A Perspective View: That was S.D. Ravenson’s thought…

It failed, actually. If in Blogger, I can’t really express my thoughts, what now with… LiveJournal? In WordPress, I could actually post something about life, etc.

A Perspective View should’ve been the title of this blog. Pero hindi bagay, eh. Let the Dawn think of it.

In reality, it was Summer Dawn Ravenson who wanted to change the world by the ideologies “taught” to her by the homewrecker.

But now, she rejected those teaching and suddenly disappeared.

You’ll know how her life became hard…

Here goes…

I want to feel the summer of the rain,
If you people do not know where,
I stay back and forth to the wilderness,
I am sorry, always bowing because,
I do not know where I come from.

This is a perspective view about life.

It’s not so Dawn, actually.

The Dawn is actually the wilderness person, who prefers not to be with the hypocrites, not until she met the homewrecker.

Here are some poems that she made simply because of… boredom.

Don’t laugh at these posts!

Last Time Confessions
by Summer Dawn Ravenson
(by the interpretation of the… new me)

It was hard to cope up after these incidents,
Sometimes you have to write a letter to someone,
Who hates you.

I always say sorry and bowing,
I please people even though they
don’t deserve it at all.
I do not write with sense at all.

I love him more than anything else
in this world,

Who am I?
Am I the wilderness person?
Did I ever watched my back?
I guess, this is the wrong, or right.

I was so bad in writing poems.
But someone relived me.
It was… me.

Summer Dawn Ravenson’s poems are really more of emo things! Yes, during that time, that ego was during the identity crisis period. She wrote things that are censored by her mind, etc. and yet… she allows bad ideologies. But I rejected those things.

Oh, did you say poetry?

It’s like… e.e. cummings, saying, “anyone lived in a pretty how town (with up so floating many bells down).”

I guess after all, Literature class inspired me to apply all these things, though.


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I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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