You know what it is… UH-HUH xD

From the issue of, SHOWBIZ October 11 Issue. I scanned it because… I so feel like doing it.

Just so you know, it’s AA Klenk.

This reality show product may be beautiful and sexy.

Hmmmm… reality show? StarStruck.

This starlet has an attitude problem.

Isn’t it obvious? Please be critical, alright. If you like her feistiness, make sure it’s the right way of being a fighter. It’s better if someone knows how not to raise a middle finger, a’ryt.

The description is all… obvious. I have a brain and I can decipher shiz. 🙂

UPDATED: Another hints

She is actually conceited and tactless.

Conceited? YES. Mataas talaga ang pride niya. Akala mo naman kung sinong sikat eh, lusyang naman. Laylay na ang pakwan niyan, pa’nu pa kaya ang buong katawan, ‘di ba? Obvious naman sa blind item na ‘yan, na siya talaga ang salarin. Super funny post talaga ‘to, promise. 😀


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