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Write-up Profile: Why I Chose to be a Liberal

Why I Chose to be a Liberal by ~bettyleeanka

Read the link above. You’ll probably understand why I still live in a stupid frugal life.

The people who reviewed my work are NOT open-minded at all. Pretending to be conservative? Or you just feel offended?

Now get a life, people. If I say it’s an essay, it’s really an essay, because it means, “to attempt.” You know what “attempt” is right? It means, “to try.” TRY, as in you try to do things.

So, yeah. You really have to be open-minded about extremely-conservative folks who are actually… traditional.

Everyone thinks that being traditional is a way to success… but is it really the way to success?

Japanese example: Balance of all Things

Japan may seem to be still conservative, but they’re not really THAT conservative. They’re neo-conservativists. Even though they’re family-oriented (thus forming the term “zaibatsu”) and image-conscious at the same time, they accept abortion, divorce, etc. Well, it’s not because they’re not really religious people (Shinto and Buddhist faiths) or it’s just that they adhere to their own culture. Their policy is always, “Country first before anything else (or religion).” Although they’re really proud to be nationalistic, they’re tolerant, they accept things, they’re really open to multiculturalism (except those extremists and conservative nationalist fanatics whatsoever). The Japanese are really open to criticisms. If Akio Toyoda knew that there was a malfunction in several Toyota cars (which caused the death of many passengers/drivers), he apologized. That’s one way of accepting your mistakes and learning from it, so look at Toyota right now. It’s one of the best auto companies not only in Japan, but in the whole world.

The Japanese do really mix their traditions with Western values (and of course, balancing it), unlike the Philippines, which always make import of Western values that contradict with Filipino traditions. Although Tokyo is Westernized, it still managed to be the center of traditional things, although the Kansai region is really known to seem “more Japanese” than Tokyo, that is.

Feeling Majors

Feeling major things are usually taken for granted. Take note of the word: Granted.

They feel as if they should be taken seriously is because: They think high of themselves, but that seems one-sided. Anyways, the only thing why they’re really doing that is because they believe it is for the good of the students. However, there are consequences. BIG consequences, that is. Feeling majors are really not applicable in a country where conflicts are common. Common, as in NOT rare. Feeling majors usually think that their way of proposing “superiority complex” to their ways of governing people is how they show off a “clean” image, which seems questionable. Those feeling majors have more (and MORE) criticisms compared to those who are the “real majors,” but give ways and more opportunities.

Those things that are unnecessary for jobs are usually the ones which are required. Take note: Required. I think of these things as “light,” if you just attend and do your part. Then, that’s it!

Mistrust: Is it overprotectionism or is it a way of satisfaction?

E.g.: Do you think I’ll lose one of the two gadgets if I bring BOTH?

I don’t think so.

The real thing: Do you think if I chase a guy, that’s “bad?” (Girls doing the first move without any guy language)

I find it, sexist.

“Conservatives” describe conservatism as a “sexist society.” In a deeply conservative country, the traditions are applied in a wrong manner. Do you think looking down on women and having grudges about objectified men is “conservative?” Do you think, being tanned or mixed-raced is “bad?” Do you think, being sexist and racist at the same time is “good?”

Racism is “not bad, it’s not a taboo,” according to the video that I watched. Racism varies from culture to culture, and most people who are xenocentric think “high” about white-skinned people while those who are tan-skinned are considered as “an indicator of beauty and hotness.” Whoa, it’s between Filipino and American culture, really. However, in the Sinosphere, being “tanned,” or dark is somehow being looked down at. Do you think being “pure-raced” is always good all the time? There’s actually nothing bad about being mixed-raced, but since culture varies from one country to another, there are lots of consequences. Being pure-raced, however, is almost similar to incest. Having a crush on your relative is somehow synonymous to marrying someone the same race as yours.

This is common to most royal families. To the liberal countries, you don’t need to be someone who had many serious and the most important achievements, for as long as you had a very long relationship with your royal-blooded beau (for 6 years and above), while conservative countries it is really a must to be a diplomat or somehow travelled across the world… or the typical Richie Rich person (rich but simple type of person because Richie Rich has this reputation of being approachable although being rich himself), OR you just have to finish a certain degree or to have many hobbies, and that’s it. You’re qualified.

The dark side of conservatism, however

Being conservative isn’t bad at all, but extremism regarding this type of belief restricts you from doing anything you really want in life, it’s like you depending on others. People impose high expectations onto you to be like this and that, but I have to say this: The reason why I chose to be a liberal is because, conservative societies expect very high from a certain person. Media may be the main reason, or maybe the people who have really high standards, but do not comply with quality standards.

Alright, so I may be conservative in terms of taste in celebrities. For the Hollywood people, I only choose people who are really worth to be in Hollywood, but because I live in a low-middle-income yet 75% Westernized country, I usually judge the celebrity based on attitude and acting skills. It’s really frustrating when you have the looks, the height and talent, but have attitude problem. Worse, if your beauty is only because of science and technology. Meaning to say that, I have high standards, but not necessarily hard-to-please. Do you think I still have to dislike someone with a slutty attitude but has a good side? Of course, not!

Okay, so if I have to say that it’s “shallow,” it means that everyone’s doing that. Like for instance, if I say, “His/her good side is that, she/he always say ‘po’ and ‘opo,'” it’s like everyone’s doing that, because that’s Filipino culture. I usually use those words unless I am close with that person.

A Falsely-conservative society

Do you think being “feeling close” is immoral? Unethical? Considered, sipsip (kiss-up)? Being feeling close doesn’t have to mean that you are a stalker. It’s only that you have the heart to be close with that person. Yes, and I believe that there’s no problem with making new friends, for as long as you know who the true people are. Just saying.

Backfighting? Backbite? Backstab? Backfighting is the best and the most appropriate. Stab and bite are just sort of high-falutinations… so yeah, backfight would be the best word.

Backfighting is usually done by women. Yes, I backbite too, but if only that I’m being honest, or if the person doesn’t really take criticisms nicely. People would usually say, “I hate backfighters.” Hello? Backfighting is not uncommon. It is everywhere and you cannot avoid that. Besides, it is only done in private.

Namedropping a friend and defending the popular kids: This is what I do not take nicely into. Alright, so I take those popular kids for granted since I’ve been ranting against them. If they take me as a leader for granted, then why can’t they just do the dirty job themselves? Afraid to be scalded by HCl? Afraid that acetic acid will kill them? Saving face? Popular kids are just falsely-demanding. Their “high standards” doesn’t seem genuine at all and they just do it because they want to retain their “popularity.” If you namedrop someone whom you’re close to is like, what kind of friend are you? A real friend doesn’t worship the popular kids to feel “safe.” Popular kids are just a clique, actually, but high schools without any monitoring body are making them the most dominant in the batch.

Now you know…

Now you know why there’s “Extremes and Randoms.” It is because I kept it as a diary to only a few selected people. I don’t want it to be published, since it’s my only stress relief. Remember, stress relievers work if you just have to do something. Now, I just have to feel neutral rather than to feel extreme.

The biggest and the sickest joke ever!|Kate Hudson? Disagree. That was before, actually.

Now since Kate Hudson’s now bringing her original beauty back (GAH, her chinky eyes and flat nose wasn’t really my taste at all), here’s one of a hell JOKE that I’ve seen. Like how I applauded because Ross and AA were not in the YES! 100 Most Beautiful with John Lloyd on the cover, I am starting to really laugh sarcastically as I saw this one…

Lovely Angel and Anne… but look at #5 underlined in RED. DALAWA PA SILA HA. I’d rather laugh and puke at the same time.

EWW EWW EWW, NO NO NO! People have no fucking taste nowadays. Ross? AA? Like, WHAT THE FUCKITY FUCK!? Eww! Despite their acting skills coming bright, they’re not really the “star,” they still remain starlets.

AA’s acting ability is alright, but not really gonna impress me, alright. Watching Reputasyon is like watching a boring anime like .hack//SIGN since AA’s acting (especially speaking) should still be improved. Like what roxyisferox said, Channel 2 is still keeping AA because of casting couch. Yep, despair, so they’re using a bitch with attitude problem.

Super nakaka-inis kapag siya ang nagsasalita, pero magtaray? Kulang pa ‘yan para lang mainis ang isang tagasubaybay. Sa TV, ha. Kung si Maja, infairness bagay talaga sa kanya ang kontrabida/palaban na role since she’s really good in acting. She has the annoying face and at the same time, the talent to annoy the audience. Eh, si AA naman, nakakainis rin, pero kulang pa ‘yan.

People nowadays are LOWERING their standards. It’s really fuckingly funny if you really have to say it loud and proud that Maja Salvador is prettier than Bea Alonzo. Like, WHAT THE FUCK!? Eww. Bea is prettier and looks more simple without make-up. Si Maja? Hindi nga talaga siya bagay sa pang-sosyal na role, parang cheapipay naman siyang magdala. I really have to laugh at Kim Bum’s comment that she resembles… Catherine Zeta-Jones? LAWL, CZJ looks more and more classy and sophisticated-looking than Ross. Ang sarap tingnan ng face ni CZJ. Si Ross? Wala, eh. Pang-mahirap lang talaga siya na role, actually.

But with AA, I really have no grduges. It was really a deadly, very deadly combination. Bakit sila pa ang ipagsasabay, ‘di ba?

What they should learn from Kate Hudson

I used to dislike Kate Hudson not only because of her unusual, weird-looking face (I said the description before!) but because she still looks cheap with those dresses that she wear. Like, she’s got the body of a 12-year old boy. I’m really serious about this, she’s got no hips and tits, but and ass would kick it off. Her romantic comedies and chick flicks didn’t really impressed me (y’know being a HATER of Romcoms!) but because I never heard from her, I think she is starting to have a break for a while.


So yeah, I really didn’t want to believe at the first place that she’s one of the “most beautiful” people… and she’s #1? I really don’t get it. Why do people have to like her? That time, I didn’t find her pretty, either. Ehem, do you think, those chinky eyes and flat nose (the fake Asian-ugly thing, that is) are suitable for a typical Caucasian woman? Think about Suri Cruise during her first appearance! She has the same features like Kate Hudson, which I think it’s annoying since (between you and me, TomKat’s combination sucked ass! Well, that’s at the first place) I never find those features suitable for a white woman (sorry for sounding too racist, but please, bear with it). I personally believe that deep-set eyes and a narrow nose are really suitable for Caucasian women. Why, have you ever seen an Arab/Indian with an odd flat nose? Not at all.

Kate has matured ever since her second child with Matthew Bellamy and graced the screen… I think she should make a real comedy movie (with of course, my favorite comedians!) to prove that she’s worth a watch.

Goldie Hawn’s advice is right– Kate should stop acting like a whore! Lawl.

Yes, that’s right.Kate has changed her ways. She isn’t gonna be a real looker if she still insists on NOT enhancing her flaws. Like the boob job, now that’s an A+.

Kate was very patient about the boob job, well yes!

Very funny, indeed

While Ross is known to be discreetly conceited and arrogant, AA, on the other hand has an attitude problem. Both of them, actually. Like, anong MERON sa kanilang dalawa kung bakit pa sila #5. Is it because, maamo ang mukha nila? Hindi kaya! While AA looks fake, Ross, however, looks annoying. EWW, ugly combination indeed.

Here’s a message: ,,|,,

To the crab mentality people out there…

I am NOT (as in NO, NOT AT ALL) jealous at Ross or AA. I just can’t stand their faces, alright. Why do people like them? Because of their attitude problem shit? Gah, people should start being INTELLIGENT rather than being blind with the sweet face but with a whore attitude.

For art aficionados out there…

I bring you…

Shore on the Horizon by ~molybdenumstudios

Click the featured photo to be redirected to the raw version (watermarks are responsible by deviantArt).

This is only available to deviants. Non-deviants should create an account in deviantArt so that it would be… activated.

Photo description

As far as I remember, I didn’t EVER used the RAW mode. This was the time I was really new in photography and I only used Landscape (but it shows Standard!) PictureStyle to capture this wonderful scene is Pagudpud. It was also, I think shot in the WB of Daylight. I really do not know since this photo was taken in the Christmas season. Oh, that time I didn’t use Manual Mode.

This is actually edited with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3, so yeah.

It’s a Christmas promo

If you really want to go to Pagudpud, this is the scene that you’re about to see… this exact angle, that is.

Anything at Random VII

Why I used to hate Taylor Momsen

The most disturbing…


The boobs and the star tattoo? HOMG, this is insane, really. Her boobs. Are. NOT. Big. Enough.

After all Taylor’s got some push-up bra to act like a whore!|Whoa, she’s still the skanky slut whose got a navel piercing! @_@

Taylor Momsen is really known to be the skankiest teenager in Hollywood. Trying too hard to be a pornstar? Well, she really can’t show of those purely nude tittays only to save her life. Like, come on. You should’ve worn a bikini rather than showing off those not-so-big tittays! They’re lacking off some fat, lawl.|Did she have an ass padding?… I lately notice those stretch marks, though.

Still flat tittays! Not too big to flatter everyone at all!

She’s trying too hard to be a skank. Walking cunt? Not even a chance. The most (not-so) shocking thing that you’ll really gonna abhor…|Tay’s a chain smoker since 16. Does she smoke Marlboro Lights?

Man, she’s being rebellious.

Now I know why she looks older than her age: She smokes!

I used to hate smokers but now, I have to be open-minded about these shit because– I hate to brag this, but the guy whom I admire is a smoker! He smokes as if he loves to do it.

Back to Taylor Momsen. These are her recent shots regarding her concert, still showing skankiness, like she’s promoting casting couch everywhere. Lawl, I really should laugh at these! She’s really trying oh-so hard to be a skank! She really can’t be like Megan Fox at all, who is really bitchy but doesn’t really care. But with Taylor’s she really can’t make us awe or think about sex when she acts like a slut. Try again.

The most disturbing thing in her are those poorly-eyeshadowed eyes… which makes her look like a raccoon… or someone who has been battered 100x, giving her creepy black eyes. Whoa! You ain’t Morticia and it’s not yet the Dia de los Muertos, and you’re not even a zombie.

TOP:|Bottom: MSN Entertainment

Shit! It seems like Taylor Momsen’s aging because of stupid nicotine! I feel so sorry for this girl, but she really needs to go to rehab. Y’know, no one wants to live a “Dark life.”

Those raccoon eyes are just disturbing, and the blonde blonde hair? Not a chance to be 100% real. It’s all dyed and she’s a redhead.

Now here are some disturbing Rated PG-18 Revolver Mag photos that you don’t want your kids to see…|She’s gonna kill someone (feeler much?) She’s all in panties and stockings and stripper heels. *Pukes*|C-R-E-E-P-Y. ‘Nuff said.|Trying so hard to be like Beatrix Kiddo? You can’t really Kill Bill just to save your life, eh?|That ain’t Holofernes, and you’re not Judith, either, nor Charlotte Corday.|Was that Alodia’s pose in “The Gamer”? That’s no gamer, so RUN for your lives!|Gun stiletto and those hooker things. BOWRING.

Now you know why she’s a real juvenile delinquent, and now look. If she really wants to show off her tits, she should be a hooker rather!

Here are the things why I really used to hate her. A LOT.

1.) She has a tattoo, smokes and acts like a whore before legal age.

Like, eww. She’s got a dildo right beside her and brings a lot of knives. Punk much, eh? Well, here’s the thing: Taylor Momsen is really the worst delinquent ever in the eyes of teenage people. Tall, skinny, fit for a model… but how’s it going? Taylor Momsen cannot really be a “big star.” All she does it to be a starlet forever, that is.

2.) She dissed both Miley Cyrus and Rihanna.

Miley? Well, now look who was talking. Dissing someone who has no attitude problem at all? Although Miley starts to smoke and have tats, I really have nothing to do about it. Miley’s not a rebel, at least.

Rihanna? Well, it doesn’t really matter if she wears a black leather jacket. Every artist does that and it doesn’t seem annoying. Taylor, you’re just jealous. Rihanna’s hotter and way more seductive than you are.

3.) She is a big hater of Disney.

Whoa! Even Disney will NOT accept you AT ALL. Look, Vanessa Hudgens was almost expelled due to the nude pics leaked on the Internet, same with Miley’s. If you showed off your boobs, or maybe you just become 100% naked, think about it, everyone will abhor you.

4.) She doesn’t know Justin Bieber, which sounds ridiculous.

Every celebrity knows him, but you’re the only one denying it. Deny to death? At least he has the charm, which you do not really have at all.

5.) She HATES being a role model.

Nobody is really telling you to be a role model, because you’re not qualified, anyway.

6.) She’s the “rocker.”

You mean, a rocking chair? With music on it, eh? I’d really laugh at this, but your granny won’t really love that. So, yeah. No sweets, cookies and kisses from granny, that is.

7.) She doesn’t even know how the basics of eyeshadowing.

Nah, just so you know, just look at those raccoon eyes.

The Bias Wars: Why I love Japanese than Korean

You guys really wanna know? Well, here…

1.) The Japanese are tolerant, but never ever push the WWII memoir button.

2.) K-dramas are overrated.

3.) Now, you have to compare. No need to spoonfeed answers.

Xenophobic and err… ethnocentric pure-blooded obsession?

The Chinese and Koreans are known for being… nationalistic. However, it’s not in the right way, that is.

In Korea, there are a lot of issues. Racism, sexism, some things that are not right. Korean society is really known for having a reputation for being falsely-conservative. Why? It would’ve been better if the whole Korean peninsula is UNITED, but… that’s not really going to happen just yet. Most Koreans go here to the Philippines because they wanted a new life, and not only because they want to learn English. Some Koreans are really sick and tired of life there and one site said that the living standard in Korea isn’t really matching its economic boom. Ironic? Sort of. The won is really a low… low denomination.

The Chinese, however, are known for their inhumane acts. Like for instance, fetus soup (got the thing from roxyisferox)? Eww! Who’s going to be a cannibal for the rest of his/her life, right? That’s a really big fucking taboo to me since I’m pro-life. It’s really good to raise the middle finger to those who love fetus soup. So disgusting, so barbaric, UGH! Fuck that!

Gah, even selling of organs– like killing people for organs?

I think these societies should clean up their acts. To my Chinese and Korean chums out there, don’t take this personally. At least you have an idea about the flaws of your society.

Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

Source: A Nai|Flickr

I want. This. Lens.

Pros, from perceptions

This lens is capable of catering the pros and the amateurs… and I have to choose this lens over the cheapest one (f/1.8) is because… it has 58mm filter thread, that is.

Aside from the filter thread, it also has a focus ring which seems more accommodating than anything else. It also has a USM, which focuses very fast and at the same time, very quiet, indeed.


Tricia Gosingtian has this lens, but she once said in her blog that she has to fix it for the nth time due to problems regarding focusing… hmm I think she should buy another one that focuses more decently.


For the amateur photographer, if you really want a decent prime lens, please choose this. Not because it has a METAL mount, but because it is the “bridge” between f/1.8 version and f/1.2L version. Oh, BTW, it is Made in Japan, meaning to say that there’s no problem if you buy this in Japan. xD

Tricia Gosingtian: Every teenage girls’ inspiration

fashion-ism@tumblr|Tricia Gosingtian

I haven’t really met her yet in person (failed to go to Photog seminars in DLSU) but yeah, I really have to say that she deserves to be featured here in this blog as a fashion blogger, pro photographer and yeah, stylist.

I may not be updated in fashion (I’m quite the backwards type and the Korean fashion style was oh-so NOT me) but I was really inspired by her because she’s a photographer. I even told my mom to buy me the 5D Mark II because she has that camera… but then I realized that “Oh, 5D Mk II is for the pros.” I ain’t a pro, I’m only an amateur photographer who doesn’t aim to be internet-famous, but I aim to speak my mind, at least, on the Internet.

Well, so yeah. I love her style and I really love the way she dresses. With her doll face and her slender body, she’s really meant to be a fashion trendsetter.

Thank you for being an inspiration

Despite the controversy regarding her sentiments about fashion in the Philippines (yeah right that crab mentality shit), she made an apology and she stated that she’s being honest. There are a lot of fashionistas in the Philippines who are like her but with different style, but it doesn’t really mean that she doesn’t stand out right in front of the crowd. Siya lang talaga siguro ang exposed in the Philippine society because she isn’t only a fashion blogger; she is also a stylist, a photographer off-cam and most of all, she’s a graduate of ADMU with a degree in BFA Information Design (me fucking dream course haha).


Her statement that sparked issues in the Philippines ended up to be a mix of emotions. People are starting to slam her as “lumalaki ang ulo” because of what she said about fashion in the Philippines. Eh, ano ngayon kung ‘yun ang tingin niya, ‘di ba? If Ateneans have a reputation for being arrogant, does it mean kasama na rin si Tricia d’un? Of course, not. She’s just stating her opinion. Being fashion-forward is a different thing from fashion taste. If everyone is really fond of having straight hair, Tricia on the other hand, prefers to be curly and usually experiments with her hair.

Well, glad thing that’s over.

At the height of her career, she remains grounded

You’ll never gonna hear statements that would say that “Ay, ‘wag siya, hindi maganda ugali niyan” when it comes to Tricia. She’s very approachable and if you comment at her posts, she’ll respond. At least she replies, unlike other celebrities who are doing this for granted. She really acts professional and everyone really said that she’s really nice and friendly. She is also family-oriented, and you’ll notice that she’s very proud of her siblings, especially Calel, who is also a Lasallian, but he studies in Benilde.

I really feel so proud for Tricia not only as an amateur photographer myself, but also as a Filipina.

I should’ve greeted him a Happy Birthday :3

And it’s no other than…

Guess who this is… it’s all in the EYES.

How about getting a real tattoo of this face, eh? ;3

Life before DLSU

I never knew what La Salle is until…

These were the days before I was admitted to DLSU. *Sigh* those memories.

This is my dream school. Like, what?

This was the time where I met Linn Oeymo (she wasn’t joining PGT that time), a half-Norwegian. Of course, this was the time when I was still not yet sure of what course I’ll take… but suddenly the course I am taking up right now is… still not yet sure if that’s really for me. Enjoy naman eh.

The pictures above are panorama shots from my digicam. Wow, it’s like I really do not need a photo-editing software just to achieve this one. I was bored, do yeah, I took a lot of photos regarding the structure of DLSU.

I really do regret of not being patient for a Cyber-shot waterproof digicam (which I’m planning of having one in case I really can’t use a DSLR). Halos lahat ng Cyber-shot, ang gaganda ng features, eh. If I were to be asked, I’ll take the TX10, for sure.

What was life before I entered DLSU?

As usual, it’s a very frugal life. You really can’t get out of the campus until dismissal time. Like, whoa. I really didn’t have Photoshop that time. I was always using a sketch pad (which I always fail to have the essential things) and of course, low-quality school supplies pa ang binibili ko that time. *Sigh* I really didn’t like the way the government of my high school– puro palpak lagi, killjoy pa, tapos ‘yun nga, parang lahat ng mga activities, para lang sa benefit nila. Kung saan BORING pa ‘yung activities, dun pa sila natutuwa. Like, HOMG… can’t they just think of something else?

What was life when I entered DLSU?

Lahat ng mga freedom, andun. No rules, no fucking rules, regarding social interactions. No arrogant teachers, no stealing of “higher positions,” everyone’s equal. *Sigh* it’s always about connections and not about peers and y’know, some cronyism and nepotism shit. AND MOST OF ALL, wala kang makikitang, “I hate plastics, backfighters and feeling close.” Most of all, NO popular kids. Clique lang sila dito, kung baga.

I chose this path over my CAT officer dream

CAT? Nah, I don’t like. I really do not like hierarchies controlling the lives of people. It’s all about interaction. OHA.

Wedding Day in Makati

Like what I said, I won’t post pictures of my private life (family included) so yeah.

Fudge. It is already 12am yet I am not yet fixing myself. Oh, well never mind.

Captured: The couple is officially married. (Lawl candid shot.) I love to take pictures of other people’s camera, so please deal with it.

A bouquet of flowers and a purse. Lawl. That doesn’t belong to me. xD

My sandals. Look at those legs. *glimmers* They look thin here. (I did not published the rest here because my legs are really FAT!)

Colorful curtains… but I haven’t posted this yet in deviantArt/Tumblr PhLog so yeah.

Because I didn’t post the wedding photos, well I’m just here to upload these things. Being bored in a middle of a reception in a wedding where you really get out of place because you barely know people there… so yeah. Oh, by the way, I won’t be using the same watermarking style again. I’m changing my way of watermarking is because, I wanted something even more professional-looking, especially if the photo is captured in a professional way.

Professional photographers watermark the professional way. 😀 That’s all y’have to know.

What digicam should I buy for momma?

NOTE: Prices are converted to Philippine peso because I am asking for the help of fellow Filipinos out there, just saying.

So, yeah. I have three sample models here and please, please please, make judgments. I don’t want to be the judge here ALONE. Since I am still uploading ALL my photos from the memory card of my beloved 550D (which I named it Babeh), well yeah. I’ll give you these models… xD

Courtesy of

Canon PowerShot G12

10.0 Megapixels
2.8″ LCD screen
28-140mm (5x) optical zoom

The Canon PowerShot G12 is a digital camera for professionals. Yep, that’s right. It’s a high-end digicam… and according to, it’s lowest price is Php 18,877.00. Unbelievable, eh? It’s really believable since it’s high-end, like DUH? It’s 5x zoom range is good enough to cover a lot of scene, whether wide-angle or telephoto, but its telephoto end isn’t that enough to reach the farthest subject.

You be the judge: How will you rate it from 4.0 as the highest, and 1.0 as the lowest. .5’s are really a must (e.g., 2.5).

Courtesy of

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ47

12.1 Megapixels
3″ LCD screen
25-600mm (24x) optical zoom

I’m not really a fan of Panasonic, but I’d like to check this out since it’s a bridge camera and I know that there are some cool features that I’d like to try out using this one. It costs Php 17,200.00 (from the source where I got the photo). This is a “bridgicam” (portmanteau/shortcut for bridge digital camera– please inform me if someone else coined this term first before me).

Rate it from 4.0 as the highest to 1.0 as the lowest score.

Courtesy of

Canon Powershot SX230 HS

12.1 Megapixels
3″ LCD screen
28-392mm (14x) optical zoom

What is very distinctive in this digicam is no other than the… 16:9 aspect ratio of the screen. Well, it doesn’t seem new to me since most touchscreen cameras DO have 16:9 3″ LCD touchscreens (e.g. Sony Cyber-shot TX series, that is). I personally think this cam would be a good choice since it’s handy-dandy, y’know, cool, has long zoom and it also comes in PINK! I want the pink one since my momma’s got a pink Casio digicam for years already. I think I have to gift her this one in advanced.

Please rate from 4.0 as highest while 1.0 as its lowest.

If not of these three examples, I am looking for digicams with…

– Well, natuerlich the smallest megapixel is 10.00 MP. I want something that is 12.1MP above, or the max. is 16MP.
– At least 5x optical zoom, max. optical zoom is until hmmm… anything that reaches 200mm (telephoto).
– IS (as in is, not Image Stabilisation) macro capable or else.
– Has of course, Image Stabilisation, Sonic Motors are optional.
– Minimum LCD size is 2.7″.
– I only accept Nikon, Canon, Panasonic or… Sony. Please don’t ever pressure me with the more high-ends.
– Highest price will only be US$500.00/Php 21,500. (If it exceeds this maximum price make sure there’s bargain!)