Why do good leaders have more haters?

This is the question that one should answer… “Why do good leaders have haters?”

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

Courtesy of Famador Pierre (Photobucket)

Despite having numerous cases and scandals, former PGMA who is now CGMA is doing anything to fulfill Charter Change. Everyone is against Cha-Cha is because… the parliament system won’t be applicable to the Philippines, based upon history… particularly the Martial Law era. GMA is actually not a bad president as all, as she proposed and enact Holiday Economics to please people… yes, that means you have to move holidays, even the most important ones so that people won’t go to work after Sunday. It is hard to explain but somehow, PGMA prioritizes the interests of students, also with those who go to work.

PGMA’s only bad side is… all her promises, or most of her promises that will do good for the country… were not fulfilled. Most people are criticizing her is because she’s got this fortitude to those bad politicians who are her friends… which I consider it as nepotism.

Charter Change, Holiday Economics… yes, PGMA may have been the most despised leader, but her good side will always stay, as she is far more respected than P-Noy in terms of political actions when it comes to disasters and important meetings, like she doesn’t use her personal preference to benefit everyone.

Ferdinand Marcos

Courtesy of assetrecovery.org

He may been the most abusive leader in the history of the Philippines, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a bad man. His rules regarding discipline and well-being is equivalent to how Singapore imposes their laws. If Ferdinand Marcos didn’t have any critic, he might have made the Philippines into a Tiger Economy, but all his stains in his image has flawed him… and the Filipinos during that time are starting to talk behind his back. His regime may have changed Philippine society since life during that time is good, but there are a lot of curfews. If I were to criticize him, certainly, I would praise him for his efforts just to make the Philippines a tiger economy. As for the issue of burying his corpse in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (The Heroes’ Graveyard), I think everyone should be contented that his body should be preserved since it is a tradition to preserve the body of a dictator, just like in the case of Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh, Joseph Stalin and Kim Il Sung, who were dictators during their regime. That is their cult of personality which made their bodies preserved, rather than buried. Although Ho Chi Minh wanted to be cremated, the officials didn’t fulfill his wish.


George W. Bush

Courtesy of newsomart.com

I still don’t get it why everyone hates him. Maybe because he’s a racist, or maybe because he’s really a leader who is actually… a republican. He may belong to the Bush political dynasty, but in the USA, it is ideal for a president to have a complete family, and that includes his wife and kids. Because if you don’t have this “requirement,” you will not be voted. The Americans believed that a single, childless candidate without a family cannot raise a nation. In Europe, having a wife (or a lifetime partner) is a status symbol.

I think most Americans didn’t like him is because he seemed arrogant, but when Obama succeeded him, everyone started to realize that George W. Bush has a good side, too. I’m not saying that Barack Obama is a bad leader, it’s just that there are many better leaders than him, or maybe because he is not as feisty as Bush.

So, why are they hated?

These examples of leaders are hated not because of their unusual style of leadership. Truth is, good leaders become abusive once they stayed long for the term as presidents. Most people call them conservatives, due to the mentality like, “We did nothing wrong,” or “We’re just doing our thing, so what’s wrong with it?” Well, most liberal leaders that we know today… aren’t actually as good as we thought. How could they “change” society if they haven’t proven something yet? It’s the people who are tempted, or probably influenced by their good-natured character. Good leaders are actually the ones who are feisty and are true fighters.

Political Dynasties do not matter, as long as they comply with the requirements

Following the family-oriented standard is really an indicator of responsibility. Well, if you just use your HEAD, rather than your interest, this is the thing: Take note of the Duterte political dynasty, they are fierce and feisty, and they deserve to be recognized as a good example, same with those who belong to the Kennedys. I’m quite sure that most of these dynasties who deserve good credit should be given a chance.


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  1. ‘yan nga minsan ang sinasabi ng nanay ko regarding CGMA eh. Minsan nga naiinis ako sa mom ko kasi sobra siyang fanatic ni PGMA dahil ang mga corruption cases naganap under her administration, i even view of her as nonchalant to the needs of the poor. but when noynoy started to ranting against her endlessly, i felt pity towards her. ganyan naman sila, ang mga pagkakamali nila sa iba binabato

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