Immature Society

If others think that single mothers have an attitude problem, or someone who is multiracial doesn’t belong to the society, think again. Maybe you might notice that most of us think that English-speaking people as intelligent or define democracy as the “place for political dynasties.”

English as the language of the “learned”

If you are willing to learn new languages, let us first take importance of our own language and our own dialects. Remember the limits of language and translation. Also, language is culture. The Filipino language is a neuter one, while English and most European languages are gender-specific. The English language may be an international language and the lingua franca of the world, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the language of the learned. To be honest, English is the language of the elite. As for other countries however, it is a tool of communication but it is never a sign of intelligence.

To tell you the sad truth, it seems that these half-Filipinos who look more Filipino are better English-speaking people as compared to half-Filipinos who look more Western. It’s similar to the fact that Visayans are better English-speaking people compared to non-Visayans, or maybe the whole Philippine society can speak better as compared to those countries whose primary language is English.

One of my professor told us that we learn English is because we send OFWs abroad. Well, not only because of OFWs, but it’s because of the Americans who think superior about themselves. Well, if the Americans didn’t seize the real ownership care of the Filipino people, we would’ve been more competitive.

Yes, those half-Filipinos I’ve mentioned the Western-looking (or let’s say foreign-looking) ones wanted to be Filipino, but the others, remain loyal to being foreign.

Political Dynasties as the Solution to our Problems

Okay, so we’re talking about the Arroyo clan, the Aquino clan, Mitra clan, Salonga clan, etc. Hmm… these political dynasties are really the only choice of the people, if ever I would evaluate how the people judge candidates. To be honest, political dynasties that have the standards of a true leader (be it benevolent or a la Marcos) are a rarity, like for instance, GMA.

I would say that political dynasties are overrated. Well… not really so, but most of them are just taking the family tradition for granted. Maybe it’s because the people only a few politicians who do not belong to dynasties, or maybe these clans are exposed to the media, in a more frequent manner.

Why? Is the Duterte clan a political dynasty? Well, not as popular as the rest of whom we know, but their example is really one-of-a-kind wherein they would take the job seriously. I think if they enter the real world of politics, I think they would have done a good job, compared to those who are the most overrated.

The next election, please make sure that they’re minimized in your ballot, alright? There are many of these serious politicians who love their country despite its problems. I think these people deserve the job of a politician, because I believe that the true politician is a genuine patriot without any records of fanaticism towards his love for country.

If you’d like to understand more of political candidates… CLICK HERE and reflect.


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