The Most frequent views in a post goes to…

The winner post is…

Who was… Felice Fawn?

Felice Fawn is no other than Lauren Cook. No wonder why I used efagz as reference. Just so you know, I stalk people WITH reason.

You people are really curious about this person. Seems interesting, huh? Indeed, she is one of the most interesting people not only in the Internet but also for aficionados alike.

But there are some general beliefs that conflict with the general and herself.

Anti-theism – Disrespecting religions (like what I said in the winning post) may seem to be “bad,” “immoral” or “wrong,” but that doesn’t make you LESS of a person. But what makes you less of a person is you raise your middle finger on a deity, saying that “You’re just an obstacle in everyone’s lives.”

Remember, after Pope John Paul II passed away, I started to doubt about my faith slowly… not until I have to accept the fact that I wasn’t raised a Catholic and will never ever be as devoted as the believers who believe in extreme conservatism. I was NEVER raised to think like a structured extremist. Thinking structurally means that you have to follow a flowchart right in front of you that would just… suck everything out.

I believe that Pope John Paul II united every Christian (Catholic or non-Catholic, or non-Christian at all) to believe in what is good and what should be done for their own good. Despite his stubborn conservatism against homosexuality and female priests, he still managed to let the people learn to do what is acceptable, at least.

Pro-choice – This is about abortion and divorce. Divorce is something to do with “instant separation” between the couple. I find it, “degrading.” If you are divorced, then you have a problem. That’s it.

Regarding abortion, I really do not want the child to die before he/she becomes an actual human being. You are killing your own child, and that’s what makes a mother a murderer. However, it IS understandable for some reason (but so far, still NOT acceptable) if you had premarital sex or you’re somehow raped. Aborting children because you don’t want a sag body is bullcrap. I’m telling you.

So, yeah. To those who viewed the linked post, I’ll soon give you a challenge.


I have NOTHING against Felice Fawn, but like what I mentioned in the linked post, it’s pretty obvious that most people are worshipping someone who is gothic and yeah, y’know… but only atheists and those who agree with her beliefs relate with her.

I bashed her thoughts about religion, Mac computers, etc., since most artists use MacBooks. The only reason why she HATES Macs is because… she couldn’t afford one. Afford? Oh, please, in UK I think it’s not that expensive since it’s UK, and UK’s a rich country. However, it’s probably the high prices that hindered her to have a Mac, at least. OR maybe if she tried one, it’s because she ain’t used to it, or yeah…


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