Now she’s really on the rocks :)

It fucking worked!

After criticizing her of course, she blasted! Why can’t she lambast me directly if she’s brave enough, eh? ;D

Not because I love to criticize people, I just wanted to stress out their wrongdoings. Of course, if it was alright to me to be lambasted by know-it-alls, well if you’re acting like a know-it-all to me right now, don’t expect me to please you.

But it’s not all about me, actually. I never ever lambasted your artworks and if you really practice, it takes a lot of passion. Being lazy is not enough to prove that you are practicing. I’m not being a bitch, but I’m just being honest, alright? And I don’t expect you to please me.

Still bitter even at the first place

Wait… it reminds me of one of the people I knew (not the HW, ha)… she’s sort of having this secret attitude problem (not comparing to someone, a’ryt). Well, a while ago she was staring at me so bad like, two times. Fudge! She’s not nice at all! Well, it seems too unfair that I didn’t receive a good-bye message from her. It may seem so heart-breaking, but I’m telling you, I was actually criticizing her because she had many enemies because these people look at her attitude and not on the looks. What would you do with the face value if there’s no brain value at all, right? We really do not care about the good looks, actually.


Maja’s ordinary face. Nothing spectacular actually. (from|

I have to tell you this, but I love those people who based their assumptions from attitude and not on the looks. Even though they are enemies of a one guy, at least they are telling the truth. Like what I said, people who act like bitches/whores are actually the ones who are genuinely frank. Pretending to be demure is actually a sign of being fake. If “Ross” was like that person right now, well, it’s obviously true because people who saw her said that she’s really a bitch. I would agree with that actually because personally, I really do not like her, even at the first place. Her transition of being a “poor little thing” to “feisty” was the ugliest transition. She had a lot of improvements: Her annoying face is just covered with makeup, her 12-year old boy-like body is toned, etc. Just like in AA’s case, only it’s obviously fake. Well, Ross should learn her lesson from being discreetly arrogant and conceited because it’s true, it’s obvious that her career’s not progressing anymore, even one of her “fans-turned-co-stars” are actually in a higher level than her. Ross (or Maja Salvador) should learn to at least be down-to-earth since like what I said before, she wasted the opportunity to be in the 100 Most Beautiful Stars, in John Lloyd Cruz’s cover. If Yeng Constantino (who is much hotter and waaaay cuter than her) has a stable and progressing career, or maybe Anne Curtis, I think Ross should learn from these people. She should actually learn from the past mistakes of Philip Salvador since he has changed his ways. Kaya nga, eh. Pareho sila ni AA na wala sa YES! Mag na andun si John Lloyd. Wala, eh. May issue na din sila ni Erich. Wala, eh. Pareho lang sila ng ugali, actually. Si Erich naman kasi, lumaki lang talaga ulo niya, pero ‘yung appeal niya kasi, hindi pang-sosyal. Siguro lang kasi ganun. Naging suplada lang din si Erich because of that.

Undoubtedly, Maja happens to be the most controversial of the Salvador clan. This could be gleaned from the fact that as a showbiz tyro then, she didn’t disclose to the pen pushers that she’s a Salvador by blood. Only when Maja’s dad Ross divulged the truth that Maja finally opened up. She reasoned out that she grew up, not known to the Salvadors. “Natakot ako na baka di nila ako kilalanin,” Maja was quoted as saying then.

Ross grew up without knowing her “acting family” side. She was only lucky but yeah, her humble days to what we didn’t expect really came. She should remember that she wasn’t raised in a well-to-do environment.

Si AA naman, give her a break muna. Kung totoong she learned from her mistakes, I have no grudges against that, but yeah, I hope she would really start to improve her attitude.

Arrogance leads you to nothing

Like how I criticized Maja’s discreetly arrogant and conceited attitude, I would criticize people who are achievers who become arrogant once they get their dream position. Okay lang sana kapag material things ang ipagyayabang mo, pero kapag ikaw ang naging boss ng isang kumpanya, siguraduhin mong mamahalin ka ng mga tauhan mo. Kung may crab mentality, it’s either people are starting to criticize you, or people who are simply jealous of you.

For me, everyone was jealous because ika nga nila, mayaman daw ako. Well, I don’t want to say this, but I do not belong to the elite class. Maybe they’re just lucky to have “hedonism” in life and their “leader” is actually starting stupid bullcrap. Hindi ako boto sa mga ganyan. Ako lang siguro ang against, eh. Well, I’m the only one who’s really the frank one, kasi nga, I don’t look at the looks. Fudge! Okay sana pero hindi, eh. Alright, I have to admit to you guys that you’re popular kids. Aminin niyo na that you belong to that clique. Kaya siguro walang unity nga, kasi you chose someone who isn’t really the approachable type. Sorry na lang kayo kung nasaktan ko mga damdamin niyo.

– My sentiments when I was still frosh, identity crisis period, ngayong lang ‘to.

Do not be fooled on a sweet-looking face. If you love Ross and AA’s face value, don’t let the inner value devour you.

You’ll see the shy smile but on the other side, the serious/neutral face is actually more on the moody type of person. Kung ang kaklase ko nung senior year high school, I feel so sorry for her shawtie for being a gentleman. She wasn’t really a bitch before she had a relationship. That’s another example of arrogance. Parang ang landi-landi tingnan, eh. Pero magpasalamat siya, ‘di ko nilalapit-lapitan masyado ang syota niya or else. Kakahiya siyang maging schoolmate ko ngayon, I’m really sorry. But now, I have moved on. Why? We’re not going to be classmates, and I don’t want her to by my classmate again. Well, that’s how life goes.

To tell you the truth… suplada siya ‘pag serious face. Like whoa, I knew it.

If you think I’m feisty here in this blog (or online), I’m not in person, unless we’re really close. I’m not the type of person who tells secrets to people, unless they’re really passionate of knowing it. ‘Yung tipong wala talagang nakaka-alam, except those people. Super secretive ko dati, but I’m only starting to open up as in, this time only is because… well careful ako masyado, eh. ;D

So, that’s why my previous blog really sucked ass.

Back to the HW, that is

The HW said, “I accepted that comment that my artwork needs improvement.”

But this is the raw thing, “Someone said it’s crappy.”

Jusme. Ikaw lang siguro ang nagsasabi niyan. Kaya siguro hindi mo na ma-handle, ‘no?

Kaya may “criticisms,” eh. I accept criticisms regarding cartoon characters. Even my favorite cartoon characters, ayos lang sa’kin kahit may criticisms sila.

If people think I’m good at drawing, or if I just know how to, well I really can’t draw just to save my life. What I mean is, I do not draw as if I draw anyone. Magaling ka nga sa art, ‘yun nga lang ‘di ka nagda-diversify. If you diversify, you draw with versatility. Try it!

Accepting criticisms is only good at first, but you’ll learn a lot once you research. No biases, okay?

If you think you are really gratified because I’m criticized, why can’t you accept criticisms? ‘Yan ang mahirap sa mga know-it-all, eh. Gusto nila, “praise” lagi. Praised for your balls? LAWLJOKE! Bad joke, sorry! xD

In HW, she can’t really accept jokes. Her sense of humor is sort of boring. Boring, ha!?

Eh kung squirrel jokes pa kaya ‘yan?

Well, that’s all I could think of. Sorry if I didn’t have even just a single entry yesterday. xD so yeah.

I have a life

Get a life, you jealous people. Why can’t you let others be happy? Tapos e-epal kayo. Hindi na nga sila namamansin kasi nga, may grudges eh. You know people, some hate the fact that you’re doing crab mentality, tapos ganyan. *Sigh* popular kids, really.

Popular kids? Well, I don’t want to talk about those people.

Fudge! I have to go now!

Note: Nescafe commercial, kung kailan ako tatalikod, pinapakita naman nila ang intro. Fuck that. Radar niyo, utot niyo!


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  1. We are on the same boat when it comes to Maja Salvador. This is not the first time I have encountered about the controversies surrounding her. Sayang pa naman kasi, I defended her from her non-filipino bashers when she was teamed up with Kim Bum for RC Cola commercial, as being beautiful and very talented. I cannot deny naman, except that her hidden attitude problem slowly manifests thru PSN’s reporting that Kim Chiu is being badly influenced by Maja. That Maja is a party girl blah…blah…blah… Actually, I saw her personally when ABS-CBN’s now-defunct show Nginig made a shoot in our old house. Hindi siya tumitingin ni ngumiti man lang. Si Jean Garcia kahit nakayosi ang lola mo, palangiti pa rin sa mga nasa paligid niya. Yung ka-batch ni Erich na hindi sumikat na si Janelle Manahan (Quintana) eh kahit mukhang suplada, pala-ngiti din, and very beautiful in person.

    I applaud people who are very talented aside from being beautiful. However, nakaka-frustrate kung may attitude problem ka. That is why I bashed the likes of Cristine Reyes, and starting to hate Erich Gonzales. Kim Chiu? Trying to appear sweet but suplada in person. Sandara Park is way sweeter than her to think she is Korean (I deemed Koreans to be cold people, excluding Sandara, Grace Lee, Sam Oh and Ryan Bang) and even if she is now a Kpop star, which generated more popularity for Sandara, still a sweet person towards her Filipino fans. Siya pa nga ang nagsilbing tulay between Filipinos and 2NE1.

    Marian Rivera is an exception. Despite the reports about how real bitch Marian is, I do not give her a flack for it. I have my sources who knew Marian very well in person, and she is not as bitch as what is being reported by some malicious entertainment writers surrounding her. I even saw her in Shangri-La Mall and when I shouted her name (asa malayo ako nun, naka-akyat na siya ng escalator from ground floor) and she bothered to look and smile. Another thing, this 2011, she still managed to be in the Top 10 Most effective endorsers according to YES! Magazine.

    • So siguro totoo pala na BI si Maja kay Kim? If that’s true, then Kim must be really bitching out. :O Si Sandy (or Dara) naman, she’s still very down-to-earth kahit papano xD and she said that she’s “more Filipina” than Korean which I really like about her.

      Mga Koreans sa school namin, they’re really nice, pero most of them lang ha. Yung iba lang kasi cold lang sila and gusto nila sila-sila lang pero yung iba they want to interact with Filipinos so, yeah. I really do not know about the Japanese people (my half-Japanese classmate told me they’re kinds cold daw) but when I went to Japan (Osaka, that is), they’re really nice and friendly people. So, sa mga J-dorama you think they’re exaggerating? That’s what you see in person, xD. Although Japan has a good standard of living, most half-Japanese people go to the Philippines because cost of living is cheaper and yes, Filipinos are really known to be tolerant also, kaya siguro ganoon. That’s the similarity between Japanese and Filipino (Japanese misconception is the racism, but they’re not as racist as you think. Japanese are tolerant also but to some certain extent lang).

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