What was high school like?

Another free elective post.

It is because I want this to be isolated from the rest of the blog entries.

High School should’ve started and ended the right way, but in my case, there are a lot of hypocrites in my batch… all because they follow the footsteps of another batch one level higher than us (yep, for instance their seniors, we’re juniors).

Click the photo above to see the .gif. There is a freaking problem out there.

These were my comfort zones during my four years of stay in high school:

Music Department – The Music Department has always been my second home. It’s not because I played the piano for may years, but of course, it’s my only way to be qualified in the Recognition Rites Day. Well, let me tell you a sad but inspiring story that would of course, let you be exposed to reality.

I was forced to play the piano, which makes me isolated from my cousins who play all day.

God! I really HATE playing the piano when I was still a child. I was really forced to do so is because of blah blah blah and shit like that, but I just fell in love with it. Originally, I wanted to play the guitar, but there wasn’t available lessons regarding guitar during that time I applied for the Music Department. It just came out because yeah, my piano teacher was my mentor. Actually, she’s not my first piano teacher, but I have to thank her for teaching me how to love the instrument. I still don’t know if I can still play the piano… but I have the keyboard and planning to do DJing on my Mac. LAWL.

The Music Department was really like my second home. Whenever I HATE the horrors of academics, I usually go there for comfort. Weird, isn’t it? It has always been another home for me, compared to the classrooms where I used to stay before.

Club Time – My most favorite part of high school. UNFORTUNATELY, it was made a Thursday. @_@ Coincidence. Happy Thursdays! Oh, yes. I really hate my club during first year because I was FORCED to choose glee club where there are “feeling disciplinarians” who are so trying hard to be peace officers. Now my plans are fucking ruined. Please don’t fucking dictate me, okay?

Computer club was my club during second year. However, I quit the club is because, well… my heart goes to writing… and the time passed, I joined Writers’ Guild. It was the best time when I wrote articles about values, trivia, etc. which is not really a common trend among popular kids.

QADs – also known as Quarterly Activity Day. The most fucking boring shit in high school, that is. Almost every popular kids goes absent because they feel too lazy to go to school and shit. Yep, the admin is so extreme-rightist that I wanna raise my middle finger. Kidding.

QAD’s are so far, not as interesting as activities in college. Well, everything sucks. Most students only see dancing and singing and interaction… the most frugal shit ever in my whole entire life goes here.

Teens’ Day – We usually wear civilian clothes, but the admin’s self-interest is at it again when we are required to wear P.E. shirt and jeans. Always simple but boring shit that I see again, but wearing civilian clothes seem much cooler than anything else. I love those days, though.

College Fair – Also known as Foundation Day, it was too late for me to know why there’s such thing as college fair. Truth is that, nobody didn’t even spread the word. Not even the admin. Alright. We are to wear civilian clothes without entering the classrooms. Also, we were FORCED to stay until 4pm in the first two days… but on the third day… you go on your own.

I love this the best. No worries about stressful acads and stuff. Just plain enjoyment.

Christmas Party – The best, that is. Period.

Homeroom – Activities inside the classroom, and the best thing is of course, grade consultation! I love those things and yes, I’d fuck everyone if they see me being so happy in college.

Culminating – Sing, dance and yeah, sports. All the clubs are now showing off the prowess of students who worked so hard to awe the audience.

Book Fair – I love buying books, but frugality in allowance hindered me from buying the cool ones. Don’t worry, I’ll work so hard to earn money, online, that is.

Student-Teaching Days – I remember this “terror” student teacher who is the same equivalent as this hard-to-please library staff who oriented us in the library during third year. Pareho silang suplada, eh. But the “terror” student-teacher, is actually pasaway (‘Kaw, ha. Pasaway ka din pala, ha? xD). Eh, ‘yung nag-orient sa’min nung third year, asan na kaya ‘yun, ‘no? Siguro fired na siya sa sobrang taas ng pride, ‘no? Lawl, forget that. But anyways, I have to say this honestly that our student-teachers are damn good in teaching us some lessons! Sila na talaga magaling, actually!

D-U-T-Y – CAT duty. Well, to be honest, I applied and was qualified for training. But because of academic shit (eh ‘di ko na mino-monitor ang grades ko, and yeah), I decided to quit. Sows, maka-ilang asar lang sa’kin, eh, pakialam ba nila (Thanks to my fella trainees for being considerate)? Also, I was also thinking, “How would I pass my dream university?” So, yeah.

But anyways, this is the happiest thing! I may not be one of the best cadets listed, but I surely proved that I always go early to school (the hardest part of being on duty kaya ako nag-quit) and of course, pick a lot of trash.

High school rocked so much with these things. What if there were no such things as these? Nothing will happen, actually.

Places of torture in high school

Investigatory projects – I hate this part right here.

I hate IP’s not because it concerns with ALL the major subjects. Eh, ‘yung research paper nga, gagawin pa sa one and only nook ng high school namin. Yeah, and I have to admit that it’s too small to accommodate a lot of students who are pressured with this part. Like, hello? Why can’t we be allowed to being our laptops? I know that some of you are against the fact that we are segregated by year level and the day we are allowed to use the nook without any permit.

A school that practices frugality isn’t fit to y’know, require bloody IPs that would really make the students suffer. Okay pa ‘to kapag sa malaking school pa, eh ‘yung mga small schools lang? Eh, ‘yun nga, eh. It’s still frugal and I’m into the fact of accessibility of students.

Arrogant teachers – The worst problem that will make your day a life run like hell. Are you familiar with the saying, “I’d much prefer a government run like hell by my countrymen rather than a government run like heaven by foreigners.”? This doesn’t apply at school. When they speak, there’s arrogance on it, making you talk behind their back. Yes, it’s true. Some regret their wrongs, while others are still conceited. Hindi porke’t promoted ka, eh para ka nang royalty. I don’t like that, actually. Well, some students are really backfighters for a reason. The quote only applies when a very strict teacher tends to be more of a protective type compared to those who simply expect higher and yeah, doesn’t seem right. Protective ones are usually the “terror” type at first, but you’ll find out that they’re simply protective so they do those punishments, compared those who talk as if they’re the elites.

Worst pa ‘to, ‘yung nagungumpara pa. But this doesn’t apply in high school anymore. Some teachers are just careless, but comparing one section against the other section seems old school.

Popular kids (as your classmates) – It’s normal to have half-days, cutting classes or maybe being extremely late at school, if you belong to a section full of popular kids. I’m telling you, I hated senior high school because of this.

My articles when I was still in the Editorial Staff

I didn’t write the article, actually. Hmmm… I would say that the editors when I was still new to the Editorial Staff… was like, THIS: The lessons taught by my grammar teacher during college didn’t match the way the editors corrected my grammar. Eh, kung hindi ko naging clubmate ang homewrecker, I’d definitely post some tactless things which will really criticize the admin, but of course I won’t do that.

What was my school like?

It’s a freaking private school, like DUH? Anyways, in the Philippines it’s only ideal to study in a public school if you are in the province. But in the city, it’s not ideal at all since y’know, private schools are the ones that rocked ass. But I’m not saying that public schools do not provide quality education. Yeah, and my high school was situated in Metro Manila, and yes, it used to have a good reputation until… something happened. You’ll know why.


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