, and rated well. It’s just so happened that GMA has bought better Asian dramas than ABS-CBN.

    I agree that there are more Japanese dramas that are better. They are not as trite and formulaic as Korean dramas which focused mainly on love tandems the same way ABS-CBN produces dramas that is mostly love-tandem based, though I commend ABS-CBN for their MAY BUKAS PA, 100 DAYS TO HEAVEN and THE FIERCE WIFE (canned from Taiwan).

    Sometimes, I missed the times when trendy dramas were not ruling in Korea. I am more onto romantic comedy, period dramas, political dramas in Korea, but not the trendy dramas usually showcased by ABS-CBN or even GMA. Nope, not even the overrated Boys Over Flowers with Lee Minho. Gu Hye Sun is fine, she’s great. But not Minho.

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