Anorexia, Bulimia: The AB’s of eating disorder as suicidal

Kim Kardashian is the true meaning of sexy.

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder where you do not eat at all while bulimia means that you vomit what you eat.

I really DO NOT apply being extraordinarily slim in my whole entire life. Well, if I poop as if I’m like a cow, or maybe eat like a monster, here’s the thing: I do not want to look slim but sickly. If Angelina Jolie is extraordinarily skinny, it’s understandable since she’s naturally thin, same with Taylor Momsen.

Being skinny or slim doesn’t mean you’re sexy. Just look at Freja Beha Erichsen. She’s also naturally skinny or maybe she’s maintaining a diet since she’s a supermodel. Tyra Banks, on the other hand, said that beauty comes in ALL sizes.

There are other hot and sexy people who still have the curves in ALL sizes. Just take a look at Beyonce, she’s still hot in all sizes. Although she eats a lot of junk food, she still has those curves. That’s how I define it as HOTTIE.

If Megan Fox and ScarJo has those curves, you can still find the hotness in ScarJo although she lose weight for Iron Man 2, unlike Megan Fox, who is yeah, hot, but was overshadowed by nip tucks.

Being skinny doesn’t mean sexy

Don’t believe the media’s advocacies! Remember, media has lots of biases. If Angelina Jolie was once proclaimed as the most “exotic-looking” person on the planet, she’s slowly lambasted by the media for being a homewrecker. Also, regarding Paris Hilton, she is known for being a whore, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s mean and rude. She showed a good example during her visit to the Philippines (that’s sweet of you!).

The Han race is known for having skinny people. Yes, the slender bodies of Chinese women are enviable, but they do not really have the curves, unfortunately. They don’t have tits and ass, but Gong Li proved it wrong. She’s not the typical skinny Chinese actress we know since she flaunts her hotness by being hotter than Demi Moore in her mid-40’s. Chinese beauty isn’t always portrayed as dark-haired, fair-skinned, etc. but portrayed as prim and proper. Well, not all Chinese women are prim and proper, anyway.

There is an advocacy that promotes anorexia. That’s right. The most ridiculous would be thinspiration (or thinspo) and pro-ana websites. Eww! I feel sorry for those girls who promote pro-ana. You’ll lose your hair, be dead or whatever. It is NOT healthy at all. In the case of the late Karen Carpenter, she didn’t want anorexia to come into her life, but her mother is actually forcing her to do it because she was famous at that time. Like, what? Forcing your oh-so famous child to do something to “feed your fantasy?” My God. I really hate to say this, but feeding your fantasy is bullcrap, y’know what I mean? Feeding your fantasy without the presence of that person is more acceptable than forcing that RIGHT IN FRONT of that person. I recall this girl whose mother has this “Mr. Krabs mentality” who thinks that oiliness means ugliness, being a whore rocks to marry a rich man and so forth. Wow. I got this from Candymag (forgot the issue!) and I really, really feel sorry for that girl. Marrying a rich man just to please her “Mr. Krabs” mother? That mother must’ve lost her virginity even 10 years ago. I feel sorry for that girl who dresses like a whore.

Back to the thinspo issue.

Rating: Fcuk that shit!

Human Barbie: Not a hoax at all

Who loves Barbie? Every girl. Who hates Barbie? Almost nobody.

Barbie isn’t really a real person. She’s a doll! She ain’t a walking cunt either nor some celebrity who does a lot of scandals. Here’s the thing: Barbie girl is not a living, breathing entity. She is a doll, a freaking doll.

Do you know Cindy Jackson? Whoa… her fake beauty is almost indistinguishable. Guess what? She’s on her 50’s. Well, I thought she was only in her 30’s but cosmetic surgery proved it right.

Celebrities who suffered from the media-worshipping society

Here is the list of people: Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, hmmm…

Media portrays that skinny is the new sexy. American mentality, that is. AND, I hate that mentality where Filipinos are also following that mentality too. Do you think that Chinese beauty (fair skin and slender body) is always the hit thing all the time? Why not give way to the black people, or to the Caucasians? The chinita craze mentality was the bomb when Chinovelas entered the limelight during 2003, which made Filipina women envy Chinese beauty. Slender bodies, straight hair and fair skin… everything Han. However, the only dark side is, it is similar to how American media portray “sexy.”

Now who proved the media wrong? Everyone who has no curves and doesn’t get skinny.


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