Why I wanted to learn more about the DPRK

Credits from Nick Potroski (Photobucket)

This may seem weird, but for some time, I’ve been curious about North Korea, despite having many criticisms from other states.

Alright. If I wanted to visit South Korea, I’m not sure if I could handle myself going to North Korea. I think it’s not a bad place at all, actually. It seems interesting.

The DPRK is the “other half” of Korea wherein it practices the Juche idea, or self-reliance. Its capital is P’yongyang and yes, the head of state is no other than Kim Jong-il, but the Eternal President is still Kim Il-sung.

North Korea is of course, as what you know, a Hermit Kingdom. North Korean citizens aren’t allowed to get out of the country or else they might get shot. However, despite their isolationist policies, you can see Western food everywhere, amusement parks and gadgets.

As what I’ve watched in most videos, North Korea seems to be a backwards place. Its buses, trains are still old-fashioned, few people and few cars roaming around the streets. This is what you get once you enter a deeply conservative country, not only in terms of ideas or religion, but in politics. However, P’yongyang seems clean and orderly… but sorta boring. There are no, exactly no crimes occurring in that country.

Compare and Contrast between the two Kims

Kim Il-sung seems to be a charismatic, benevolent and ambitious leader whose aim is to provide good things for the country. When I watched the video about North Koreans in China (PRC), one North Korean was hiding because she might be caught by the police. She said that when Kim Il-sung was still alive, “life was good.” However, when Kim Jong-il came to power, she said that everyone’s talking behind his back since he’s “the law.” Therefore, Kim Jong-il seems to be a narcissistic type of leader who highly disregards criticisms against him. The ideologies based on the younger Kim himself, has the extremes and the impossible side, and worse, the unimaginable. According to globalsecurity.org, his laws are based on his preferences, and that is sadly, a fact.

North Korea vs. the South (ROK)

As you all know, South Korea (aka the Republic of Korea) is a developed country, while North Korea isn’t. My Music, Arts, PE and Health (MAPEH) textbook said that “North Korea is a communist country, while South Korea is anti-communist.” In most contexts, communism is viewed the wrong way. If communism should be a “classless society,” then why does it appear to be more of dictatorial? Actually, it is called, “socialism.” Socialists usually propose and apply the ideologies of socialism, with regards to communism, that is.

The two Koreas, however, wanted to reunify. A classmate of mine in speech class said that Koreans believed that the Korean Peninsula should be reunified because they are of “one race and the same blood.”

North Korea’s good side, however

North Korea may have a bad reputation, but it doesn’t really mean that it’s full of torture, full of shanties, etc. It is an orderly country, but with few people roaming around the streets. I was wondering if they find their life boring, but anyways, North Korea isn’t completely a 100% ethnocentric state. Life in North Korea seems boring and uninteresting simply because it is isolated from the rest of the world, but mind you that it is also Korea.

You may think that there are no internet cafes in North Korea. Yes, there are internet cafes, but they are only found in hotels and other places for foreigners and tourists. North Korean hotels are just like any other hotel in the world, and their latest is the Ryugyong Hotel, which is labelled as the “ugliest building” in the world.

Credits from doobybrain.com

Notice that in the picture, there are only a few people on the streets, same with cars. There are no traffic lights in North Korea. It’s only those traffic ladies handpicked by Kim Jong-il for their beauty. Yes, it’s true. I’ll show you pictures of these hot ladies.

Credits from reason.com

Credits from pyongyangtrafficgirls/Photobucket

North Koreans are known for their natural beauty, unlike South Koreans whose list of actors/actresses; most of them have plastic surgeries, their eyes changed, their noses, etc. and only a few South Korean actresses have natural beauty, they are usually picked by talent scouts is because even though they lack height, they still have the face value.

To differentiate North and South Korea, life in North Korea is much simpler (but Kim Jong-il makes it complicated) than in the South. Meanwhile, South Korea is known for producing quality gadgets and not to mention electronics in South Korea are not very expensive at all, meaning to say that you may buy your Galaxy Tab there because of an affordable price.

In North Korea, however, there are cars which are LHD, although DPRK drives on the right. However in South Korea, most cars always drive on the right.

It is always cool to know the cultures of other places, specially the least visited ones. So, yeah. In fact, fares to South Korea’s cheaper than in the North, that is.


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  1. Despite the torture and repression thing, what i like in North Korea the place itself. Not as modern as its southern half, but the place is peaceful and breathable to see. North Korea is MORE KOREAN than its southern half. I don’t need to explain further. Through Google-ing the pics between north and south Korea, you can see the strive of North Koreans to preserve traditional music because I like Korean folk music. Ang sarap sayawin. Oh, they showcase beatifully-designed hanboks, and I even saw a female north Korean artist. She’s really beautiful without the need for plastic surgery. I also agree that the women of North Korean army are freaking hot! Since North Korea is a communist, they are requiring both sexes to be of service to the government, unlike the democratic South Korea, wherein systematic sexual discrimination on women still exist, that women are the most underpaid, the most objectified, and most repressed. Not actually in the world, but North Korea, even Southeast Asian countries are far gender-equal than South Korea.

    I’ve seen more before about the beautiful women of North Korean army. Seriously, they are empowering to see than Girls Generation clad in marine outfit singing “Sowoneul Malhaebwa” (Tell Me your wish).

  2. correction nga pala, RHD vehicles in North Korea. 😀

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