Anything at Random IV

This is a special Anything at Random post. Sorry if the Save Draft has a special problem. So, here goes.

1.) A Public Apology to those whom I dissed on the Internet (drama!)
2.) Retouching Traditional Art in Photoshop: Is it possible?
3.) Free Elective

A Public Apology to those whom I dissed on the Internet

During the year 2005, I started to get hooked to since my first serious crush at school was there. Oops! I’m starting to narrate, but I’m not joking here in this post! I’m serious! The mind (yes, the mind and it’s way of thinking) is starting to get off the identity crisis period.

You know who you are, right (and you should know who I am!)? You really do not know what’s going on until you saw your pictures posted on the Internet by someone else. I thought you’re going to lambast me for “stealing” them without permission, but thank you for being so tolerant and considerate if ever I did something wrong. I hope everyone of you would sincerely move on with every incident, because I want this resolved, in no time. Although it’s too late, at least I have proven something that I’m not going to diss you anymore by stealing your content without your permission, or without any credit.

I won’t anymore lambast you on the Internet because I don’t want anyone to start a fight with me or anything else that would harm anyone. It’s for everyone’s benefit, actually. I don’t want anyone to complain, “You blog about things, but you’re not Perez Hilton” or “Stop acting like that!” To be honest with you, there may be no excuses, however, if you notice, I have an identity crisis period during that time. Of course, it is still acceptable if someone is still in that period/stage, but having an attitude problem is different. Have you ever heard me doing a major offense? Or some controversy that I did PDA to someone?

This is what I’m supposedly gonna tell you: I was just kidding. If you do not consider it as a joke, you may consider it as a prank, but to consider it as an insult, well, seriously I might have been enemies with you before. Sorry to say this, but once your friend is my enemy/becomes my enemy, sorry to tell you this but you’re included, although you have no grudges against me, but yeah. Deal with it.

If you don’t find this serious, well, I’m just telling you everything, ok? Just so you know, I don’t want anyone to keep grudges against me, for your benefit. But to those who are yeah, still considerate and tolerant, well thanks for that!

Retouching Traditional Art in Photoshop: Is it possible?

Credits from

Think about Da Vinci and van Gogh. Did they ever had a scanner and a photo-editing software during their time? Course, not! How come they create such fantastic artworks?

Traditional art is retouched by restoration, a process wherein expired or worn out paint is being restored, for better viewing. Artworks are very sensitive to heat, light and temperature, so it’s really a must for everyone to take good care of their art collection. Well, regards restoring, restoration of artworks means, reconstructive surgery in medical terms. You cannot alter anything what the original artist has done, since it is a taboo to do so, just like violating the Hippocratic oath by simply dating your patient while you’re a doctor.

Traditional art is simply drawing/sketching/illustrating in a canvas. There are different types of canvas mediums. It may be wood, cloth, paper, even animal skin would be possible. Sketching instruments may be paint, or maybe colored ink of your pens (not to mention glitter ink, ok?). Traditional art can be retouched only by restoration, and restoration doesn’t mean you alter things. Restoration of traditional artworks is very serious since you have to be precise about the colors, the hue, etc., or whatever is necessary to retouch a painting.

Back to the question: Is retouching traditional art possible in Photoshop? Of course, it’s possible, but it’s only through scanning and nothing else. Retouching collages are possible if you just have a scanner. That’s it. That’s all you hafta know. 🙂

Free Elective

Okay, so why do I have to entitle this one? This is actually the freelance version of “Anything at Random” for freelance bloggers, freelance writers, or anyone who is a freelancer at their fields of interest. Yes, you may write anything here, as long as it comes from your imagination. Lemme start first.

You’ve noticed that I’m not putting pictures to most of the “Anything at Random” posts. Well, this is the reason why: Copyright thingy! Well, to be honest with you I’m not really a picture addict, unless I really have the passion to do so.

That’s what you call it as “freelance.” You may blog with or without photographs or videos, it’s all in the words. Just like what Chris Tucker does most in his films, he is more on the words that he uses rather than his actions. Listen to his ridiculous jokes on radio and you’ll really Laugh Out Loud! 😀

That’s what I mean. Using more of your words will simply nourish the minds of your listeners. Honestly, I’m not much of a listener unless I’m really into that topic. HAHA. I’m more of a stubborn talker than a listener, so deal with it. I am multi-tasking at times. 😀

So, regarding the stream of consciousness, you’re like talking on a spiel, or an introduction that connects words and ideas, depending upon the topic. This may seem hard to do, but hey, there are things that you have to learn when you start a spiel.

Writing at the stream of consciousness helped me a lot. If you’d notice, most of my blog entries usually come from the stream of consciousness. I’m not the type of person who drafts words as if I’m doing a research paper, but I usually draft it by still using thoughts and ideas rather than drafting nonsense shiz.

Give me one word and I’ll describe it using the stream of consciousness.

The stream of consciousness is some thought that inputs all your thoughts into paper, or online. Yes, this concept is the hardest of all key terms to explain, but you get the point. It’s like talking to someone whom you want to talk to, if you really know the person very well based on your own findings. 😀 It really helps in literature, I promise you!

Remember the news about Gretchen Barretto wanting to work with Cristine Reyes (AA Klenk)? That’s where interaction between a bipolar person and a person with ADHD start to get along with each other (respectively). Have you ever noticed that Gretchen Barretto is starting to change her ways again? That’s bipolarity. Sometimes, she becomes a bitch, sometimes, she becomes a real-life drama queen, etc. while Cristine Reyes has this peculiar type of attitude problem that usually annoys and somehow irritates almost everybody. Yes, if she’s called “autistic” by Vice Ganda, it’s literally a joke. However, in my own perspective, it’s called ADHD or Attention Deficit Hypertension (?) Disorder. Yep, conceited people have this attitude problem. She said she was childish as an excuse for being rude. Hmmm… I think that’s a possible sign of ADHD, since I’m not a Psych major, sorry for that! But I love Psych subject, though! 😀


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