A Research Paper: A necessity or a simple pain in the ass?

A Research Paper on Boys vs. Girls in Elementary and High Schools.

Most of us do not like the idea of a research paper.

A research paper is usually composed of extremes and random. The title page is always at the front while the bibliography is always at the last page.

This is the worst part of your college life. Take note, even investigatory project research papers sucked ass.

Investigatory projects are usually “feeling major” requirements. Take note: Feeling major.

I really didn’t like research papers simply because they’re just a pain in the ass. You really can’t predict whether you’ll pass or fail once you have done a research paper. True enough, but once you think that this has a reason, think about your resume (aka REH-show-MAY), think about your passports and visas and also take note that a research paper serves as your thesis guide to the bloodiest part of your life.

Research papers are actually your tickets to graduation. If you didn’t pass your thesis, that would only mean that you’ll have to repeat it again.

Research papers are usually the guide to discovering new things. Well, I’ll share you the saddest story you don’t wanna hear.

First-time researchers

How does it feel when your most favorite professor is actually hard-to-please? That was in my case.

He usually rejects most of the “easiest” to research things but when one of my groupmates suggested the “ink” thingy, I started to fume out.

Our group doesn’t have teamwork at all. What the others usually do is to be free-riders (kampante) in doing a bloody project. All of the burden goes to me and each time I go to school, it is always a bad day to me, but the good times do its best to comfort me.

I know, but that was in third year high school, though.

I didn’t know that research papers need a proposal, approval and most of all… a thesis statement.

A thesis statement actually never got on my head until first year college. Wait, this isn’t a research class, alright, but where will we use these nonsense “thesis statements.”

I like outlining better.

The worst part of outlining is actually the organization of the whole paper. You must really operate your O.C. thought so that things won’t get screwed up.

So, what do you think?

Research papers are really a pain in the ass, but once you finished the whole thing, you’ll soon regret: I love to research. Kidding.


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I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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