Have Mercy, people!

So this time, people are having no mercy at all. They are heartless people who were indifferent. Here goes…

1.) Muammar Gaddafi
2.) Wang Yue

The most violent end of Gaddafi

Source: Reuters|iOL/The Star. Gaddafi’s end is finally the worst. I feel sorry for him.

Libya’s toppled dictator is already dead. Believe it or not, people inhumanely mauled him until he got shot. If Bin Laden was assassinated and Saddam Hussain was hanged, in Gaddafi’s case, it was the most painful thing a human being will ever see. We never heard bad things about Gaddafi, right? It wasn’t until everyone wanted to “steal” his position as dictator, like, “How would I feel if I were him, eh?”

Source: bbc.co.uk|Al-Jazeera. Gaddafi’s redness indicates the saddest fate ever.

Oh, please. Why can’t those people get a life? He wasn’t bad at all, yet they’re putting him on the bad limelight. If Saddam Hussein was hanged because of what he did, OR with Bin Laden’s plan to terrorize the world… is it because the most developed countries are against him? Or was he against those countries?

So, yeah. Actually, Gaddafi was really against the USA. But who despised him? France, that is.

In France, Muslim women who are wearing their traditional outfit often face discrimination. It’s because France is involved in the war against the Gaddafi regime.

You be the judge: Is Gaddafi a good or a bad man? Why or why not?

The media portrays dictators as “bad.” Well, do you think Marcos didn’t have a good side? Gaddafi also had a good side. Every dictator (except Hitler, that is) has their own good side.

The sad end of Wang Yue

Source: dailymail.co.uk|China Foto Press|Barcroft Medi

She was a victim of hit-and-run by two large vehicles. That was the most painful thing everyone could see. Now I was blaming Chinese society for being ignorant. Finally, the “Good Samaritan” law was established.

Alright. Although China’s a predominantly non-Christian society (the Chinese have many religions), it doesn’t have to mean that they should not help others in need. Good thing the one who found her deserves a reward.

Those 18 Chinese people need to be taught a lesson.

The Aftermath

I think both Gaddafi and Yue Yue suffered the worst torture ever. They were both victims of social rumble (crushed to death); in Gaddafi’s case, he was then shot after he was mauled; then put into a freezer while Yue Yue, she never survived her injuries. I feel sorry for her parents. While for Gaddafi, he deserves a final salute.

I really feel distraught about what people are doing nowadays. If they were just torturing Gaddafi for their satisfaction, they must’ve been monsters who wanted to seize his power as if they wanted to be like him, while for the Chinese, it is really NOT an excuse to leave the person for dead. Now they were again shamed for another undesirable act once more, I think they should really learn a lesson based from this experience. What now if a large vehicle “smashed” another small person, if that wouldn’t be a toddler this time? If most Chinese people are criticized for being rude, they themselves should not accept this fact as is. If they really “love” their people, or in other words, if they really exercise patriotism, they shouldn’t be ranting bad things if their fellowmen renounces Chinese citizenship for some reasons (Chinese passports are known for being one of the most restrictive passports in the world) OR throw stones at those people who are Chinese but have darker skin (especially the ladies). Take this in the case of Gong Li and Lou Jing, respectively.

Source: myconfinedspace.com

Gong Li was now a Singaporean in 2009/2010 and took the oath as a part of applying for citizenship but divorced her husband. Hmmm… do you think she’s re-applying for Chinese citizenship again, or simply stayed as a Singaporean? That’s what I do not know, but anyway, she defended herself against those netizens who condemned her for being a “traitor” and a “fake foreigner.” She said, “Although I have given up my citizenship, I am still Chinese, no matter what happens.” Well, of course, I do agree with her when it comes to citizenship. Most Chinese actors are doing this for practical reasons. However, to apply for Hong Kong citizenship is different. You are still Chinese, but holding a passport issued by a Special Administrative Region, giving more opportunities to artists who are from mainland China.

Source: xmnn.cn

Next, we go to Lou Jing this time. She is slammed by citizens for her skin color. Wait… if Filipinos actually love white skin more than dark skin, it’s not really our faults since most of us are xenocentric. I may be some sort of racist but it doesn’t mean I’m pro-racism (I only do that in private). Do you think whites are better-looking than blacks? Black people rock more, actually. They’re hotter and are more talented. They seem more versatile since it’s alright if they color their hair and have eyes that are other than brown.

Now back to Lou Jing.

Lou Jing said that she rarely felt out of place, not until she joined Go! Oriental Angel, a reality show that showcases talent, especially singing. She was born to a Chinese mother and to an African-American father whom she never seen, in Shanghai. During her stay in Go! Oriental Angel, hosts fondly called her “Chocolate Girl” and “Black Pearl,” but when netizens saw her, they are using patriotism in a wrong manner, like, “Get out of China!”

Lou Jing was born and raised in China, speaks Chinese (Mandarin and Shanghainese) and of course, considers herself Chinese. It’s only the Chinese society that is not yet ready to accept the different realities regarding race.

Open-mindedness, people

The best thing to do in life is to accept globalization. It’s everywhere, even in the DPRK. If you think that change is not yet that acceptable, I think you guys should follow the examples of countries who are accepting multiculturalism.

Regarding dictators, however, not all of them are “bad” or “evil.” Do you think monarchs are the same? Of course not! There are still absolute monarchies in the world, but they are rarely to be found.


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  2. Chinese and Koreans have the same thing in common: being xenophobic and pure-blood freaks!

    Also, with what happened to Yue-yue, I felt crying and angry towards fucking chinks who never bothered to help a dying kid. Sorry for the usage of the word chink since I know it’s racist, but I am being baffled to no end whenever I hear shenanigan stories and experiencing anything bullshit from those chinks.

    • It’s alright to be racist, because I did this once to my crush who has been pestering me before. Because he’s half-Japanese, rather than calling him a “nip,” I called him chink, rather to show how racist I really am.

      Yes, I really know how xenophobic Chinese and Koreans really are: They hate dark-skinned people, especially the ladies.

      Daig pa nga sila ng Hapon, tolerant na nga, considerate pa. The Japanese really do not care at all at your race, although there’s still a bit of discrimination because they’re also known for being nationalistic. It’s only that that the Japanese are far more progressive than Koreans because Koreans, like what I’ve heard or read, are still not really accepting the fact that being a progressive country should also be open-minded to multiculturalism.

  3. Whoa… it seems like I love things Japanese. :3 Except for my half-Jap crush, who was once racist but hates racists. Lawl to him.

  4. Previous Thoughts is strange, taa taa Josue Jefcoat – Simply thank you can do

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