Should I continue my relationship with a know-it-all friend or…

The answer is: CUT it. You won’t amount to anything if you just continue being his/her slave. Trust me.

Here are the things why you have to at least, cut your relationship with that person OR simply go approach that person occasionally.

I remember this know-it-all friend whom I decided to have my relationship with her CUT, just so you know…

Just read the whole entry here so that you would have a better understanding about it.

THESE are actually based on my personal experience. Take note: These are just samples of my experience with a know-it-all friend. If you feel the same, don’t be shy to tell your problem HERE.

Photoshop and deviantArt

These are the things that you need to be an “artist.” However, that’s not the case for some people who really do not need that software just to enter deviantArt. Well, yeah…


She uses Ps 7, I use CS5 Extended. She’s backwards and I’m sorta advanced. In short, she loves the third-world life while I enjoy a sophisticated way of living.

Alright. I really didn’t have any knowledge in using Photoshop until my DSLR came to me and yes, I certainly looked for a lot of online tutorials to learn a bit of photomanipulation. It actually worked. I was self-taught, by just looking for tutorials online and simply following the instructions.

I used to have CS3 Extended, but it was my heart that chose CS5 Extended, for more cool features.

During the time I didn’t have Photoshop, she usually tells me, “Photoshop 7 is user-friendly because you don’t need to encode something.”

That time, I was learning Photoshop CS3. Truth is, I didn’t really find Photoshop easy at first.

It wasn’t until I fell in love with Photoshop. I guess online tutorials work. So, yeah. It’s true. I learned a lot from these people who posted their tutorials to everyone who wants to learn photomanipulation.


I only knew deviantArt through a schoolmate. However, I didn’t bother to create an account there simply because… I have no Photoshop. I was desperate to have one since everyone’s using it– whether original or not. As for me, possessing a Photoshop installed in your computer is really a social status. Having Photoshop– whether original or not, means that you are an artist.

Nah, forget it.

It wasn’t until “she” told me about deviantArt. Alright, this time I really wanted to make one simply because I know how to draw, I have tons of sketch pad on my home, and so on. Fuck that, she introduced me to deviantArt, in some sort of way that there are always taboos in deviantArt. If you compare the old me to the new me, I would say that she’s just pathetic to say that right in front of my face. I mean, just because she is “afraid” for me, she would simply remind me a lot of taboos and shit, which I find it degrading. Like, will I do something really wrong? She’s like restraining me or hindering me from anything that I want to do… not until she admitted that she’s just kidding. FUCK YOU! It’s not funny at all, man. In fact, in my new deviantArt account, I could show how creative I am. I met cool people, I met new friends, etc. and everyone seems to praise me with my artworks. One person who sent me a note told me that I deserve more pageviews that everyone else. SEE!? I could do better! Not being arrogant, but I’m just telling the truth that I do a lot of effort to post artworks…

Anyways, my original artwork should have more Literary shiz than creative artworks. However, due to my passion in photography, I think I proved everyone wrong.

Fictions, fanfics, etc.

She would always tell me, “Wow, you seem hopeless. No one will ever read your work.”

Like, come on! It’s free to have ambitions, right? Sa Tagalog, libre lang mangarap, ‘di ba? Mangarap ka kung mangarap, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that I would publish them… with an ugly cover on it.

I was only limited to fanfictions. It all thanks to my witty and tech-savvy mind that made me diversify things. Of course, I diversify things, but that was not my thing before when I was in high school. It only came when I entered college.

I do not only blog, but also do photography, draw with a pencil and paint with Dong-A MyMetal pens (no joke, I even have a calligraphy brush that I use). Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to limit myself. One critic told me that my way of being creative is AWESOME compared to the other one whose work is like… not diversified. If I were the sophisticated type of artist who looks for new innovations and widens knowledge, the other one however, doesn’t do the same.

Everyone really knows how I draw, and some are asking help from me since… I draw. It’s like, everyone thinks I’m more approachable than the nearest artist in high school (or the master of arts) since yeah, I’m really diverse. Kidding.

Oh, back to fanfiction.

She usually sticks to stupid love stories while I do a lot of exaggerated comedy, where there’s a villain, a hero and monsters. Yes, I may feel that I might be terrible in creating fanfics, but I used to create fanfics about tattoos, family problems, etc. I do not stick on one genre only, a’ryt. When she writes love stories ALONE, I write diverse things… like “there’s a monster out there!” or maybe, “Are you gay?”

Nobody knows that the Summer Dawn Ravenson before, is now the founder and CEO of a non-profit online org, Molybdenum Studios. Well, some people now know who I really am, but you can’t really judge me as the girl with a lot of sketch pads. I use a DSLR, FYI.

With real fiction, there is always a consequence.

Have you ever read, “Why I Chose to be a Liberal”? It’s on the “Something Worth Reading Panel” but never mind. That’s actually some write-up where I thought of expressing my thoughts regarding my upbringing. Everyone criticized me for “venting.” Ehem, it’s NOT really an essay, but why would they call it, “essay,” right? It’s just listed, so what? Everyone can make essays, and essays are like personal thoughts plus what they’ve learned from the academe. The critic once told me that those people who criticized me are not open-minded, which I actually agree at. In the Confessions of an EMO person, however, everyone posted positive feedback this time. They’re telling me to “stay strong” and cope up with my problem in errr… never mind.

She puts barriers/borders/boundaries/a lot of limitations in our friendship

Do you call that friendship, if she is really too arrogant to say, “I don’t care!”? Fuck, not in my arse.

She would always say, “I don’t want to watch you in deviantArt.” Did I ever did something wrong? IN HER FACE!

Do you think I would mess up deviantArt? Never.
Do you think I’m too bitchy to be in deviantArt? Not at all.
Do you think, I would bash the artworks of other people? Certainly not.

See? How pathetic would she ever mess up with someone who has more creativity and imagination? I really do not like the idea wherein you do not exactly diversify shit BUT criticize someone who would soon… prove you wrong. That’s what I mean. Putting shitty barriers to a supposedly-real friendship… but the question is, what does she really want fro me? Nothing. Nothing.

She doesn’t want anything from me. All she wants is her self-absorbed shits just to make sure that she’s the most superior than anyone else. Whoever gets on her way is for her, considered an asshole. All she wants is a one-sided style of drawing. Well, well, well, if she said she has new styles of coloring, it’s still… sort of one-sided. I know she’s good in drawing, but she’s not really as diverse as real artists out there. Hmmm…

My old and very first deviantArt account sucks ass, if you know what I mean. It’s empty, it has no meaning and worst… it’s all thanks to her, that I do not have anything to upload at all. Well, that time I really didn’t know how to use it, but now… I know everything. ;D

But my new one is so far… you would appreciate. You’ll see the big gap between my old and new accounts there. Most of my old blogs are really crap, actually. I cannot express myself direct to the point and yes… it’s all in crappy shit. I keep things to myself… not until I learned how to open up. Like what I said before, I’m introverted. I do not say anything and everything unless it’s really urgent.

So, let me tell you why she’s doing this to me.

She would always threaten me, “No, based on my experience, they bashed me along the way!”

The worst would be, “If you post pictures of <censored>, I’ll block you!”

Ehem. Do you think you run all my whole entire life? Not exactly as you think.

You’re the one who stole everything from me, and even the administration of our high school even tolerated and supported that… and they allowed that to happen. The admin insulted me, and rewarded her. How unfair is that!?

Now you know who exactly writes here in this blog. It’s real… I’m the whore of this blog, and no one should have the right to lambast me…

The tactlessness that you now see… is who I really am. I don’t care if people would slap me on the face. It is best that they learn their lesson this time. I know exactly how much I suffered and wasted my whole entire high school life being a hermit.

She thinks that putting barriers to friendship means that I am inferior. I hate that. Everyone’s equal… but as for her, it’s always the superior one who controls the life of people.

A little touchy, alright? DEAL WITH IT

I criticized her favorite cartoon/anime character. Something’s not right. I should’ve said, “Wait, am I talking to you? @_@”

She would always be overprotective of her idols, while I accept criticisms about my favorite anime characters. If Rann Kotobuki is hot-headed, same with Kyoko Inaka, Fuuko Kirisawa and my ex-anime crush Joey Wheeler… well it’s no big deal to me.

Wait… I criticized the aquamarine hair since it is seen in most animes… and I think blue hairstyle is so… cartoony! Criticisms have a good side! Jeezes! I’m sure she’s gonna backfight someone who criticizes another of her favorite obsessions. One thing that I have to say: Grow the fuck up, and stop being a hypocrite! If you can always reprimand people about the pictures that they hate, meanwhile, when it’s about your favorite anime or related with your favorite anime (while someone is posing like an asshole), you would said, “Please don’t! You ruined it!” Or remember the time when I am just following your stupid advice and you just go party and shit, I don’t think it is a good idea.

You even said that I’m selfish… honestly your idea is waaay too selfish. There are some people who prefer PS3 or Xbox than Wii or maybe some prefer balloons rather than video games. Crap, this isn’t right. You don’t appreciate the ideas of other people which seems sooooooo self-absorbed. Remember I have more ideas to come than you!

Quit being one-sided, alright. Two sides are better than one!


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