Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

Source: A Nai|Flickr

I want. This. Lens.

Pros, from perceptions

This lens is capable of catering the pros and the amateurs… and I have to choose this lens over the cheapest one (f/1.8) is because… it has 58mm filter thread, that is.

Aside from the filter thread, it also has a focus ring which seems more accommodating than anything else. It also has a USM, which focuses very fast and at the same time, very quiet, indeed.


Tricia Gosingtian has this lens, but she once said in her blog that she has to fix it for the nth time due to problems regarding focusing… hmm I think she should buy another one that focuses more decently.


For the amateur photographer, if you really want a decent prime lens, please choose this. Not because it has a METAL mount, but because it is the “bridge” between f/1.8 version and f/1.2L version. Oh, BTW, it is Made in Japan, meaning to say that there’s no problem if you buy this in Japan. xD


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