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The biggest and the sickest joke ever!|Kate Hudson? Disagree. That was before, actually.

Now since Kate Hudson’s now bringing her original beauty back (GAH, her chinky eyes and flat nose wasn’t really my taste at all), here’s one of a hell JOKE that I’ve seen. Like how I applauded because Ross and AA were not in the YES! 100 Most Beautiful with John Lloyd on the cover, I am starting to really laugh sarcastically as I saw this one…

Lovely Angel and Anne… but look at #5 underlined in RED. DALAWA PA SILA HA. I’d rather laugh and puke at the same time.

EWW EWW EWW, NO NO NO! People have no fucking taste nowadays. Ross? AA? Like, WHAT THE FUCKITY FUCK!? Eww! Despite their acting skills coming bright, they’re not really the “star,” they still remain starlets.

AA’s acting ability is alright, but not really gonna impress me, alright. Watching Reputasyon is like watching a boring anime like .hack//SIGN since AA’s acting (especially speaking) should still be improved. Like what roxyisferox said, Channel 2 is still keeping AA because of casting couch. Yep, despair, so they’re using a bitch with attitude problem.

Super nakaka-inis kapag siya ang nagsasalita, pero magtaray? Kulang pa ‘yan para lang mainis ang isang tagasubaybay. Sa TV, ha. Kung si Maja, infairness bagay talaga sa kanya ang kontrabida/palaban na role since she’s really good in acting. She has the annoying face and at the same time, the talent to annoy the audience. Eh, si AA naman, nakakainis rin, pero kulang pa ‘yan.

People nowadays are LOWERING their standards. It’s really fuckingly funny if you really have to say it loud and proud that Maja Salvador is prettier than Bea Alonzo. Like, WHAT THE FUCK!? Eww. Bea is prettier and looks more simple without make-up. Si Maja? Hindi nga talaga siya bagay sa pang-sosyal na role, parang cheapipay naman siyang magdala. I really have to laugh at Kim Bum’s comment that she resembles… Catherine Zeta-Jones? LAWL, CZJ looks more and more classy and sophisticated-looking than Ross. Ang sarap tingnan ng face ni CZJ. Si Ross? Wala, eh. Pang-mahirap lang talaga siya na role, actually.

But with AA, I really have no grduges. It was really a deadly, very deadly combination. Bakit sila pa ang ipagsasabay, ‘di ba?

What they should learn from Kate Hudson

I used to dislike Kate Hudson not only because of her unusual, weird-looking face (I said the description before!) but because she still looks cheap with those dresses that she wear. Like, she’s got the body of a 12-year old boy. I’m really serious about this, she’s got no hips and tits, but and ass would kick it off. Her romantic comedies and chick flicks didn’t really impressed me (y’know being a HATER of Romcoms!) but because I never heard from her, I think she is starting to have a break for a while.


So yeah, I really didn’t want to believe at the first place that she’s one of the “most beautiful” people… and she’s #1? I really don’t get it. Why do people have to like her? That time, I didn’t find her pretty, either. Ehem, do you think, those chinky eyes and flat nose (the fake Asian-ugly thing, that is) are suitable for a typical Caucasian woman? Think about Suri Cruise during her first appearance! She has the same features like Kate Hudson, which I think it’s annoying since (between you and me, TomKat’s combination sucked ass! Well, that’s at the first place) I never find those features suitable for a white woman (sorry for sounding too racist, but please, bear with it). I personally believe that deep-set eyes and a narrow nose are really suitable for Caucasian women. Why, have you ever seen an Arab/Indian with an odd flat nose? Not at all.

Kate has matured ever since her second child with Matthew Bellamy and graced the screen… I think she should make a real comedy movie (with of course, my favorite comedians!) to prove that she’s worth a watch.

Goldie Hawn’s advice is right– Kate should stop acting like a whore! Lawl.

Yes, that’s right.Kate has changed her ways. She isn’t gonna be a real looker if she still insists on NOT enhancing her flaws. Like the boob job, now that’s an A+.

Kate was very patient about the boob job, well yes!

Very funny, indeed

While Ross is known to be discreetly conceited and arrogant, AA, on the other hand has an attitude problem. Both of them, actually. Like, anong MERON sa kanilang dalawa kung bakit pa sila #5. Is it because, maamo ang mukha nila? Hindi kaya! While AA looks fake, Ross, however, looks annoying. EWW, ugly combination indeed.

Here’s a message: ,,|,,

To the crab mentality people out there…

I am NOT (as in NO, NOT AT ALL) jealous at Ross or AA. I just can’t stand their faces, alright. Why do people like them? Because of their attitude problem shit? Gah, people should start being INTELLIGENT rather than being blind with the sweet face but with a whore attitude.

For art aficionados out there…

I bring you…

Shore on the Horizon by ~molybdenumstudios

Click the featured photo to be redirected to the raw version (watermarks are responsible by deviantArt).

This is only available to deviants. Non-deviants should create an account in deviantArt so that it would be… activated.

Photo description

As far as I remember, I didn’t EVER used the RAW mode. This was the time I was really new in photography and I only used Landscape (but it shows Standard!) PictureStyle to capture this wonderful scene is Pagudpud. It was also, I think shot in the WB of Daylight. I really do not know since this photo was taken in the Christmas season. Oh, that time I didn’t use Manual Mode.

This is actually edited with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3, so yeah.

It’s a Christmas promo

If you really want to go to Pagudpud, this is the scene that you’re about to see… this exact angle, that is.

Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

Source: A Nai|Flickr

I want. This. Lens.

Pros, from perceptions

This lens is capable of catering the pros and the amateurs… and I have to choose this lens over the cheapest one (f/1.8) is because… it has 58mm filter thread, that is.

Aside from the filter thread, it also has a focus ring which seems more accommodating than anything else. It also has a USM, which focuses very fast and at the same time, very quiet, indeed.


Tricia Gosingtian has this lens, but she once said in her blog that she has to fix it for the nth time due to problems regarding focusing… hmm I think she should buy another one that focuses more decently.


For the amateur photographer, if you really want a decent prime lens, please choose this. Not because it has a METAL mount, but because it is the “bridge” between f/1.8 version and f/1.2L version. Oh, BTW, it is Made in Japan, meaning to say that there’s no problem if you buy this in Japan. xD

Tricia Gosingtian: Every teenage girls’ inspiration

fashion-ism@tumblr|Tricia Gosingtian

I haven’t really met her yet in person (failed to go to Photog seminars in DLSU) but yeah, I really have to say that she deserves to be featured here in this blog as a fashion blogger, pro photographer and yeah, stylist.

I may not be updated in fashion (I’m quite the backwards type and the Korean fashion style was oh-so NOT me) but I was really inspired by her because she’s a photographer. I even told my mom to buy me the 5D Mark II because she has that camera… but then I realized that “Oh, 5D Mk II is for the pros.” I ain’t a pro, I’m only an amateur photographer who doesn’t aim to be internet-famous, but I aim to speak my mind, at least, on the Internet.

Well, so yeah. I love her style and I really love the way she dresses. With her doll face and her slender body, she’s really meant to be a fashion trendsetter.

Thank you for being an inspiration

Despite the controversy regarding her sentiments about fashion in the Philippines (yeah right that crab mentality shit), she made an apology and she stated that she’s being honest. There are a lot of fashionistas in the Philippines who are like her but with different style, but it doesn’t really mean that she doesn’t stand out right in front of the crowd. Siya lang talaga siguro ang exposed in the Philippine society because she isn’t only a fashion blogger; she is also a stylist, a photographer off-cam and most of all, she’s a graduate of ADMU with a degree in BFA Information Design (me fucking dream course haha).


Her statement that sparked issues in the Philippines ended up to be a mix of emotions. People are starting to slam her as “lumalaki ang ulo” because of what she said about fashion in the Philippines. Eh, ano ngayon kung ‘yun ang tingin niya, ‘di ba? If Ateneans have a reputation for being arrogant, does it mean kasama na rin si Tricia d’un? Of course, not. She’s just stating her opinion. Being fashion-forward is a different thing from fashion taste. If everyone is really fond of having straight hair, Tricia on the other hand, prefers to be curly and usually experiments with her hair.

Well, glad thing that’s over.

At the height of her career, she remains grounded

You’ll never gonna hear statements that would say that “Ay, ‘wag siya, hindi maganda ugali niyan” when it comes to Tricia. She’s very approachable and if you comment at her posts, she’ll respond. At least she replies, unlike other celebrities who are doing this for granted. She really acts professional and everyone really said that she’s really nice and friendly. She is also family-oriented, and you’ll notice that she’s very proud of her siblings, especially Calel, who is also a Lasallian, but he studies in Benilde.

I really feel so proud for Tricia not only as an amateur photographer myself, but also as a Filipina.

Life before DLSU

I never knew what La Salle is until…

These were the days before I was admitted to DLSU. *Sigh* those memories.

This is my dream school. Like, what?

This was the time where I met Linn Oeymo (she wasn’t joining PGT that time), a half-Norwegian. Of course, this was the time when I was still not yet sure of what course I’ll take… but suddenly the course I am taking up right now is… still not yet sure if that’s really for me. Enjoy naman eh.

The pictures above are panorama shots from my digicam. Wow, it’s like I really do not need a photo-editing software just to achieve this one. I was bored, do yeah, I took a lot of photos regarding the structure of DLSU.

I really do regret of not being patient for a Cyber-shot waterproof digicam (which I’m planning of having one in case I really can’t use a DSLR). Halos lahat ng Cyber-shot, ang gaganda ng features, eh. If I were to be asked, I’ll take the TX10, for sure.

What was life before I entered DLSU?

As usual, it’s a very frugal life. You really can’t get out of the campus until dismissal time. Like, whoa. I really didn’t have Photoshop that time. I was always using a sketch pad (which I always fail to have the essential things) and of course, low-quality school supplies pa ang binibili ko that time. *Sigh* I really didn’t like the way the government of my high school– puro palpak lagi, killjoy pa, tapos ‘yun nga, parang lahat ng mga activities, para lang sa benefit nila. Kung saan BORING pa ‘yung activities, dun pa sila natutuwa. Like, HOMG… can’t they just think of something else?

What was life when I entered DLSU?

Lahat ng mga freedom, andun. No rules, no fucking rules, regarding social interactions. No arrogant teachers, no stealing of “higher positions,” everyone’s equal. *Sigh* it’s always about connections and not about peers and y’know, some cronyism and nepotism shit. AND MOST OF ALL, wala kang makikitang, “I hate plastics, backfighters and feeling close.” Most of all, NO popular kids. Clique lang sila dito, kung baga.

I chose this path over my CAT officer dream

CAT? Nah, I don’t like. I really do not like hierarchies controlling the lives of people. It’s all about interaction. OHA.

Wedding Day in Makati

Like what I said, I won’t post pictures of my private life (family included) so yeah.

Fudge. It is already 12am yet I am not yet fixing myself. Oh, well never mind.

Captured: The couple is officially married. (Lawl candid shot.) I love to take pictures of other people’s camera, so please deal with it.

A bouquet of flowers and a purse. Lawl. That doesn’t belong to me. xD

My sandals. Look at those legs. *glimmers* They look thin here. (I did not published the rest here because my legs are really FAT!)

Colorful curtains… but I haven’t posted this yet in deviantArt/Tumblr PhLog so yeah.

Because I didn’t post the wedding photos, well I’m just here to upload these things. Being bored in a middle of a reception in a wedding where you really get out of place because you barely know people there… so yeah. Oh, by the way, I won’t be using the same watermarking style again. I’m changing my way of watermarking is because, I wanted something even more professional-looking, especially if the photo is captured in a professional way.

Professional photographers watermark the professional way. 😀 That’s all y’have to know.

Have Mercy, people!

So this time, people are having no mercy at all. They are heartless people who were indifferent. Here goes…

1.) Muammar Gaddafi
2.) Wang Yue

The most violent end of Gaddafi

Source: Reuters|iOL/The Star. Gaddafi’s end is finally the worst. I feel sorry for him.

Libya’s toppled dictator is already dead. Believe it or not, people inhumanely mauled him until he got shot. If Bin Laden was assassinated and Saddam Hussain was hanged, in Gaddafi’s case, it was the most painful thing a human being will ever see. We never heard bad things about Gaddafi, right? It wasn’t until everyone wanted to “steal” his position as dictator, like, “How would I feel if I were him, eh?”

Source:|Al-Jazeera. Gaddafi’s redness indicates the saddest fate ever.

Oh, please. Why can’t those people get a life? He wasn’t bad at all, yet they’re putting him on the bad limelight. If Saddam Hussein was hanged because of what he did, OR with Bin Laden’s plan to terrorize the world… is it because the most developed countries are against him? Or was he against those countries?

So, yeah. Actually, Gaddafi was really against the USA. But who despised him? France, that is.

In France, Muslim women who are wearing their traditional outfit often face discrimination. It’s because France is involved in the war against the Gaddafi regime.

You be the judge: Is Gaddafi a good or a bad man? Why or why not?

The media portrays dictators as “bad.” Well, do you think Marcos didn’t have a good side? Gaddafi also had a good side. Every dictator (except Hitler, that is) has their own good side.

The sad end of Wang Yue

Source:|China Foto Press|Barcroft Medi

She was a victim of hit-and-run by two large vehicles. That was the most painful thing everyone could see. Now I was blaming Chinese society for being ignorant. Finally, the “Good Samaritan” law was established.

Alright. Although China’s a predominantly non-Christian society (the Chinese have many religions), it doesn’t have to mean that they should not help others in need. Good thing the one who found her deserves a reward.

Those 18 Chinese people need to be taught a lesson.

The Aftermath

I think both Gaddafi and Yue Yue suffered the worst torture ever. They were both victims of social rumble (crushed to death); in Gaddafi’s case, he was then shot after he was mauled; then put into a freezer while Yue Yue, she never survived her injuries. I feel sorry for her parents. While for Gaddafi, he deserves a final salute.

I really feel distraught about what people are doing nowadays. If they were just torturing Gaddafi for their satisfaction, they must’ve been monsters who wanted to seize his power as if they wanted to be like him, while for the Chinese, it is really NOT an excuse to leave the person for dead. Now they were again shamed for another undesirable act once more, I think they should really learn a lesson based from this experience. What now if a large vehicle “smashed” another small person, if that wouldn’t be a toddler this time? If most Chinese people are criticized for being rude, they themselves should not accept this fact as is. If they really “love” their people, or in other words, if they really exercise patriotism, they shouldn’t be ranting bad things if their fellowmen renounces Chinese citizenship for some reasons (Chinese passports are known for being one of the most restrictive passports in the world) OR throw stones at those people who are Chinese but have darker skin (especially the ladies). Take this in the case of Gong Li and Lou Jing, respectively.


Gong Li was now a Singaporean in 2009/2010 and took the oath as a part of applying for citizenship but divorced her husband. Hmmm… do you think she’s re-applying for Chinese citizenship again, or simply stayed as a Singaporean? That’s what I do not know, but anyway, she defended herself against those netizens who condemned her for being a “traitor” and a “fake foreigner.” She said, “Although I have given up my citizenship, I am still Chinese, no matter what happens.” Well, of course, I do agree with her when it comes to citizenship. Most Chinese actors are doing this for practical reasons. However, to apply for Hong Kong citizenship is different. You are still Chinese, but holding a passport issued by a Special Administrative Region, giving more opportunities to artists who are from mainland China.


Next, we go to Lou Jing this time. She is slammed by citizens for her skin color. Wait… if Filipinos actually love white skin more than dark skin, it’s not really our faults since most of us are xenocentric. I may be some sort of racist but it doesn’t mean I’m pro-racism (I only do that in private). Do you think whites are better-looking than blacks? Black people rock more, actually. They’re hotter and are more talented. They seem more versatile since it’s alright if they color their hair and have eyes that are other than brown.

Now back to Lou Jing.

Lou Jing said that she rarely felt out of place, not until she joined Go! Oriental Angel, a reality show that showcases talent, especially singing. She was born to a Chinese mother and to an African-American father whom she never seen, in Shanghai. During her stay in Go! Oriental Angel, hosts fondly called her “Chocolate Girl” and “Black Pearl,” but when netizens saw her, they are using patriotism in a wrong manner, like, “Get out of China!”

Lou Jing was born and raised in China, speaks Chinese (Mandarin and Shanghainese) and of course, considers herself Chinese. It’s only the Chinese society that is not yet ready to accept the different realities regarding race.

Open-mindedness, people

The best thing to do in life is to accept globalization. It’s everywhere, even in the DPRK. If you think that change is not yet that acceptable, I think you guys should follow the examples of countries who are accepting multiculturalism.

Regarding dictators, however, not all of them are “bad” or “evil.” Do you think monarchs are the same? Of course not! There are still absolute monarchies in the world, but they are rarely to be found.

Dos vs. Siyete

To tell you the truth…

I used to like ABS-CBN until something very confidential happened. I really don’t want to talk about it since it’s too personal, and I’m really keeping my privacy (and letting others guess who I am) is because… I don’t want to be in the bad limelight.

ABS-CBN is money-hungry, if you know what I mean. Halos lahat ng news nila, may kasama pang pulitika, tapos ibabalik pa nila sina Noli de Castro, Korina Sanchez… wherein Noli is the ex-VP while Korina is the spouse of Senator Mar Roxas. Sorry to say, but the news in channel two have biases. I really cannot explain since I personally think that news is sort of stressful to the human body. But, yeah. However, in GMA-7, I never ever heard of any biases in their news. The speech is neutral and yes, there’s fairness in the news.

What do I mean by biases? Biases in the news are like, sinasabayan ng pulitika kung ‘di naman kailangan, OR maybe the way newscasters deliver their speech with matching opinion pa. What has happened to Channel 2?

Wala, eh. Daig pa nga ng TV5 ang dos, eh. Papano naman kasi, ang TV5, freelance, hinahayaan. Same with GMA-7. Si Michael V., talagang hindi siya lilipat ng dos is simply because his creativity is hindered by channel 2. I’d say that Bubble Gang is still classic despite the UEBER LATE timeslot.

My loyalty towards dos became disrupted

I used to be a solid Kapamilya until something really fishy happened. I do not like the fact that the bosses of ABS-CBN are money-hungry… although they do train their talents with care. Puro na lang pera ang inaatupag. Wala man silang sense of justice, puro personal interests lang. Crab mentality, that is!

There is something really wrong with the system of ABS-CBN.

Hiatus Announcement

You won’t be getting updates from me for a while… because I have to deal with a lot of exams (and the worst would be in one of my majors) and yes, some people who said that my degree program is “easy,” please don’t ever flatter me like that. Our majors are so damn hard that I regretted for not studying or even exerting effort. I won’t make any promises, but I’ll try to blog something more meaningful. I’ll still post about interesting stuff here and please, no bitterness once I leave this blog for a while.

Thanks for understanding! 😀

UPDATE: I’ll still be posting stuffs about life, but don’t expect a maximum of three posts per day xD so yeah.

Atheism: Good or Bad

Atheism means, “Someone who doesn’t believe in a specific deity.”

I have NOTHING against atheism. Okay, if you think God doesn’t exist, then so be it.

Atheists believe that MAN created God. By how?

Greeks – they created gods by their own image. Zeus is the leader of all the gods.
Romans – they adopted Greek religion.

If MAN created God, that means…
– atheists do not get along with polytheists
– atheists MAY get along with monotheists, but only for a short while OR
– atheists might be anti-theists.

There are atheists that are not anti-theists, and most of them believe that the idea of a “god” is like, the idea of creationism.

Alright. So, what’s the big deal with atheism… and how is it related with “anti-theism” anyway?

Atheists do not believe the existence of God. However, anti-theists oppose the idea of God. In most aspects of religion, Buddhism, which is more of a religious philosophy rather than a theistic religion, is atheist, but doesn’t necessarily mean that it is anti-theist. Buddhists are calm people who promote peace in most aspects of life. It just happened that it is viewed as religion since the belief of the head as the most sacred part of the body and the soles of the feet are the dirtiest part of the body is almost close to the extent that religious faith is apparent to Buddhism.

*Sorry if I trashed this, but this time, I’ll post it fearlessly. 😀