E-Games and O2Jam: Inexistence

Remember when O2Jam was still a famous online game? That rhythm game which attracted several casual gamers and champions alike? Well, lemme tell you why O2Jam and e-games became obsolete…

O2Jam is like a game of finger-head-eye-ear coordination. Yes, the game seems really hard because one finger has to hold and the other MUST type in staccato form. It DAMAGES your keyboard, unless you’re really the type of gamer who has unusual powers. Right?

O2Jam wasn’t a good game. Why? It’s because several O2Jammers do not observe proper etiquette. They usually hate people and cheat as they compete with one another. Another reason why I left O2Jam is because, it isn’t really for me and this is actually the reason why I was completely estranged with someone whom I admire. It was difficult. It was like fighting with one another without valid reason. Well, he was one of those retards who simply talk nonsense at all. I became one of those people who just simply join wars in forums, which make no sense at all. I didn’t like it. I never liked the way most O2Jammers showed their rudeness to their fellow gamers.

Compared to Ragnarok, most of the people there are actually behaved. They do not lambast their fellow players UNLESS they are really their enemies in real life. Most Ragnarok players are from all different statuses. There are rich people, middle-class people, etc. who play Ragnarok, as compared to O2Jam where most people do not come from well-respected households.

It is really sad to say that O2Jam is already closed. Well, there’s a lesson that the creators of this game should learn: Games are not supposed to be like Mathematical equations. Why hello, it’s a music game. Why mix it with confusing holds and y’know… shit that doesn’t really matter at all, right? I really didn’t like those who gave O2Jam a really bad name simply because, maybe things should really not be as unrealistic… like how O2Jam exposed.

Those “police” who tattle-tale things… are actually fake ones. Oh, really? It’s like you’re just doing it for fun, that is. Those people in the e-games forums? Ehem. Even some of the moderators seem too arrogant, as in REALLY fucking arrogant. They also do not observe proper etiquette.

Good good. No more O2Jam. Everyone should learn a lesson.


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I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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  1. I?d should test with you here. Which is not something I normally do! I enjoy reading a put up that may make folks think. Also, thanks for permitting me to comment!

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