Anything at Random III

Crab Mentality

For the socialists, crab mentality is a mortal sin. It is wherein you pull someone who has a higher level than you do. That’s what most pseudo-feisty starlets do when they think they’re left behind the big stars. This also applies to those who envy the privileged people.

This is a common attitude that most Filipinos do when they see someone who is very successful (e.g., Charice). Usually, most of these talented people who are targets of crab mentality started from small things. Do you think Pacman would show off his boxing gloves to his kids? Course, not! He ain’t the type of dad who encourages his kids to do what he does. He thinks that boxing is the sports of the poor people. It’s a good thing he isn’t that arrogant; in fact, he pays taxes even at the height of his career as politician and athlete.

To those who do not deserve crab mentality are those who work hard, unlike those who have many access to all kinds of things. If you think that Angelina Jolie is a hypocrite for being a charity worker and at the same time, an action movie star, you don’t even know that growing up without a father affected much of her life which made her become a rebel, though it doesn’t seem obvious to her, compared to Kate Hudson who stars in a lot of movies probably because her mother is a movie star and has a foster-father (who is also an actor) whom she considers as “dad.” She got no effort at all when she stars in most romantic comedies, all she does is to act whatever is told unto her.

In many cases such as AA Klenk, crab mentality during the time she lambasted the Pop Princess was more like of hater users who use her name mixed with bad things. That crab mentality is not actually crab mentality, but these are observers and Popstar fans alike who think that what she does is wrong. Rather than reprimanding her properly, they make the scenario worse. Hate messages, retweets and the rest just got into action. They said, “Just be naked, pornstar!” or maybe this one, “You have no breeding at all!” In that case, that is not crab mentality after all. It’s actually a Twitter war between 1 vs. 100.

So, yeah. Now you know how to distinguish crab mentality from online wars.

In my own experience, crab mentality is lambasting other people for being so materialistic. Oh, no you don’t. If most people really scream, “I want an iPod,” that would mean that it’s none of your business at all if they want an iPod. If someone wants a Mac computer, let them be. Most PC laptops are actually not gonna last forever since it’s not as durable as Macs. To be honest with you, this MacBook with me is almost one year old, so you really don’t want to be one of those detractors who would say, “Bitch, you are such a spoiled brat.” To Mac haters, don’t be too judgmental first. You might not want to be labelled as, “a Mac hater who lied.”

Crab mentality also happens when you think of others as “spoiled brat.” It’s a normal thing if they’re mixed-raced (particularly those who come from L.A., Tokyo, Europe, or if they were born with a silver spoon on their mouths) but if you look at those people who only became well-to-do at a late age, just give them a chance to experience a good life.

Always remember, being in the elite class doesn’t mean happiness. So, don’t consider me a socialite. :p

It is your own blog, own website, so post anything you want!

Like what Felice Fawn said,

It’s not disgusting. You’re not disgusting. Wear whatever the fuck you want where ever you want, and ignore what other people think.

Felice Fawn isn’t your average British netizen. She’s the type of blogger who gives a lot of advice based on her beliefs. To those who are religious, you might be culture-shocked that she is proud to be an anti-theist atheist. You might also get culture-shocked because of her personal style. Despite these thigs, she’s got swag in everything. You learn something from her, actually.

Like what she said, “Ignore what other people think.”

Your life doesn’t depend upon other peoples’ beliefs. That’s exactly what I wanted to say in life. You shouldn’t believe in those people who are putting you down. Like what my friend said, they’re just a waste of time.

People think that what you’re usually doing is a “taboo,” or even “forbidden.” Gah, you’re not in a country where totalitarianism is observed. Imagine people violating your rights, like what other traditional people do like, “I’ll disown you once you get another tattoo!” Alright, go get a tattoo if you really want one, but make sure you’re at the right age to have one. If you want to smoke, go ahead. Smoking is not actually morally bad. For health reasons, it’s not ideal.

Remember, in social interactions, there is no such thing as “right” or “wrong,” but rather, “socially acceptable” or the other way around. It’s alright to say “shit” or “fuck,” or “GTFO” or “IDGAF,” or maybe “HOMFG.” No problem.

You can always utter bad words on your blog, it’s no big deal if you say, “Fucking shit,” or “I hate that fucking train, it’s too slow!” It may seem bad, but it sounds funny, actually. I’d rather say, “I forget that fucking book, actually. Shit!”

It’s my deviantArt, so stop being a fake “super-helper”

Remember the post about cutting relationships with someone who’s a know-it-all? It really sucks if someone tells you to do what he/she does, which I find it bullcrap. Indeed.

There are many people who think that artworks are something to be valued.

Artworks, eh?

Oh, yes! deviantArt! Alright. So, if you compare deviantArt to Flickr, I think deviantArt is way much for every visual artist unlike Flickr which is designed for the photographer. If you’re a digital artist and have Photoshop, go to deviantArt. If you are a photographer, it’s either deviantArt or Flickr.

Because of Photoshop, I think I have confidence in deviantArt. But someone proved me wrong, so yeah. 😀


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