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She’s one of the popular kids during high school, but to be honest, she seems more approachable than anyone else in them. That time, she does a lot of HTML codes, blogskins and yeah… photomanipulation. I learned a lot of her and it seems that I make her blog as her reference. I still don’t know if she still shows up some of her new art but yeah… time has passed and I haven’t heard from her a long time ago. I never ever talked to her personally but yeah, at least I knew her just a bit. 😀

Guess what? I could actually alter codes already! 😀

How I started to edit HTML

To be honest, I do not have the patience to make a customized theme on my blog. I mean, it’ll take me hours to create one and it’s like, “HOMG. BRB. AFK.”

I only do simple things. I usually manipulate codes by inserting links, then images, then a lot of things, actually.

I started to learn about HTML encoding when I was in second year high school. It’s really fun, actually. There are a lot of things you want to learn like for instance, changing the font size, type, color, style, etc. If the font style was then accessible for every font, however, it isn’t anymore.

HTML was like, “It’s so hard! I don’t want!” But in computer education class, everyone is always dependent on me since they seem so observant on what I’m doing. Halos lahat talaga dati, nagpapaturo sa akin ng ganito-ganyan, so I didn’t have time to edit my codes. This was very evident when I started to learn Visual Basic. The worst of all things, the worst computer class ever. Everyone was so dependent that I wanted them to shut the fuck up. I don’t want anyone to hold responsibility since I have to finish my own work before guiding others. Tsk tsk, popular kids. Why can’t they actually ask someone else to guide them, right?

Editing codes was never easy. If you think there’s “room for error,” it only happens in drafts. The website will NOT function completely once a “factory defect” becomes apparent. It’s a very extreme example, but yes, there is no such thing as “room for error” when doing HTML codes.

Creating a whole website is actually… very hard. You need to be very specific about the codes, even those HTML tutorials wouldn’t help you that much. You really need a professional to guide you when encoding a lot of codes in plain text.

So now you know why most of my themes/layouts in my blog seem boring. Haha.

The worst headache I experienced

That was when I started to volunteer about the music that I wanted to send. Fuck about the rules regarding gadgets if it’s an urgent requirement. My worst headache started during computer class. Since we are in a non-air conditioned room that time, we went to an air conditioned room. I feel that something isn’t right, and that is my head! Gah! I really wanted to go to the clinic since I really feel something weird on me. Very, very weird.

“Fudge. How demanding would you get when she’s actually the one who seems trying so hard to fit in.”

I don’t want that to happen again, and I have no intention to promote my high school. Sorry if I sound so harsh.

Religion… is created by man and is evil? E-V-I-L?

Just a reminder to everyone: This may seem to be a sensitive topic, but please, bear with it. I don’t want any issues regarding this post, okay?

Remember the artwork of Mideo Cruz? The Poleteismo? The one where the face of Jesus is lambasted in the eyes of a devout Catholic? To be honest with you guys, the exhibition is NOT applicable to a predominantly Catholic country. If Mideo Cruz would show his artwork, it should be not in the Philippines. Maybe he’s got a message to tell us– regarding the RH Bill. Well, hello? RH Bill? Well, since it’s dominated with condoms, I would say it would be pro-RH bill, but because I am Catholic however, I would say that although Jesus is the greatest liberal of all time, it doesn’t mean that you have to respect Him as if you do not respect Him at all. Not all Catholics are actually happy-go-lucky and not all of them take the teachings for granted. There are devoted people who love God, and do not want Him to be disrespected.

Religion should be respected, right? If you do not respect religion, that would only mean that you are a fake liberal. Being a liberal is being tolerant in any type of religion. Did I ever dissed the Islam faith right in front of my Muslim friends and relatives? Of course, NOT! I love those people regardless of their religion since they’re not bad at all. It’s only the media that portrays Islam as “evil.”

Alright. It’s just like being used to the word, “sex.” There’s nothing wrong when you utter the word, “sex” since it’s gender! Do you think that “same-sex marriage” sounds bad? Not really. Same-sex marriage for me means that homosexuals already have the right to choose a straight partner. I really do not care at all if the gay marries a straight guy or a girl married to a lesbo. So, what? It’s not a problem to me and it doesn’t seem “bad” after all. It’s only that old-school thinkers are really so, traditional.

Religion is NOT evil. It’s only that some people really do not understand the culture of each religion. Do you think, Jesus came from Europe? Israel is NOT Europe. It’s in the Middle East, which is still part of Asia. You really cannot tell if He’s really Asian since He’s got some Caucasian features and some artists portray Him with blue eyes. I think Jesus doesn’t mind at all. He loves everyone despite your race, sex, age, etc.


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  1. Je suis agée de 27 années !
    Je m’appelle Clothilde.
    Mon occupation principale, Greffière ! Est-ce un défaut que d’être pète
    sec ?

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