What I learned from blogging

I blog a lot, actually.

BUT, I have two separate blogs. One is my very most personal blog, and the other is about outside personal things.

Blogging isn’t about making money out of your personal life. Blogging is all about sharing things that others do not know. It’s about being serious and also having a sense of humor at the same time.

Blogging is all about… making everything a magazine online.
Lessons learned from other bloggers (although they don’t say it, a’ryt)

1.) Always make your blog private if it is all about your complete personal life.
2.) If it’s public, don’t ever namedrop. Remember, namedropping is always a mortal sin on the Internet.
3.) If you love to namedrop, isolate your blog. Yes, it’s possible, actually.
4.) Always post something meaningful.
5.) Use the stream of consciousness.

The things that you should try avoiding…

1.) Showing that you are in the identity crisis period.
2.) Posting stuff that you usually do not show to the crowd.
3.) Posting something really bad, unless you have completely moved on.
4.) Embracing porn and posting it on your blog.

The reason why I started the “Anything in Random” challenge is because I want everyone to show their prowess in blogging. It is a fearless forecast game (of course, I do not really require those who are joining to post photos of their non-celebrity crushes) where they can post something about things that they really want to share, etc. I really do not explain much since I do not think before I speak, or maybe y’know what I’m using… ๐Ÿ˜€

Taboos when blogging/Do’s and Don’ts

I really consider these as taboos is because… they do not really express who you really are. Try not to fit in with these common people and be unique! It’s not bad to be unique since… it’s not fake or common.

1.) Telling everyone on your intro box in Multiply saying, “You view, you comment. No plastics, backfighters or feeling close, and no rude comments will be posted.” — Of course, who cares about you if no one is interested about your life, right?
Rating: Taboo.

2.) Don’t grab/steal without crediting others — I did this before, actually. However, because I think it’s wrong, I started to delete it. So, yeah. Always give credit to the person who owns that picture, ok? Some are very tolerant and forgiving, but please don’t ever test their patience!
Rating: It’s a DO.

3.) It’s alright to save/download photos of your crush — Yes, I consider stalking in this blog, but please, if you’re asking about the color of my underwear, it is always color pink. There you have it. I do not really ask about the color of my crush’s underwear since that’s privacy! If stalking your crush for you isn’t a bad idea after all, always remember that it is not good to ask for their landline number (but asking for their FB accounts is alright), their blood type or even their dark secrets. Always remember, a secret is always a secret and no one should be an asshole to reveal it, mmkay? If you are willing to stalk someone, make sure that the person you’re always following doesn’t personally know you. Oh, and last thing: Don’t ever plan an assassination plot if you really have an obsession on that person!
Rating: Drink Moderately.

4.) Listening to a know-it-all’s advice — The know-it-all is known for restraining you from blogging good things about what you sense in everyday life. Oh, come on. He/she’s not a true expert in blogging. I’m telling you, they’re not the ones to be trusted. It’s all in your own instincts if they’re just fooling you just to let their hands on fame.
Rating: It’s a DON’T.

5.) Posting negative things about a celebrity — This is much more acceptable. If you have anything BAD to say about that celebrity, go ahead, because’s no one is gonna stop you from doing it.

So, Imma post things about my experience about that person who tried to stop me from posting good stuff in deviantArt. ๐Ÿ˜€


About Molybdenum Studios

I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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  1. How do you go about posting pictures? Most people including just go to goggle. I don’t want to use no photos on my blog that I can’t use. Will we get in trouble for this? I know it’s always a better idea to post your own photos but google is so much easier and diverse. Also, WordPress gives you picture suggestions when you’re writing.

  2. Oh, below the picture, just place “Credits from (insert website).” As simple as that ๐Ÿ˜€

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