Anything at Random VII

Why I used to hate Taylor Momsen

The most disturbing…


The boobs and the star tattoo? HOMG, this is insane, really. Her boobs. Are. NOT. Big. Enough.

After all Taylor’s got some push-up bra to act like a whore!|Whoa, she’s still the skanky slut whose got a navel piercing! @_@

Taylor Momsen is really known to be the skankiest teenager in Hollywood. Trying too hard to be a pornstar? Well, she really can’t show of those purely nude tittays only to save her life. Like, come on. You should’ve worn a bikini rather than showing off those not-so-big tittays! They’re lacking off some fat, lawl.|Did she have an ass padding?… I lately notice those stretch marks, though.

Still flat tittays! Not too big to flatter everyone at all!

She’s trying too hard to be a skank. Walking cunt? Not even a chance. The most (not-so) shocking thing that you’ll really gonna abhor…|Tay’s a chain smoker since 16. Does she smoke Marlboro Lights?

Man, she’s being rebellious.

Now I know why she looks older than her age: She smokes!

I used to hate smokers but now, I have to be open-minded about these shit because– I hate to brag this, but the guy whom I admire is a smoker! He smokes as if he loves to do it.

Back to Taylor Momsen. These are her recent shots regarding her concert, still showing skankiness, like she’s promoting casting couch everywhere. Lawl, I really should laugh at these! She’s really trying oh-so hard to be a skank! She really can’t be like Megan Fox at all, who is really bitchy but doesn’t really care. But with Taylor’s she really can’t make us awe or think about sex when she acts like a slut. Try again.

The most disturbing thing in her are those poorly-eyeshadowed eyes… which makes her look like a raccoon… or someone who has been battered 100x, giving her creepy black eyes. Whoa! You ain’t Morticia and it’s not yet the Dia de los Muertos, and you’re not even a zombie.

TOP:|Bottom: MSN Entertainment

Shit! It seems like Taylor Momsen’s aging because of stupid nicotine! I feel so sorry for this girl, but she really needs to go to rehab. Y’know, no one wants to live a “Dark life.”

Those raccoon eyes are just disturbing, and the blonde blonde hair? Not a chance to be 100% real. It’s all dyed and she’s a redhead.

Now here are some disturbing Rated PG-18 Revolver Mag photos that you don’t want your kids to see…|She’s gonna kill someone (feeler much?) She’s all in panties and stockings and stripper heels. *Pukes*|C-R-E-E-P-Y. ‘Nuff said.|Trying so hard to be like Beatrix Kiddo? You can’t really Kill Bill just to save your life, eh?|That ain’t Holofernes, and you’re not Judith, either, nor Charlotte Corday.|Was that Alodia’s pose in “The Gamer”? That’s no gamer, so RUN for your lives!|Gun stiletto and those hooker things. BOWRING.

Now you know why she’s a real juvenile delinquent, and now look. If she really wants to show off her tits, she should be a hooker rather!

Here are the things why I really used to hate her. A LOT.

1.) She has a tattoo, smokes and acts like a whore before legal age.

Like, eww. She’s got a dildo right beside her and brings a lot of knives. Punk much, eh? Well, here’s the thing: Taylor Momsen is really the worst delinquent ever in the eyes of teenage people. Tall, skinny, fit for a model… but how’s it going? Taylor Momsen cannot really be a “big star.” All she does it to be a starlet forever, that is.

2.) She dissed both Miley Cyrus and Rihanna.

Miley? Well, now look who was talking. Dissing someone who has no attitude problem at all? Although Miley starts to smoke and have tats, I really have nothing to do about it. Miley’s not a rebel, at least.

Rihanna? Well, it doesn’t really matter if she wears a black leather jacket. Every artist does that and it doesn’t seem annoying. Taylor, you’re just jealous. Rihanna’s hotter and way more seductive than you are.

3.) She is a big hater of Disney.

Whoa! Even Disney will NOT accept you AT ALL. Look, Vanessa Hudgens was almost expelled due to the nude pics leaked on the Internet, same with Miley’s. If you showed off your boobs, or maybe you just become 100% naked, think about it, everyone will abhor you.

4.) She doesn’t know Justin Bieber, which sounds ridiculous.

Every celebrity knows him, but you’re the only one denying it. Deny to death? At least he has the charm, which you do not really have at all.

5.) She HATES being a role model.

Nobody is really telling you to be a role model, because you’re not qualified, anyway.

6.) She’s the “rocker.”

You mean, a rocking chair? With music on it, eh? I’d really laugh at this, but your granny won’t really love that. So, yeah. No sweets, cookies and kisses from granny, that is.

7.) She doesn’t even know how the basics of eyeshadowing.

Nah, just so you know, just look at those raccoon eyes.

The Bias Wars: Why I love Japanese than Korean

You guys really wanna know? Well, here…

1.) The Japanese are tolerant, but never ever push the WWII memoir button.

2.) K-dramas are overrated.

3.) Now, you have to compare. No need to spoonfeed answers.

Xenophobic and err… ethnocentric pure-blooded obsession?

The Chinese and Koreans are known for being… nationalistic. However, it’s not in the right way, that is.

In Korea, there are a lot of issues. Racism, sexism, some things that are not right. Korean society is really known for having a reputation for being falsely-conservative. Why? It would’ve been better if the whole Korean peninsula is UNITED, but… that’s not really going to happen just yet. Most Koreans go here to the Philippines because they wanted a new life, and not only because they want to learn English. Some Koreans are really sick and tired of life there and one site said that the living standard in Korea isn’t really matching its economic boom. Ironic? Sort of. The won is really a low… low denomination.

The Chinese, however, are known for their inhumane acts. Like for instance, fetus soup (got the thing from roxyisferox)? Eww! Who’s going to be a cannibal for the rest of his/her life, right? That’s a really big fucking taboo to me since I’m pro-life. It’s really good to raise the middle finger to those who love fetus soup. So disgusting, so barbaric, UGH! Fuck that!

Gah, even selling of organs– like killing people for organs?

I think these societies should clean up their acts. To my Chinese and Korean chums out there, don’t take this personally. At least you have an idea about the flaws of your society.


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  4. Whoa, whoa, TAYLOR! Goodness! She’s crazy! I think she doesn’t know what she’s doin’! UGHH!!!! Yes, she may have beautiful eyes, but look at her attitude!!!!!!!

  5. I think you’re trying too hard to put her down.

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