Hard to please? I don’t think it’s best to describe you as…

If you think that a singer has ONE TONE of music, that’s a sign of identity.
If you think a person is TRYING WAY TOO HARD to imitate some singing sensation, what he/she does is talent.
If you think that person looks ridiculously unattractive, he/she is more attractive than those whom you “idolize.”

I would really laugh if…

You think that Sarah Geronimo has no fashion sense (aka baduy) and tries too hard to imitate the way a singer sings.
You think that Yeng Constantino is ugly.
You think that Aegis sounds boring.

Compare and Contrast

Sarah Geronimo has talent! Real talent, that is. You won’t truly appreciate Charice if you don’t listen to Sarah Geronimo’s songs.
Yeng Constantino is cute, lovable and adorable. If you think that the Kate Hudson before her second pregnancy is really cute and attractive, and way much more than Yeng, fuck it’s really ridiculous. I personally don’t find small eyes and flat nose fit for a Caucasian woman, really.
Aegis has only one tone of music but they still manage to have originality. Barbie Almalbis sounds really cool. Hale is way better than Cueshe, to be honest.

I really do not look at the quality of music nor the face value. I look at the attitude and the message of the song. I can actually relate to roxyisferox’s sentiments. If you think that Pop Girls and XLR8 are “baduy,” well as for her, she thinks that these P-Pop bands have the raw voice to sing. Yes, that’s right. She looks at the quality of tone.

I’d really laugh if you think that Rihanna’s songs are better than Miley’s, because to be honest with you, Miley’s songs have a lot of messages and lessons, unlike Rihanna’s, nor Taylor Momsen’s. Yes, if you compare between pop/rock songs and songs with messages, that’s right. I’d choose the latter.

If you think that “street music” sounds so “baduy” and annoying, well it has more message than you think. Quit idolizing those people who sing without meaning at all! If you listen to songs that come from the words of a self-confessed drug addict, you’ll really feel how he/she felt the hardships. Such example like Amy Winehouse, she really lived her music. Her songs like “Rehab” is like listening to Taylor Swift’s country songs, which actually caught the hearts of the young generation. Both Winehouse and Swift lived their songs. Miley’s songs have messages, Beyonce makes you feel more confident… Lady GaGa’s weirdness will make you more open-minded. Oh, by the way Lindsay Lohan has also lived her music as well… which is at-par with Amy Winehouse’s.

Comedic Serenaders…

To those who know Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller and Chris Tucker… you might as well be a true fan of comedy. Yes, that’s right. Most of their comic actions are from their way of joking. Eddie Murphy’s creativity earned him a good name. His films such as Norbit, The Nutty Professor series and Coming to America were the most prolific. He’s really a genius when it comes to productive and creative comedy, same with Ben Stiller… but in Stiller’s case, he’s more of the family-friendly type. He’s also kid-friendly, he’s like your typical family-oriented dude who just wanted to make everyone happy. Lastly, Chris Tucker, the guy from Rush Hour series, deserves a real, authentic break for being the comic behind Rush Hour. Yes, Chris Tucker’s the tall, dark and handsome comedian whom you wanna marry. It’s all thanks to this guy that I could not get sick of tired watching the whole Rush Hour series.

Those people who also deserve credit is Mike Myers (he’s also a good one, but his voice as Shrek might have earned him much better fame) or Jack Black (he’s also good, but he would’ve pulled it off when he’s a voice actor). Other actors who have done a great job are Jackie Chan and Robert Downey, Jr., who are comic actors who do serious films as well. That’s what I call, versatility. A good comedian should also do serious things is because… it’s a form of talent.

These are the only comedians I could think of… but wait! There’s Whoopi Goldberg. The Sister Act series star is not only an actress and a comedian, but her political activities also make her deserve a one-of-a-kind credit. Same with Ellen DeGeneres, she’s not only a good comedienne but also a caring, loving and considerate person.

Most of the people I’ve mentioned here in the Comic thingy… are good actors.

People who love comedy should also appreciate Rowan Atkinson… never mind the Mr. Bean thingy.

The British comedian did his best shot in Johnny English. He proved that he can speak properly despite being Mr. Bean himself. Rowan Atkinson may look funny, but in Johnny English he tries so hard to look serious… and act serious. I think he deserves a good reward for being err… a comic.

Quality over Popularity

Yes. I do look at quality.

If you think that good-looking people are extremely talented, intelligent… well you rarely find that. It’s a rarity. If you think that all pop songs are cool, I think you’re wrong. Only a selected few would qualify. Most of these good songs comes from African-American artists who experienced real-life hardships. These people usually have more talent than those who are the elite. They earn their own money by their hardwork, their efforts… but most of them do not have effort at all just to sing or be a comedian. Expect that most comedy films starring most African-Americans are the funniest… and will make your stomach ache, literally.

It’s the other way around

If you think that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a good actor… he’s for comedy than action.

Yes, he’s really for action-comedy movies such as Kindergarten Cop, etc. is because of his funny accent. I love it when he makes people laugh although he’s serious. I hope he’s gonna make a German-language film… soon.

This has part two, so yeah. 🙂


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