Peculiar People in the Humanities Department

Now you know who are these people, right?

They’re talented, and artistic, too! But not all of them really has this “real” status as… an artist. So, yeah.

Solenn Heussaff – One of the most talented people I knew; she’s a make-up artist, model, singer, fashion designer and a painter. The Filipina-French celebrity prefers Filipino dishes over French ones. Because she’s artistic, she also loves body art. She has tattoos, and one of the most significant is the rosary anklet on her left foot. Might as well check out her portfolio HERE. Also, check out her songs HERE. Watch her video about her paintings.

Alessandra De Rossi – The veteran-level actress is also a singer (and comedienne!) and has this peculiar type of creativity. Might as well check her Tumblr, Myspace and of course, a YouTube site dedicated to her songs. Oh, and here’s Maxene Magalona’s blog entry about her.

Yeng Constantino – She deserves the fame compared to those famous world-class artists that we know today. Well, here’s the thing. Filipinos have talent in terms of singing, and it’s no doubt that some artists who sings as their hobby has the raw voice. Stop idolizing those foreign artists who lip-sync! Yeng is one example of a belter whose voice is at-par with Bjork’s belting. Same with Whitney Houston. Aside from being a singer on-screen, she’s always the typical blogger online.

Oh, wait. There’s more that you want to know…

Pilar Pedrosa Pilar – That’s right. The tattoo collector is also a poet, a writer and a book lover. Her love for vintage has caught many hearts online and she’s the most genuine artists that we know today. Might as well check out her blog and her Tumblr. If you want to keep in touch with her, click HERE.

Ramon Bautista – The indie comedian has a funny face and answers in his Formspring in a comedic way. He’s also a UP professor in film, I guess. But yeah, you’ll really laugh at his jokes, really. Might as well check his Tumblr out.

Roxyisferox – Ooh, the feisty blogger is really ferocious… just like what her username describes her. The self-proclaimed SNSD hater is actually a lover of K-Pop, well yeah… not all K-Pop songs are good, they’re too… commercialized. Oh, well… just check it out.

Pipi’tblog – Someone who promotes the freedom of speech. Oh, why I knew her is because… she wrote something about AMA and STI.

International Bloggers who made it to the top…

Perez Hilton – Yes, the frank, satirical blogger is really going to laugh your heart out… but everyone hates him because he’s sorta biased. Oh, wait. Did you recall when he lashed out at Ms. California whose got religious beliefs but has a scandal? Forget it. He loves to give advice to everyone who’s really in big trouble.

Felice Fawn – The British-born gothic blogger isn’t just an artist, she gives advice to everyone in need… just so you know. Despite criticisms against her, at least she has accomplished something as a Tumblr-famous person.


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